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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>First Night Ball Drop -Pamela Brinkworth Muzzio

First Night Ball Drop -Pamela Brinkworth Muzzio

Dec 31, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up literally -- him live line now Pamela -- -- DiMaggio is with us she's the executive director of the police athletic league in buffalo. They of course are the big sponsors organizes of tonight's ball drop in downtown buffalo. The electric tower Roosevelt plaza tonight midnight -- thanks for joining us this morning. -- bad I've got asked that I know it's kind of a silly question but it it helps at least describe at all. What's the appeal I mean we've seen the ball drop before -- run -- news before yet people do this and they do this and they do this. Why do we do this what do you like about it. Well I think it's just the excitement about all of -- and so many western New Yorkers can be gathered to celebrate the new year. And such a farm move say Italy oriented and batted. I mean that he you know New York City guys over a million people to their parents so obviously there is some appeal to that type. Buffalo has typically jar and over 40000. That the says making it you know the second -- to stop gap in the nation. So I think it's something move no one of the great outdoor or Western New York your parents. Will the weather forecast. Tonight seems to be cooperating so I mean you could be looking at another big crowd tonight. Absolutely. Absolutely I actually would save a bundle opt out captain -- called or when you're spinning out there for a little while. And it is the second largest in the nation that's only smaller than -- New York city's. Track. As a very family oriented -- colossus -- for the kids and a lot of those things are indoor resulting panel. I'm while there is. First nine going lips. There is a little bit confusing it's not the same as bad as about football perhaps we do tried working the cooperation. On the look at. You know Mara one big activity in the downtown area but there's first night which has hosted. In little buffalo convention center. And I do believe that at -- camera and tell about how do -- and the people who which is perfect angle to come down and wrote plans. Enjoy the activity strata ball cap which is -- are. -- began. Talk a little bit Pamela about access to that area because I've I've heard -- Harris say in traffic this morning. There's already some of the roads are starting shut down. -- they're starting to shut down around the electric power there are and streets that -- to that area. Do it she had a terrible. Terribly large action that -- that closed down. You know it is a little bit of a walk. You would be area. Once -- part but they're ran around and several different parking lots that are available for people to Perkins. -- -- And I give us the time frame again people start gathering pretty much round tenure saying. That's right now check around 10 o'clock -- festivities began and now we're looking forward to a fun of that this year. All right Pamela thanks for joining us today pledged to make you happy new year. Has Pamela bring worth -- the executive director of the police athletic league sponsors of tonight's ball dropped downtown buffalo.

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