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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Reaction to Gun Debate - Firearms Instructor James Emmick

Reaction to Gun Debate - Firearms Instructor James Emmick

Dec 20, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

James and it is with us on the WB and live line firearms training of Western New York which is located in lake view -- good morning. According thanks a time have you seen a noticeable increase in firearms training classes since the standing -- tragedy. We have. You know for real hard surge and calls and emails and people -- considering getting in for training. On this is probably the biggest fight that we ever had. James men or women. Oh well most people are surprised to hear that it's it's about half an -- Usually with I wouldn't strictly -- that brokered. And now. Is gun control is this president's task force is this the conversation that your hearing in your circles. This is and what everybody's been talking about what people put talking about this since. The personal battle for the first -- demand for the second election glow. What what specifically. Is the concern. Of the people you're hearing from. Most of -- concern. A socially right now that. Fire was -- old maybe confiscated there's there's a real concern that this task force the president may come out with some sort of plan. To confiscate firearms that are already -- legal citizens. You know there's there's a lot of uncertainty of what their plans maybe. You don't seriously think of something like that what happened -- -- I would not believe that this should happen in the United States you know some of his. Can't help but wonder what kind of knee jerk actually might see here. With americans' fascination. With the assault weapons and military style. Semiautomatic weapons. Are you finding people asking you for training for those kinds of weapons stores and mainly handguns. Mostly mostly what we view this is just opened my classes and into stocks across safety. We don't do it if they are like our training but we do so a lot of people -- other circuit should do it and we've. I'm reasonably perceive that a lot of people are looking. Supplies of -- themselves. Parts to make some. The training is usually what the spring and summer outdoors and so right now it's that there hasn't -- -- increase of that mostly just. It's pushed -- -- you know right now. Iliescu about the spike in gun sales across the country. Mean you don't sell guns you'd be trained people to use them but we're happy for her -- don't always straight. -- heard -- from from colleagues at gun stores locally. There that they've also seen this seems like. This was a little while ago answers on airline vendors. There's been you know. Almost instantly over the weekend. Stuff Scotland in the ammunition. Parts to build particles particles and so they're just flying at the stores. All the outlined vendors even shut down their web sites and this could not keep up with the traffic. James I I know that many of our listeners are probably you know wondering what are the costs involved in a firearm training. I'm wolf the question so we do it it's really that -- further -- -- requests to reduce your take classes six dollars and includes your photos and training in sensitivity and all that we cover here state law -- -- of course you know concealment carrying. -- locking up your fire you know securing it when your outlook and so quick that -- normally do and out of sequence for people who wanna carry outside of New York State. And that -- that your fingerprints photos and all that and these have become you know hundreds of people are really seeking you know trying to get them before they feel that maybe more regulation. -- what the president does we live in your statement fortunately your state has been notoriously tough on gun owners and this is something that we feel even. You have on the national level of commitment about elements in May in New York State. James we understand your parents -- of the child and just when -- was your reaction. To the -- shootings last week when you heard about it. It's completely heartbreaking. You know even even -- people or compare and so it's just. It's it's a perfect tragedy that you know human -- actually do that other human beings. I have a four year old daughter has got two older children too. And a big yellow soreness is you know so that's such as every human being that -- parents -- I think you know currency and penetrated since it really you know. Feel what these great people are going through. Mean you're absolutely right and that James thank you for the time this morning we appreciate we -- a lot. James and like with firearms training of Western New York located in lake field.

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