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Medical examiner H Wayne Carver

Dec 15, 2012|

releasing details about victim deaths in Connecticut school shooting

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- second to -- should today's team has been working very very hard. In this process to get notification. Of possible examination of like to do introduced UV. State of Connecticut -- state medical examiner doctor H Wayne barber. -- -- it. Involved first of all my half of my wife and my son's. On behalf of my other family. Are people have jobs you've got to be generally -- to. That's -- our deepest sympathies. For the families and everyone else who residential birds like this. Event. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The officers medical examiner. God here. Achievement is. Got here a couple hours after the building was secured. We reviewed and told fraudulent 1230 last night. We find these. Emergency services to -- the temporary. Facility in the parking lot. And we. It took identification voted it deployment good vision on. All -- things. And -- everybody transported back to -- his. Body. About about 1 of the morning. Our -- stuff turned out. Started -- postmortem examination this morning. We completed the children by about 130. And I believe everybody is up -- Ourselves. His mother will be finished tonight. And I'll do those tomorrow morning. Ball. Well we'll tell advancements. Have a list the names. And the it's birth. And well being distributed. -- Everybody. Does this bush. I don't know is completed so far was caused by -- gunshot wounds. And obviously the manner of death on all these -- she's just been questioned by this. Many many good. Florida fish and I think -- tend my technicians both full climbers -- One student from Quinnipiac University this is the first day I was just. The majority were those -- were working on this so warning. Whether there world -- last night -- Okay. A -- a lot of -- Well vulnerable. Little -- judgment in the billboards and so -- There off all of -- -- numbered about. Certain narcotics and underneath. Do renewed question. It was it was a. Doing what I view as volatile as this one over the top. I've been at this for a third of the century. And it's. My sensibilities win out in the average man. But this probably is the worst I have seen. Are. The worst. I know of any of my colleagues have been seeing. Not all more imagery. Proud and grateful to our staff. -- to a man. -- just. Behaved. Most professionally. Strongly. I hope. I hope they and I hope the people -- -- Don't have a special because there. There's W prosecution -- my goodness good. All the ones that I know of this -- -- by the way along warm warm welcome. Bush it was what fell ruined his ball woods and I know I'll probably know more about foreign the most pathologist for the president record video and moment. Dancers -- Militant was. Delivering doctor how -- -- the picture. I only seven of the autopsy is. Victims I had mentioned three to eleven on page and I always -- -- of -- venture. Bug that's you know it's a sample I really don't. Have detailed information on the yes. Well. Look the editorial comment and have fun. I don't know there were lots of them. The federal weapons not. The bullets are designed. Such -- fashion of the energy. This is very political shouldn't be so it was -- big images to plug in addition. We'll. -- It's always a difficult question and obviously I don't. Hello. I don't have detailed information on all of them but this is -- very. Devastating. Cylinders. I have I don't I don't. The best of my ability to ask that question which is always a plus -- It's sold out for. All the ones. I believe so yes. Hello we did not bring the bodies and the families into the continent we -- pictures of them. On the official bridges. It's it's easier on the families when you do. There is. The time and place for up close and personal Madrid brushes. -- -- accomplish this we felt it would be best. Could do it this way. You can sort of you can control. Situations and depending on the photographer I've heard good numbers. No I don't. I'm sorry I don't. The youngest victim doctor -- -- Although you have to look at this budget -- sorry did you feel. All the ones -- don't -- well first everybody does go a little for her. The button. I don't I don't know if I'm all good and tomorrow morning. But I don't I don't think so. I have not seen -- yet. All. Those with -- religion. Plug the well. All of the -- Both companies but the benefits. We discussed this briefly with a staff before I came here. There was so -- I believe everybody was up more than once. Okay. But it's really. Because they get to the thousands of people actually judge and into the bush. It's. If Clinton did answer court they're gonna -- -- We're doing diligent kid stuff them in a frustrated elected this. That's the best stuff do you. Teach your kids and grandkids out the door on the first day. Because they're similar to those -- children. Doctor. There on the front. Well. All of hold. But I have not examined -- -- do tomorrow morning. Followed the guys who are -- seeing guys. Talk to address the issue. Obviously I was at the scene -- -- village there's enough for the people who are. The number one professionals what but the. And that's just the ones that I did. It's -- I think he. Does does the does in the depression and -- look -- up -- coming largely from. Follow our goal. Our goal was to give the kids out in the -- who -- director's first. Just very. Well the obvious reasons. Doctor its. Report about. My bad news not yet. A bed. Bug. Yep -- good times and let the little. For reasons I don't appreciate. Normal locker rooms. But. They did do. Did did you don't have to -- -- news put it this morning not yet. Those -- yet. But folks thank you very much. Yeah. -- -- the -- do a whole gulf with the chief -- it is. 31 years. What should you -- which shows those are the most definitely -- It's it's