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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Reaction to Psy Performance - Vietnam Vet Steve Banko

Reaction to Psy Performance - Vietnam Vet Steve Banko

Dec 14, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lots of -- people are fuming especially veterans. Over the fact that side of South Korean rapper. Is going to be -- halftime entertainment at the Rogers Centre this Sunday in Toronto when the bills tackled those Seattle Seahawks why. It's because the sign has made anti American remarks from the past. On the WB in line line. Let's chat about this with Steve Banco from a Cheektowaga. Steve is one of the buffalo area's most decorated American soldiers ever who have fought in conflicts Steve served in Vietnam. For purple hearts for bronze stars two silver stars and a bunch of other honors too numerous to mention for his heroism Steve good morning and thank you for joining us. Are we making a big deal out of nothing here Steve -- a -- about the South Korean -- side who is. Signed to perform at halftime of the game Sunday. Well one other thing they think that we have to that we have to keep in mind is that. People like -- and Jane -- back to my Europe you know. Say. Pretty preposterous things. Without really getting a full -- both of the impact of what they're saying and they and I think inside case without any real understanding. Of what America has meant to the existence of this country. The fact that he was able to say. Derogatory things about the American military. Is a direct result. Of the depth of about 3038000. Americans and countless other. Individuals South Koreans and other allied troops in in the Korean conflict. And there's you know there's a monument down on on the walk of heroes on the -- waterfront. But. An awful lot of names of young man from Western New York who went to Korea. To defend -- right to say whatever he planet. And never came home so. Is that a big deal assures the big deal it's a big deal to people Wear the uniform who believes that this country. -- and I are always. Shocked. At how little. -- there is -- to their collective consciousness about what sacrifice means. Steve should the bills have thought twice about signing him up for for Sunday's game. Well you don't need this thing that you that you can begin to learn about the country. In the last. Ten years is that. Everything is profit driven. So the fact that you know it might be it might be even dean. Marginally unpatriotic. Nothing did the patriotism has nothing to do with the profit margins so with the with. Athletic team just like every as the other. Corporate enterprise at its bottom line driven and so if they think that they're gonna get more tickets sold because -- got them out. And the halftime show that's what's gonna happen and patriotism will be left for another day. -- Steve you mentioned the folks like could side. Of the South Korean rapper and before that long time ago during your era. Jan Fonda have made this statements -- there have been a full grasp of exactly what they were really talking about with that said. All these years later when you consider forgiving Jane Fonda for her statements in support of the north Vietnamese during the war. I think she she tried to make a -- like I don't want to speak to work to her motive. It's hard though I mean I remember seeing. Pictures of her when I was when I was in the hospital recovering from one. Pictures of her with a north Vietnamese army helmet and sitting at a sitting at an anti aircraft up. And and that's that's -- of -- -- you know when you know the period -- somebody who says that they were anti war. That's one thing when somebody says their pro the other side. Yet that's what we used to call treason when you say have. Things like trees and now we don't have trees and we have differing opinions like yeah. But. What I forgive I you know I don't wanna give anybody like like that that much. Control over me that I would say that I would carry a grudge forever you know like I just. I feel sorry kind of for people like that because they've been born when it. With a silver spoon. And they think the rest of us you don't ought to be able to assign some significance to water whatever it is they say. Steve good to talk really this morning and we appreciate to earlier times thank you for joining us. Thank you have a great day -- As Vietnam War hero Steve Banco chief blogger.

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