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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>AG Eric Schneiderman on Requiring NonProfit Disclosure of Political Acitvity

AG Eric Schneiderman on Requiring NonProfit Disclosure of Political Acitvity

Dec 12, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mr. Snyder went. Please tell us a little bit about the new requirements that you were asking nonprofits who engage in electioneering. We submitted regulations and will be holding hearings around the state about when Ottawa -- in a few months it would. Require. Non profits. Disclosed. Information about campaign activities you've seen in the last two elections. They knew what really branding. Phenomenon of people using -- awards for nonprofits supposed to be social welfare organizations. You concealed -- any contributors groups nonprofits are allowed to protect the privacy of their donors that we spend the money. -- campaign or other campaign activities in the last election. What you were just what you. It's so you think is going to be well over 500 million dollars. Campaign. And other activities before through nonprofits. Just not right and chief regulator -- in your state I'm not what they have people from your state and local elections so. Very simply if you -- region and nonprofits it's. -- -- extra additional options. You know it happens there as social identity that's where most nonprofits do bars and non profits as more than 101000 dollars. On election activities in New York State we are requiring. An itemized list their expenditures. And the -- of the donors. -- support these activities that will be available on our web site that we have full transparency. And people can't but -- the requirements of election. If you give to a -- It's a candidate record these disclosed shouldn't be allowed since you'll support for campaign or referendum. By putting it through question for which really is not. The activities that these charities were -- on -- That mr. Schneider how much of that do you suspect you saw during this last election cycle. What we we know that nationally we sort city great again over 400 million dollars. We have a fair but some situations in New York where. Or she force we're sending our state senate races there was one entity. It's spent money consider critical consideration Rochester and in in other parts of the state. That was strapped down to an office in Virginia. Which turned out to be the people who pool or. Lot Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in 2004 elections so we were. We've seen it has a problem. Small now but it could become very large and if you think about it really the smaller. The jurisdiction in the spirit. You were people in the town that's so they are carriers so the bigger this impacted that you can have some honesty. And it -- corporation or which individual. Something million dollars into race for mayor. Some odd million dollars in the race for county executive. And if that's gonna happen. So voters have a right to know who's seeking to influence elections and who the candidate they are supporting is very likely. Are going to be listening you you think about that that referendum partner in the states coming here about whether or not to legalize gamble. You want to know. Who's saying that he has pro car in that. Referendums very important issue and we're gonna support this when people -- -- people concealing their identity and really subverting the whole. Campaign finance machines and election process. How much for concern do you have mr. snyderman that nonprofits may be spending a little too much of contributions. For political activities as opposed to what they're intended purposes. Well there -- different parts of non profits while mystery it was all there are tens of thousands of church. Register with my office most of them. Our performance great work and their contributions. Or. You know good -- on -- part of many many people in your state is of relatively small number. Are engaged in any political activities at all. Now they're supposed to be doing. Interim coach says spot or as she forced. -- those -- exclusively be social welfare organizations. There's an ambiguity at the federal level about. Exactly how much against that on politics but this crystal clear to me if you're spending money electioneering activities we do have the right. Demand disclosure. Of your identity now in our regulations to deal with them so that anyone who wants it to a nonprofit. Designate their contribution from our political activities and then right and it doesn't have to be this your cheerfully drafted you regulations since then -- To quote this loophole. If you would have to disclose you -- aid money to a pact which candidate. You have to disclose your right if you're gonna try and close election threw bottles for and -- -- to -- -- All or most of its money on political activities. -- I think it's. We refer to the IRS and they can get -- nonprofit status --

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