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former FBI Profiler Clint Van Zandt

Dec 16, 2012|

On why a killer does what the one in Conn. did.

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Time to talk politics it's hard line on news radio nine. Be now here's W. And normally I begin the program by saying what a week it is to talk politics certainly is the program unfolds we will be doing a little bit of that. But at the I think today we can just say what week it is. We are talking for the next two hours about the shootings in Connecticut I've got a lot of guess we will eventually get to gun control will eventually get to school security. But my first guest is someone who's available for us only a brief time here. And rather than that go down the usual list of what to expect on the program today. How -- launched right into it because when we have such a prominent person waiting for us on the line I don't want to waste any time Clint van Zandt is here. Former FBI profiler supervisor of their behavioral sciences unit of the -- FBI academy in Quantico onetime. And and that international expert obviously on. Shootings and terror hostage situations things like we've seen in Connecticut -- thanks for being here this morning. Everywhere. I know from from this sounds a little silly but I think it's a way that people can grass that's. I know from TV cop shows and basic -- conventional wisdom. That we can learn about the killer by the type of crime that the TV shows for example the reason I mention that. You always hear that stabbing. Is personal or if someone -- stabbed many many times that indicates something about the person that did the stabbing. Can we extrapolate and say the very nature of this crime in Connecticut tells us something about the shooter what can you fill in the blanks on there. Well he doesn't really matter challenged it and from number one -- -- weaker of the term fought the war. And the last 23 days -- an order information what has come out what has been proved right what it's been proven wrong. You liked me probably the initial calls I got the initial information that. Maybe 12 children injured maybe an adult shot in the foot. And it struck about like within an hour right here called it -- we've got eighteen to twenty children dead. Deal and we just overwhelming and you know if you will we look you know look profiling we normally -- well. If we know the -- Yeah we know who we can usually figure out why why don't we we know what and who in this particular case. But the wise is something that I think will continue to -- Even even when we get answers. It's it's solid reasonable the first day it was there was a period. Yeah I saw. Like -- court psychology at my lack latch on to we were trying to do that you use when you're trying to keep mentioning well -- -- individual. -- your brother and his mother was the schoolteacher and one from our great school teacher therefore. I'm only ones -- trying to destroy her but he which trying to destroy that good order for which work. Her first great great -- Sure expressing our regret later patriot we are not a topic at first we thought -- I was the one thinking this too because the early reports were different than what we now know. Expressing hatred toward his mom by killing those she loved and was close to. Then -- connection to the school doesn't become so apparent. Then we find out that she died first separate from the school scene and was only -- substitute teacher. Can we grasp anything out of this yet. Well now we got that clear lines that we -- we have died from. The shooter turned the mother trip to school for the children that belt line has really become or right now I don't I don't know much early. That law enforcement knows. If you are trying to wrap your arms around the boulder to killed twenty children think they are done -- for 45 years. And I mean from Vietnam to you know to. Column Barton on prince's. I guess that since obstructed you know most of you know. You you'll -- reporting recovering news martial law enforcement restore to have this alienation -- structured were both to be able. -- -- Not let your emotion in this situation bother because of our respective cases. We chapter reporter we have to analyze that we have investigated. You know who cannot relate to the -- of these so you know six adults and and so culturally with the mother. And -- twenty children and we all we we that this is a piece of all of us. And when you try true when you try true. Trying to order and chaos which which is what we -- that they're there was order in their shooters mine. He had the order to put the clothing together -- uniform you have to order. Realize that these sex weapons were available in his home because his mother. -- the weapons. And realize gave the world shall carry that the guy who's been challenged psychologically. For a year that there are excellent interview were. Where the mother older baby sitter when he was a daunting nature whatever you do do not -- -- do not only on all. I come shelf he needs. Constant supervision and someone to be -- them. Well if that's what the situation and who can nature of what was he doing and how which looks different guns since he couldn't. Gotten access to -- they were -- find these pieces and parts of this. But yeah sure and even though only finally -- That law enforcement so well we know for example we hear we hear that he's a gamer he played. They beat you and you know and they gamers are critical match in the countries and burial are one more time blame gamers sure maybe one helpful 1% of people. Who played violent or you'll DREAM Act out like this guy's dead but you can't take that away from the equation you have to shape. Violent video games -- movie's violent book. Music had advocated violence against women. Our society able also to blame others for the proposed to take responsibility for -- A mental situation it's not addressing the problem for 25%. Of the people in this country. All of those or probably gonna play raptor and if and when law enforcement looks good because social media couldn't. -- is hosting his writings. There's probably going to be a clue. We will understand. The -- of what you. But gave I would suggest you got a reasonable man or woman will ever understand the wire this situation. And I have heard you say in the past everything just said now and a -- the point. That people don't necessarily just snapped we can't say he was a ticking time -- percent. Well now an eye on your network and I'm there may -- culture shock your dog is true -- examples of that but apparently aren't. We have out that you are currently the situation like that. And then we go back it was called chocolate ought -- political back and look at the individual's life -- the characters and impacted on her. Current legal back and apparently you weren't quite sure your school shouldn't. There are are clear evidence. -- followers were all psychological week siege where the individual can talk I'll read about are the Trimble. Whatever he can do this or a lone -- turn your card -- for example. The project that structure -- -- I wouldn't contribute that per week. At the -- that -- -- and I remember they are. He didn't feel -- true because if you recall that it received -- all structural the shooter where he. Didn't and got oh why why he's held back campus and bolster. Our members responsible. And it was too short you know I want to ask Richard Arnold -- Richard part of on television and the quote that guy who can directory after the great here at four and didn't hit outreach well it was noteworthy what was put up there. -- -- -- -- put it up complete history in this particular question. Apply to the nation won't -- out. The president of the United States is talking about that in the crime a whole nation has come to a -- here or we don't really care compared. If we run all the continental club and not. But there -- those people out there. That are sitting on the edge of the emotional. Trying to decide how they -- out in anger frustration rage probably blame mothers in eighty. Maybe how do they show. That there are equal to everybody else side you're maybe more equal -- something like this and the attention that we have to give a situation. And there are people that are gonna lineup that are going to be does not shooter and we orange such. Quarter but the -- because we cannot not talk about it. And -- by talking about that are looked great there are -- spew out there they take encouragement and they're going to act out. All right Clint and so what -- spend a little bit of time with us this morning got to get back anyway appreciate it. Especially have to let the listeners know you you actually stepped out of a church service -- to be with us this morning that you were able to do so. Do and that's former FBI profiler Clint van --