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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Dr. David Kaye- Talking with Kids about the CT School Shooting

Dr. David Kaye- Talking with Kids about the CT School Shooting

Dec 15, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have a guest on the WB in line line doctor David case medical director of child psychiatry. At children's and women's and Children's Hospital here in buffalo doctor K we appreciate your time this morning thank you. As we are sorting through this tragedy. Who we're just talking off fear about how this really. It hasn't settled in with so many people a little on the people that were and in directly affected in Connecticut but for much of the country. This is a lot to take where where where we you think and. In well it's certainly years I think it's been devastated. And I accepted into one of those. You sense in all likelihood people will remember for the rest of their lives where they were. How they come out. And so on. When doctor. We have to get to the bottom of why of this young man did this now it's truism that. That individuals. Depending on who they are their lifestyles. They handle. Mental challenges and emotional disorders differently some new medications others don't Holland God's name is science ever gonna figure this out. That's the great question. You know acute unfortunately human beings have been murdering each other from the beginning of and we do you believe. Of course you have to keep. Doing their best and I -- in interest patently unfair. The murder rate. In the United States which remain on the highest in the world. He shares -- down over the last forty or fifty years. -- And actually. They're total numbers of Mercury has actually gone. Since they actually go over the list. Twenty to thirty year. But. This series just or risk. -- -- How do we prevent something like this you know there's probably. Many different -- it was different people have many different cancers of that's. We. -- I don't have many details about the situation. About this. Future where it about this boy. Who who did this -- it's it's hard to comment on this. Particularly situation. Obviously. He you know something's terribly terribly well on. Also of course in this situation like this there is there is immoral -- That it may. And I think that's an element. You know. That that no one can control ultimately. Personally and also. -- Whether it easier thing to do. Is to. Really do something about. Meaningful gun control obviously there's tremendous disagreement in the country about this. But the majority of people who really with this kind of I don't know why this boy -- semi automatic weapons. And I understand they were actually is my other. -- right on Smith she got and to protect herself. I am but we don't know. How. You know we don't know that -- I -- I really don't understand why. We don't you know more meaningful checks. Why we don't you know why people need to have semi automatic weapons. You know that now that so obviously that's my personal ingrained that -- iron just you know I -- beside -- With us as so many people are doctor K let me ask you this what about children I -- how to we as parents reassure them after this horrific event. And yet answer their questions you know answers really are not gonna come the Britney have been writing answers to this. You know well I mean it in ways that might be a good thing there there isn't. Are right thing to races it is -- manager is not going. We can say that to me it's better it -- Horrible. In front. That is just. Disturbing. To all of us and and I think. You know -- -- of things that president. I agree with. You know we all 100 children a little more openly. -- -- Being engaged -- listen. To our kids. About this particular. Situation. You know and it's probably. Will bring. They may bring it up there. We don't need to -- what a lot of details. Try to stick to what it is there -- unions in wanting to -- but you can start with asking them what state. Heard what they saw. Try to clarify those things help them express their. Feeling when you know I have one granddaughter who's seven and a half years old. -- a seven and a half year old understand. What you're trying to say I mean what would you say -- was seven and a half you're also. Well I think you bought this thing what once simply wanted to try to do is we we want to stay calm. Is that they -- upset as we all are. We want to try to portray some. Some com. And try to be reassuring about the future and the this is. Will that this is an unprecedented. With current. I hope never happens again. But it I think we can't be reassuring. That there say this shape right now. And I think that those are some of the things that I would try to. Hurry up. Doctor K we that we two. It's true to what period. No no we we appreciate your time wanna thank you for joining us this morning doctor K. Have a good day doctor David -- with us this morning medical director of child psychiatry. At women's and Children's Hospital in buffalo past that.

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