H. Wayne doesn't want and believe. However she VER. -- the surgeon. It's why don't use -- -- when my father. Just my grandfather. We should find -- -- ever -- I don't. It was an attempt to -- magnificent. -- It's sectional and it stitched together with the velcro in the -- dig into the ground and electricity and lights and -- here it's. And it's it's there -- from the -- emergency management. Tonight I think it's came from the army but I'm not sure but legacies things that they use. And and and first set up field hospital for what we've all hospitals have offered through your mind. I don't know more tourists have all been -- -- be the the debate -- -- on as of 132 bit or who's done a good and if the truth the issue of Joseph funeral home Paulus. And as soon as though they forged and we call them that process was completed for the children -- one good. To -- you know our office apartment. We have our transport vehicles. Good good good -- and a lot of guys who drive. If there were actually it. Well -- -- my administration is that we make in this nondescript in unmarked as possible. Just -- -- you guys. Going to start there's six and -- I don't have the differential through questions. A little I don't know what the police -- good to see guys. New numbers. Yup. It. Just so -- -- weekend. -- -- game that we don't have -- I just don't know. I hit it. Effectively make their diagnosis until late -- And I I don't want to belabor the obvious that's what everybody believes at this point but in terms of -- Fiduciary responsibilities. I have an excuse. Thank you very much. -- -- The -- to save the the judicial -- -- examinations will be conducted tomorrow we'll have additional information on relatives of the results. Of those utilities tomorrow. Again I would implore you -- has been stated many times. So we're asking for privacy for the families. And as we've stated before. The colonel has in fact signed a trooper and -- officers to reach family. To provide an open line of communication food to them from us. And there will be with the families at all times in an effort to I'm still -- privacy we do have a list of the deceased. Ask you to to share will put up on our website if you don't get one. -- for grant will be out behind us to be heading out these big one. Per unit if you will and again if you don't get going to be on the website that within the hour. -- it -- aren't. And he search engines and expect to six -- website. Hey -- taken -- a brief questions again understanding please. But this bill is an active case we still are working they're still actively pursuing leads initially. And it just -- it's always open etc. well you know about certain. We didn't discuss the location event either weaponry. At all there's been a lot of speculation out there. A relative to the location of the weapons and -- we'd like to do that we have the disposable piece of information to give to you. About the caliber above your ownership and above -- and hold that question we'll probably tomorrow morning -- I like I guess. -- First question I cannot answer all have to get that information for you I don't know it's that simple the second question is there's been talk and speculation about that. Opening conversations with the the superintendent and the British authorities here in town. There is no information about any confrontation. That's that's certainly something that we we need to look at him in our investigators will again go back the onion. Look at the players and try to answer all those questions and -- and their investigation. Again -- want to examine a serious man. There there is no reports are no reports filed any altercation. In the school involving involving the individual. I can just simply tell you that we had not officially. We have not officially identified at this time and it's our policy until positive identification -- more it was complete. The -- discussing his facts or circumstances of form of the disease -- I don't know just serve to help. Also speak to the superintendent. -- there was no relation at all it's one more question okay what worked what. What's what's very what's very important to note from him -- and be neglectful not to mention this. The support from. People not only in the community but first of all special -- -- community of new job has been outstanding support outside of the community. As Ben has spent more than outstanding -- foreign assistance you offer of help. As has been reported not only is -- tell police about the state police involved. They're federal authorities the city deceitful local police departments of the curve professionals professionals they're all here and support the family. Certainly we've been really tough game and we will that we have provided support for the first responders fire police PMS. And we're gonna continue to do that will be will do that as well as long as necessary and a thank you for us -- -- simply -- to -- that this -- the last briefing -- today. All right we will be here tomorrow morning I'll give you any updates tomorrow morning. But there will be no more briefings interviews anything more to break breaking news I would direct you to our website we will posted on our website. Again we don't anticipate anything is our investigators continue to work yeah. -- Adult there's -- there's nothing more today. Tomorrow morning telling him what time -- -- -- -- certainly don't know sort of put everything. And I can ridden neighborhood hospitals provide copies I have some. Kelli Grant to regret is back there with -- with -- other countries. -- -- -- We weren't there like 930 believe that it's. There doesn't exist you just played OK and. I was there. And as you have any other bands that they didn't hear all the little little little little guys aren't. -- -- -- -- Here's a more important -- it's. I wore them on the back. Beautiful on Larry it's. One -- big time forgetting in my records and I. Out of my housing when you're. -- guys that. Yeah allows.