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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Dealing With Aftermath of Newtown - Bonnie Glazer; Part III

Dealing With Aftermath of Newtown - Bonnie Glazer; Part III

Dec 17, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bonnie Glaser is in studio with us this morning president of child and adolescent treatment services we've been talking about the aftermath. I think school shooting in Newtown Connecticut about school anxiety to especially after watching so much coverage over the weekend and you know I wanna get to -- funny what about coverage could somebody. Have maybe watched. Too much. Pat absolutely. I think that planned the accumulation. Focusing. And images that are hurt pretty thick and terrifying. End. -- -- hair at our emotions. Can be overwhelming not only to children but also to adults. I think actually it's quite important for parents to regulate the amount of exposure. That their children received to these images and particularly very Smart children very young children. Parents need to keep their children away. To the degree possible from these images I think each individual needs to. Kind of tight trade his own tolerance. Four exposure and the older kids the teams you know 1617. I think that to them that teenagers. Have access to their all in electronic devices. But I think parents can counsel their teenagers. That excessive exposure can in fact be very injurious there's. Phenomena called vicarious trauma as a nation which actually has to do with the impact. -- an individual by not experiencing the trauma directly. But being exposed to trauma. -- in the manner in which in division all of us are being exposed currently I mean if you think about it you know. I had to pull myself away at times to be it's it was such a draining thing to watch out weekend indeed I picked up my mother yesterday who's in an assisted living to take her home for dinner. I walked into her room and she was tears were streaming down her face. I inquired what's going and and she was absolutely flooded. With sadness. From hours of exposing herself. To these. Painful. Images and and you know first to the images then -- -- and subject to all the stories we got to know all of these victims over the weekend to. But you know as the president said there is away in which these children. Are all of her children. Many times can I identify. In an excruciating. Way. With horror of having your child hurt.

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