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Gun control

Dec 17, 2012|

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Sandy talks about the possibility of stricter gun laws.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- have sandy -- are very disturbing their weekend a very difficult for all of us though I I didn't have any of that news on all weekend -- couldn't deal with just had to get away from a we started on Friday of course as we received word -- what happened on Connecticut. And and down low where were looking at the aftermath the aftermath as -- the political aftermath. Other goals are other goals throughout the children and the the adults are not even buried from this tragedy. And the goals throughout the usual Andrew Cuomo's and Dianne feinstein's and I haven't heard from Schumer yet but I'm sure we will. On that tighter gun legislation like that'll make any difference I what you think of this scenario in which. Adam Lanza shot his mother in the face. And stole her guns stole our car. Went to school and shot the children some as many as eleven times think any law could have prevented him from that. The only a -- would be total confiscation and in that case that's only. If he didn't have the opportunity -- find the -- somewhere else there's like 300 million guns in this in this country. And there's so I've found it to be. Ghoulish in their behavior not even showing the decency. To wait until the children and they and the victims at a proper burial you know it first happened. And to the president was asked about that I thought -- his answer was it was fine that this is not the time to talk about that. Lettuce lettuce that take care of the problems at hand with the with the loss of the children whatever. But he -- on that stance one day. One day the next day he was already saying the authority authority that I have will try to get something so he lasted one day -- that position. And so I'm asking you know. It doesn't make much sense. To have more tighten gun legislation. And keep in mind there's tens of thousands of gun of -- laws on the books now. For somebody who was obviously in this case in saying. Are deeply mentally troubled. Do you think he would really -- first of all the school as a gun free zone. But let's let's look at this logically show way. -- -- does anybody feel he would go to the school and then upon seeing at the gun free zone turn around and go home now. Obviously -- you don't the gun free zone man. And then there was no one there to protect the children in any meaningful way some of them gave their lives -- trying to protect children but what could they do. As the children to hide. As the children to run. As the children to cower in the corner. If it were not a gun free zone. In a teacher I had a a permit and bill went through was necessary for proper training and certification. I don't think you would have a totally stopped. The number of people killed but it might have cut it down. So I don't know you know people do knee jerk reactions all the time. If I said to you but for those of you who think this is a really swell idea of his gun free zone by city -- guess what. I have these nice signs stickers. And we can put them on your front lawn saying gun free home. Would you do would you do it. Sure wouldn't. Because what that would say is any dirt bag who drove by your house know that there are no guns in that house which means there's not going to be much resistance. If but if they break into your home and you happen to come upon them in the midst of a robbery or rape or anything else so you wouldn't do that. And if you think about it. You think about it all of these areas where they -- usually have these shootings are usually gun free zones there's schools and things like that. So they go these these cowards go to where they're not going to get much resistance until the end until hopefully show. But sometimes the police show up too late it's not their fault they get their property quickly but it's already too late. I'm asking you order a dark society. -- our music and our movies and our video games or whatever and and and you combine all of that win win less -- less communication real communication verbal communication between people. It's called a text message -- email thing in being no face to face less and less of that. So I think it's a bad combination. The normalization of violence in our entertainment in our video games. In our movies and the lesson last actual interaction between people that's not a good thing. As some people are talking about. Well maybe the teachers should be armed you know I've never really. Been a proponent of that. Unless they it was they had a what's the word I'm looking for they were -- with -- and they wanted to be certified and they wanted to be trained or they already were trained -- May be long time gun owners. Because I'm asking you as a parent. If you're sending your children off to school tomorrow. And you know that that teacher. That that your son or daughter was going to be well all day. Was -- trained and certified firearms person. Would you feel more comfortable. Or would you think you know I'd rather not have that. I'd rather have my children in the in the tragic case and anything like this could possibly -- I'd rather have them have to run away and -- I'd rather have to have them cower in the corner. And just hope -- doesn't open the closet door I'd prefer that. I don't argue. I'd prefer my daughter is a grown up now but if they support of our talk about my daughter I would rather have her teacher fully functional with a far arm. Because as I said maybe it wouldn't. -- -- But believe me there's a lot better chance of preventing more -- with that -- there is with more meaningless legislation and that's all it is it's feel good -- and is designed to go after you what your weakest point. I mean my goodness is is like it is like trying to sell you something that your mother's funeral. -- mean that's what it's about who Coke and Coke can comprehend twenty children. Gone just gone I can't I still can't process that. And in the shadow of that whip as -- best I know not even the first one buried by the time Cuomo made his statement. They're out they're pushing their agenda. There are Shea us. Absolutely shameless. And I would like a politician. You know they won't come on talk shows. They don't have a nerve. To come on talk shows. I would ask them -- an example of how and any law make on your head that doesn't even approval just automatically lock you show me what law. Would have prevented this. Is only one. And even that might not be it probably wouldn't have -- that's confiscation. That's assuming your round up all 300 million. Of firearms up there and guess who's firearms are never gonna get the bad guys. The bad guys. Do you think they go and register their firearms you think there in the classes take in the firearms -- training. They you know -- their fingerprints off to the FBI. You think all that's happening with them I don't think so. And if you look at the countries that have very strict far arms laws Mexico all how about that. I bet you feel real safe when you go to Mexico because. Nestle down there they got to really be careful unless of course you're. -- across a drug cartel may be -- you. I guess that's not technically a gun but maybe a little worse. So wanna hear from you can we really legislate against the insanity. Or deeply disturbed people. I'll give people get very nervous when you talk about mental health because we want to be fair to get that award out there that most people suffering a mental health problem or not. Violent and that's true. But you're gonna make that argument I'll make an argument for most people have a -- don't kill people that. All right I think argument holds as much water sure argument. In a -- -- said the argument and I do I think you have to accept my argument. But that's the way it is and then politicians always always always looking for political advantage. They can be somber they can say this week words but the bottom line is the bottom line for them they want to get their agenda done and who would point at all the bagel in the testing National Rifle Association. -- only NRA is. To me she too. It's the bus driver it's a lot of different people none of them are -- demons none of them are bad guys. And we ought to get over that but that's how they've been position will be back after.

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