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Bauerle on PSY and Foreign

Dec 14, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The situation with this a sigh base South Korean rapper. First -- all all I have so many things to say about this win will week in America learn. We need to take -- of the United States first and foremost. When will lead in the United States understand. That our foreign policy. Ought to be based on what is best for the United States of America. What is best for the people of the United States of America without apology. There is not a nation on the face of this planet. That operates itself. For the benefit of other nations. Every nation on the face of this planet -- first priority is its own nation. Yet we hear in the United States contrary to the advice of George Washington on his farewell address we here in the United States you know we fake. That we can control the world that we can win the hearts and minds somebody wanted to tell me how that worked out in Afghanistan. Look those people live in the freak and stone ages nothing is gonna change them. All right they don't want their women to learn they don't want their women to be educated they don't want any sense of equality. For women you know. During the campaign we heard all about the alleged Republican war on women yet the Afghani mail has been at war with women. For centuries or millennia and that's the way that culture is you can't change that culture. And furthermore. May I suggest. In the immortal words of elsewhere engine. From the HBO show dead -- and I have to edit myself here. -- -- -- You can't cut the throats. Of every. Blank. Whose character it would improve. The message is yet can't kill everybody. On the face of this planet. Who deserves -- by our standards of what is right and wrong. Okay. We have a very insular view of the world. And I think a very naive view of the world outside the United States I've done my fair share of traveling. And I've done my fair share of traveling to the Third World. You are not going to change culture. Yet can't do it it can't be done. It is what it is and a love story. We. Stupidly. Foolishly. Naively believe. That if we pour billions of dollars billions of four dollars. Into these other countries. Like Afghanistan. For example. That we're going to make a difference how many. Billions of dollars. And how many American lives. And how many guys at the DA on Bailey avenue right now holiday gave sacrifices. In South Korea back in the 1950s. And I'm not gonna sit here and wave a bloody flag because I did not serve I medically would not have been able to serve anyway. I signed up for the draft as was my duty as an American they would not accepted me I did my duty. My dead. Spitzer. As did my grandfather my great grandfather my great great grandfather and so -- and so forth. But where this has relevance today is. My father at a very young age was taken from his young family. And it drafted by Uncle -- And sent in two with a military the united states army. Now my father was a tough guy in his youth. Very short -- outplayed us up and the guy had muscles in his fill in the blank. I've seen pictures of him when he was twenty years old. You wanna talk about somebody who -- cut. Quite an out of body like you wouldn't believe. So. The physical training part was not been for him because he was a strong guy that's what he did anyway. But my dad. Gave two years of his life. For South Korea. And his reward. And he's buried less than a mile where I am right now. A democracy is great wanna get wealthier actually. My dad gave two years of his life. For the quote unquote freedom of South Korea. And his reward and the reward of your family members who went to Korea. Who never came home. Or who came home missing legs or arms. Or who came home with post traumatic stress syndrome before we even knew what post dramatic stress was what we used to call it shell shocked. And we used to put our fingers to warheads and circle around like he's looney tunes. We've made so many freaking sacrifices. For the people -- South Korea. Our reward. For years. Has been to have our military protest against in the streets of Seoul South Korea. Now our reward is to be figuratively. Keyed upon by this South Korean rapper named side. Who is too young to remember. Too young to remember. When Americans were faced. By eight hide it. Not only North Korean Communist but Chinese Communists. Invading. Trying to take over his country. And let me tell you something else and a lot of you don't realize that censures the bank note does -- -- note capability it does. We're still -- war in Korea did you know that. There is not -- peace treaty that has ever been signed to end the Korean War. It's -- trials. There's no peace. The up. American army. And air force. And Marines. And navy. In South Korea. Was faced with un imaginable. Hardship. During the Korean War weather for which they were not properly prepared or outfitted. Surprise. Attacks. By Russian made me jets that were provided to the Chinese to provide air cover to the Chinese and to the North Korean Communists. And our thanks. For our sacrifices. Of our young men and women in South Korea. Is to be land base hit by this South Korean rapper. Now. -- -- In my late for that aren't at all I'm late for another break. I have to break -- -- because I have so much more to say I get very very passionate about this because my dad was there he told stories. He told me stories I will never forget and before I go to the break we just play one story that maybe this. -- gas from South Korea needs to hear when the Chinese entered the war on the side of the north Koreans -- Communist allies. Basically they became an irresistible force for which the United States was on prepared at that time. And base a war and in the South Korea. By the tens of thousands. And there was one American base there was one forward American operating base which. What are my dad's body's at which he was stationed. The Chinese came men and they massacred. Every American they could find massacre. No quarter was offered no surrender was offered it was a massacre. It was like the British in Mel Gibson's the patriot you know the -- foods. One of the guys my dead new. Seeing what the Chinese and the north Koreans were doing. Basically mass murder of Americans. You noted it. He was Smart enough to crawl to the bottom of the pit into which American dead had been thrown. He got it's -- down to the bottom of that it as he possibly could. Using the bodies of his fallen buddies to act as barricades against the bullets. Much as the union army if Fredericksburg in December of 1862. Did. On the field. Before Mary's -- This guy for three days and nights. Did not sleep. He barely moved he was scared to it yet. Of making any noise that would alert the Chinese or the north Koreans that there was any living American underneath that pile of debt. Because he knew damn well what the north Koreans to what the Chinese would do they would have killed them they would have murdered -- And as you know the human body has certain functions that it must perform. The process of elimination. This guy and to eliminate. For three days and nights. He was fair. Stewing in his own bodily wastes. Finally. Finally. The Chinese. And the north Koreans. Moved on to try to kill some more Americans. Finally my father's buddy got up the nerve to slowly. Crawl out of that stinking pit of death. He ripped off his clothing he ran to the nearest water -- -- five and cleansed himself. I wonder if that's South Korean rapper. Ralph Wilson is gonna pay. Sunday. I wonder if he realizes. The sacrifices. Like that made. By Americans. All in my dad's body was one of the lucky ones because he made it halt. The guys underneath which he was hiding did not because they were murdered by the North Korean Communists and Chinese allies. And those of you know your history will know that Douglas MacArthur. General Douglas MacArthur told Harry Truman you know the great Harry Truman. MacArthur said look. We are asking our men. To sacrifice. In Korea. And we are allowing eight -- of the enemy. To come across the -- Lou. To kill our boys president Truman you must give us the authority to bomb them before they can reach. Lots. And Truman Fiorina a third world war as if we were already at war Truman said no. MacArthur kept speaking out until finally general Douglas MacArthur was sacked by Harry Truman. Eight Douglas MacArthur was -- saint. Harry Truman also was no saint. And I do applaud Harry Truman for his decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan to end that war. But I despite it I've always thought it said. That he was so courageous. And -- decisive. In wanting to end the war against Japan. Yet. He allowed American lives to be wasted in Korea. By failing to pop the pimple that was north of the Al Lou. Read your history folks this stuff really happens. In this South Korean. Ought to realize that. It's a free well. I can't even say it's a free country more with a straight race because it isn't. But any freedom we do here. Is the result of men and women. Who's in 1776. Have sacrificed for others. In this young South Korean doesn't get it. And it really really bothers me. And I'm sure there are people listening to my voice right now who heard your father's talk about their time and Korea. It wasn't pretty. And it's one of those -- it's like Vietnam everybody knows about world war two and god bless you World War II veterans Korea. You talk to most people on the street Korea what was that. Vietnam -- we hit our soldiers then. It makes me sick. The way our soldiers retreated coming home from Vietnam. It nauseated me.

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