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Bauerle on Guns and Abortion

Dec 18, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It you know beat the continuing national stupidity over guns is jobs. It's mind boggling to me as I listened to us over the various talk shows as -- listen to some of the various media. And I realize that most of the people to mind listening have probably never all of or shot a firearm in their lives. They wouldn't know the first thing about a -- if they were staring right at it. And if I hear a -- talked about that yesterday I thought I did I maybe I did not. Out folks semi automatic is not a machine gun. I'll say it again semi automatic is not a machine gun. Now some of you may remember the terror from way back in your military days selector switch we don't. Those now in civilian models OK it's not -- Franken machine gun. Tough fighter around from a semi automatic weapon OK. You fire the first one you mood. Gently squeezed the trigger and you fire another one gently -- the trigger you get another one and so a lot of soap or. Well you know Tom we have to limit the size of magazines. When we we don't have a -- because these are dangerous when you've got these people Ortiz thirty round clips. OK anybody remember that Bruce Willis movie last man standing -- -- better remember what he was using in those movies idol I think they were forty fives. And and it it's real easy to load up thirteen rounds in a magazine. A 45. Just have a whole ball -- 45 -- -- you have to do is hit a button. On the side and the old spent magazine it will slide out to the floor he upon the new one in your -- up your good ago. So whether you fire eight shots or thirty shots from a magazine it's really immaterial because you can swap -- magazines with any degree of skill in very short order yet which couldn't do that with the old report. -- with the old revolvers back to cut. We used things called speed loaders. Now some people live by speed voters some people -- speed loaders. Speed -- it's kind of hard to describe but they're kind of shaped like the cylinder. A revolver. And the spacing is the same as the cylinder. So let's say you're fired six rounds you eject -- spent cartridges and hopefully they'll come out of the same time. And then you. Put in the speed -- you turn a screw. And all of your rounds go into the cylinder and you can fire six more shots. And that can take with with any amount of coordination about three to five seconds you can do that get six more shots though the the current time hearing in the media about this stuff is absolutely. Mind boggling. And the assault weapon. If I hear people call these things assault weapons one more time I'm gonna -- because technically speaking I suppose. Many view for Christmas a long time ago. You're very very first -- -- ever got. An idol because it was the first rifle I ever got was a Ruger and it was at ten in the 22. To 22 caliber rifle. -- -- And it came -- -- it was at around magazine and you could bite well back then you can buy more. Expanded. Magazines. And when you put a thirty shot banana clip instead it Ruger 1022 rifle it -- pretty damn imposing. Assault rifle. Maybe an assault person not an assault rifle. It wasn't fully automatic wasn't a machine gun. I mean I do want all at some point in my life Thompson submachine gun. But that has nothing to do with the size of my manhood yes I'd be what I meant to say it was it has nothing to do with the size of -- -- and it just has to do with the fact that. I think I've always found that weapon -- -- by a weapon of great fascination. For me so yes I'm fascinated by it. Here's a surprise via. The Buffalo News calls the -- a powerful and a moral. Today. So let's get this straight if your member of the Buffalo News editorial report a portion is great. Abortion should be on demand huge build a -- fetus. If it's just about crowding. But guns are a moral and the NRA is immoral the folks don't fall for these BS politicians. These these are the people who would tell you that that if these if these children that are being buried right now and an -- Worst six months in the womb they'd be fine to art. So please spare me your hand -- the baloney about guns and how much you care about children. If you care about children you'd be against -- -- for Christ's sake. I could save for Christ's sake. No disrespect intended. I am so freaking sick. Of the hypocrisy. From the left we love children -- got a stop on a lot of children -- about partial birth abortion. That's a woman's body that's yeah. There's like notes. Every damn what I'm certain shots. She's tough and delegate well I call it fan mail yes the mail I get here at the -- a lot of it up on my FaceBook wall. People wonder why carry on there are a lot of sick bastards up that are. -- separate most of the sick bastards from blue iris Abiomed L. Are the co exist types there that co exist it's all about love all you need is love. On less. You disagree with the liberal mindset in which case of course you're immediately. Stupid. It'll actually under vital lives and clearly about the in your research. For a day. I've said this before I know my IQ. It's not paltry. No big deal what I it is what it is so one. But somebody with a high IQ who thinks the world owes them something is a huge bag. I may be a -- -- but not for that reason. Somebody else called -- galaxy well shall I say or officially enhance. Other words a big. Well I think that's agree -- or officially enhance I cannot deny that charge. I must plead guilty to beating or officially enhanced I have no defense I plead -- contender on the net charge. A being or officially in and it's gotten out that I can get beyond that. But folks. I want you to just use your logic here for just a minute. Okay let's let's just put our thinking caps on. Why. Do Democrats and liberals. Regard -- a fetus in -- Six months seven months eight months as something that can be a little. -- -- -- And that if that doesn't a lot of second doctor could be brought to finish the mentally trek. And then to have the -- -- The balls. To call the NRA -- moral. Shame on you Buffalo News shame on you liberals. Yeah. -- -- blot on your hands millions of aborted babies every single year. Get off your damn high horse. And you're -- hypocrisy. Well -- you obviously must be one of those conservatives stick in the mud. Yeah I'm conservative are also he'd -- I vacation to Jamaica mood. Thank you. I also happen to be for life. You got a problem went to bed that's me. Because I know the difference between right and wrong and I know the difference between consenting adults. And I know the difference between a helpless harmless fetus. Being straight out of the womb. And then politicians rushing to Connecticut to talk. There's just awful. Topic of -- -- -- -- we show up about the millions of aborted it is every year. As a place to stop the carnage. Part of. As -- people -- Drives me up. It wall. You know I used to call fetuses meaningless blobs of proto pleasant. Twenty years ago. Our own. That statement I said there. I have obviously changed my mind them. You take god out of it. -- right take. God religion Jesus take all about it. The end of it. -- way of thinking. Win mr. sperm says home is -- That's a human life what it. If life doesn't begin and where does it begin there is no logical answer for what else it ends. It's simple logic. And these aspects. Who are waving the NRA. Use age of moral. Are the first people to depend late term abortion. An abortion on demand. In and they wonder. About death count of 27. When since Roe vs. Wade we've had death count in the tens of millions. Sanctioned and okay. So tell me again well amoral. The NRA is. I'll hang up and listen.

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