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Sandy with Barbara Carr

Dec 13, 2012|

Erie County SPCA Executive Director, Barbara Carr stopped by to chat with Sandy about the SPCA and pit bulls during today's edition of the SPCA Radiothon.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Barbara -- executive director is whether it's Barbara Evers a quick question right I read that article. The other day about. How you're a believer that pit bulls may get an unfair rap. And I saw you walking with a pit -- earlier I are people more hesitant because of pupils to adopt them they think you're going to be more aggressive way. Oh goodness yes you know they average length this day for all die this year with the exception of vehicles is probably four or five days. Hit Apple's take on average 32 days to get a home here at the LP CIA. And certainly we would never put dogs up that wouldn't be appropriate -- cuts so you know it's really a shame that people just. Have been so convinced that there are some type of monster when their. The dogs. When a lot of times bad guys have used pit bulls and -- trained them to do things that aren't appropriate for good family dog -- you think that's -- a statement that they carry. Yes it certainly is in its interest in you actually look at the real backs you know there there is Noelle. Person who's ever been killed. By a pact neutered it oh really never happened and and that's one study that I read recently showed. That a 100% a lot of peoples who had done fatal attacks. The first we're not neutered settlement that never seen a veterinarian 80% of them. Well Moore owned by -- so what's it really about you know it's really about the dog. I was -- about it possibly the owner combination of the two I think that of an onerous is looking for the characteristics of a god. Who could do harm. You know that's no fault of the debris that's true it's just an individual god. Alan I think in the last couple years we've had maybe thirteen to fifteen. People deaths. In the United States annually. We have thirteen to fifteen million people think well I. I remember it wasn't that long ago where people. Had a feeling about German shepherd. And now German shepherds are like everywhere I've had three German shivers myself and and people get -- event. Well sure sure -- -- there again their dogs you know and we forget we think there's something. And that other than dogs monsters or what have you. You know the German -- really. Their reputation really went down because they are so. In mind when it's with the Nazis so post right were killed. You know what day they frighten us just like Nazis right now -- -- then after that it was government pensioners and after that it was. Rottweiler. And I don't today it's pickles and I I just wanna remind people that. You know for the most part the majority the vast vast vast majority of pit bulls are simply dogs. And if that come the SEC and they get one they can be assured that we temperament tested that and by the way. The American temperament test. People who keep the stats on all the things consistently find the pit bulls score higher. Then any other breed of dog -- temperament -- Growing up. And -- it's obviously in the best interest of the SP CA's. To make the marriage right between the animal loose dog orca actually an animal and where the animals going so. -- you would never try and push one breed over another you want you want that through work. And to be fair you know and we have we we temperament test every dog that goes up -- actually also personality type every -- that goes up production team notice. Each dog we'll have a certain caller on orange or green have a credible if you look in the panel's. And the one -- interview people we have them take a little survey and we find out if their orange and purple are going. And then they're going to do best with a dog of how -- -- He has certainly -- you know. I think usually their temperament test -- though she snapped the news well I I try to get her treatment she just snapped right -- -- -- Barbara -- I think talent and -- -- right back -- thank you for clearing that up of obstacles like it was a very good article. And one that needs to be set but usually we don't see those kind of things usually somebody we'll have a negative story about something which are very seldom -- depositors. -- some great thank you very much. That's a barber -- she is executive director of the IS PCA. We're in the middle of our radio thought we were very much like you to contribute the number is 87377. When he to -- at 54. And that leaves soon 46 notice I can I amazement of 46 we gotta get 46 more before 6 o'clock. And we go about 32 minutes. So we would like you have very much to do that so we could add an extra 5000. Dollars. To the drive. Courtesy of M&T bank they will make that donation in memory of David -- tacky -- -- he was a councilman. -- very while not a very highly regarded went to work for seventy. And they obviously thought highly of him as well he just passed away within the last couple weeks. And and that 5000 dollars would be very well received here at the FB CA. So the number to call 8737722. That's a 7377. When he -- We'll take a break we'll be back in the final half hour as we head to the finish line for today's edition. -- BC radio -- cost them.

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