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'Twas Eleven Days Before Christmas

Dec 20, 2012|

As David Bellavia continues to fill in for Sandy, Tony reads a poem called, "'Twas Eleven Days Before Christmas" by Cameo Smith of Mount Wolf Pennsylvania. The poem was written in reaction to the Sandy Hook shooting.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tony have a news I'll really get the other callers outlined just open up we get to John -- Tim and we can't Tony read this -- -- This is not going to be easy David and this is from my good friend -- truly and his sister in -- Sheila. Two was eleven days before Christmas around 938. When twenty beautiful children stormed through heaven's gate. There's smiles were contagious through laughter filled the air that could hardly believe all the beauty these -- there. They were filled with such joy they -- know what to say. They remembered nothing would it happened earlier that day. Where are we passed a little girl as quiet as a mouse. This is haven't declared a small boy we're spending Christmas sick parents house. When what to their wondering eyes did appear but cheeses -- savior the children can't gathered near he looked at them and smiled. And they smiled just the same and he opened his arms and he called them by name. And in that moment was showing that only having can bring those children off flew into the arms of their king. And as they lingered in the warmth of his presence once small girl turned and looked -- -- face. In his if he could read all of the questions she had he gently whispered to her -- I'll take care of mom and dad. Then he looked down on earth the world far below he saw all of them -- hurt the sorrow. The -- And he closed his -- Out switched his hands. -- power presence and turned the swing and neither country be delivered from the hands of fools I'm taken back my nation. I'm taken back my schools. And he in the children's stood up with artists. Com now my children. Let me show you around excitement filled the space some skipped in some ran. All the spleen enthusiasm that only a small child care. In their hurt and proclaim as he walked out of sight. In the midst of the darkness. -- to the -- Thank you Tony. -- me tell you something guys. Everyone that that is that is trying to come up with -- -- -- --

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