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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Jets at Bills Preview - John Murphy & Mark Kelso

Jets at Bills Preview - John Murphy & Mark Kelso

Dec 28, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The John Murphy segment has brought you by value on senators want speed experience -- a winning team shops fast shop Smart. Shop -- -- centers and joining us right now John Murphy and mark Kelso the bills broadcast team on the WB and live line. Getting ready for the bills and jets Sunday at the Ralph morning guys. More let's turn to mark first I -- at some point you must've been in this situation. And you get ready for game that doesn't mean that a lot in the standings with the Specter of your coach your general manager maybe not. Your quarterback returning how do you get ready for this idea pumped up. In the -- -- to bring some energy no question about that but -- Kennedys are competitive guys and when they step on the field I think that the important thing -- the workweek here and make sure that they they do everything they need to prepare in the end you know if you have high character guys locker room and and they don't they're they're gonna prepare the way they normally would per game that they. They have to be in inept -- Logan -- this week because a lot of distractions -- work. Went birdie on the Christmas celebration most things the more on this week in and how they had to adjust and work work week a little bit but together they got command compete in this system. It was just -- -- then there's there's not a good couple payment. And and they have an opportunity here as -- yet this didn't -- -- -- and play well from the -- and then. And and then they need to do that's so it's. And it's it's -- -- that the president should be tailored so it's starting quickly on Sunday afternoon. Hey John both the bills and -- jets had high expectations coming into the season. But they've been disappointing -- what do you expect to see on Sunday from both of these teams. There -- the targets saying you know you know a couple of things that aren't sure never expected they'd be in this position in the final week of the season. Europe -- I think -- season has really unravel. Lot of it self inflicted you know that the people's situations and that's the turmoil that cause in the answer me quarter wrecked the PR and then I think thirteenth at. At some significant injuries this year most notably did enter a Revis went back early in the season. Petino went into the year I think. Kind of like when it came to its skilled personnel you know wide receiver spot and at running back to sell that their seat and never ignited the pills. We don't lips were pretty well -- They just fell apart in explicitly really I think. The penalties and what the defense letting them out early and an even completely the defense is them actually he's so that and I guess the biggest thing they. Mean that you expect it to be in this position I think it's bitter disappointment on both sides and both got here. Different routes in order for -- ways but here they are the end of the season displaying a straight. -- Mark Sanchez a guy who maybe has been a bit of a bust for the jets at least they seem to viewed that way. But he's back under center and he's a guy who seems to have the bill's numbers throughout his career. It has the bill number appears zero conference right now letting you know -- -- -- play -- -- Double weeks ago what you -- I came in and that you're threw four interceptions before last week and replaced him with medical rulers look. We need to gather that again they and their running game is strong it has been. Either because it's going to be because he's not playing well -- easterners -- receivers and -- and look we're gonna throw almost immediately and it doesn't look -- that's about if you bring some pressure. He's there he's on comparable in the pocket and you know and our -- they -- and hit some good. Contributors here and that in new York and that this so jealous and receiving reveled in. And then it all started when you know -- with all the controversy with and people are -- -- Gordon and then Sanchez looked over shorter in and night just has not gone well for them and that's that they're real understatement for them but that. And he together there can't be reveling I would hope that. The bill would bring some pressure rademan. And get a move around that -- it will fit in and they luster at their rookie receiver you know and they art music and -- the bills and and that first meeting of the year or so than they have an opportunity here at some quality personnel that. That the wideout position but their running game it is not a stronger has been an incentive to not play an accountant so -- they should -- -- two. You know have an effective defense effective against this team and -- really limit their scoring opportunity. -- right -- TV blackout means that everyone in buffalo for certain will be listening to John Murphy and a mark Kelso on WGR this weekend thanks for joining us this morning guys. Thank you -- -- YouTube segment brought to you by -- -- senators on speed experience in a winning team shop fast shop Smart -- you all sinners.

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