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Tuesday December 11- 2

Dec 11, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- just grew up as a veteran who like most -- considers himself blessed to have come home. Your your -- and are out of their ideas and you know. In my bet the prisoners are still having a much worse they overheard to send in your free governments. You know go to also called gamer you know this -- Taylor. Put together trying to help older vets with remembering more recent people who've served. But didn't make it all. Only -- Russert Yorkshire predicted it you know it's now sixteen means. There there are that it testing in combat and not to -- Curry school of filled backpack with a rock representing each one of those people strapped it on his back. As a reminder. The cable carriage carrying actual you know what she -- that are upon purse holder for the soldiers have died. All American Afghanistan. War problem you know dirt dirt I heard this course till he was my best -- thirteen years younger girls are together. He raced thousands of that walk all for an athletic event coming to buffalo over -- over the age of 55. He hopes to make it an annual trek now with more folks involved. Steve -- on radio I'm pretty. -- point seven FM WB yen.

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