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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Antoine Thompson to Head BETC - The Investigative Post's Jim Heaney

Antoine Thompson to Head BETC - The Investigative Post's Jim Heaney

Dec 11, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jim Haney from investigative post is with us on the WB in line line. -- and report on channel two caught our attention about the patronage jobs that former state senator Antoine Thompson has landed. In the city of buffalo mayor brown is appointed content to -- executive director of the buffalo employment and training center. Jim good morning. Good morning you don't thanks for the time or we're fine did the city post this job. That's a good question. The players really not. Really not discussing it which suggests that perhaps they didn't score perhaps maybe they conducted one other infamous. Nationwide job searches that go. You know and a couple of job boards and in you know few if any interviews. What complaints from channel to tried to look in the mirror down and -- yesterday. During an interview -- mayor just was not was not surrendering any information. Julian established job pay is pretty close to it be thousand dollars a year is that Ryan Parent. Yeah -- nine. -- 99 which is what he was making is a it is senator minus. The perk. You know we're what is mr. Thompson and up to now officials who lost reelection of senator now senator mark you're resounding. Well yeah initially they had it's a tough time. -- job which animates this appointment a little ironic. Arm he's still real estate in and he runs any or he's he's at least involved in any. -- magazines. African American election and watched in the -- arm but he's you know his efforts to land. Other employment. You know when it was not successful when he lost -- -- I know you caught up with Antoine Thompson. And asked him about his qualifications for this job what Italian. Well he's cited a lateral. A lot of treaty it sanctions that he. And there were economic related when he was on the council and in the state senate. Mentioned some community boards that have some involvement with employment. He was a good job counselor which I'm assuming. Or job coach which you mentioned was about your position I think. I think you know we're -- here. Is it's wanting to sit on the board. And show for me. It's another thing they held. Real professional expertise on this subject matter. And it's another thing they have expertise in running a large organization and he's now. Head of an organization with some thirty employees. I was down an estimated it occupies a lot of space there's a lot of people in and out arm and I held from morning an organization myself there it is. You know what skill set that record in running. A large organization and -- -- Antoine captions. This is about on the job training for Antoine to run an agency of the sides in a really big question. Is their current actions the best person for this child. For -- -- given the need I mean there are nearly 40000 unemployed people in Erie county. And -- -- brownish in fit to put. To put entwined in charge of the effort. Two. Help these people to doctor capsules and -- work. And I'm not sure is so it is resonating matches what would be your ideal -- Well -- you're sure you're saying that he is going to be supervising your group of about thirty people of those thirty people. Are there people there who are competent to to get the job done not under mr. -- supervision. Well I assume so to be answered I don't know a whole lot about the agency -- I mean it's it's like most government agencies. In this town there's probably a mix so -- can happen to rank and file employees. Sprinkled with some people who are there are four or a political purposes. That tends to -- way these things so. Operate so it's it's it's probably next year. But it's also know working day and when the governor -- town last week and unveiled the blueprint for how. He wants to spend a billion dollars to revitalize academy. 16 priority state. Priority areas -- which would workforce development. Which is what this agency is involved. Implicit in listing that is the fact that the current agencies are not getting the job done adequate but he. So at a time when the governor is saying workforce development needs to be a priority in Western New York. The mayor turned around in -- points. An old political friend. Who -- qualifications. If bill. To fill the jobs here in the city awful. I can't imagine the governor's people are happy about this. I don't know old but I I I can't emission car. And there's no question at all that these two. Mayor brown and Antoine Thompson our political allies. Oh clearly I mean when one Biron was. Was serving on account council. And find was on his staff. One Biron got elected state senate. Antwaun cook this place is -- district council. When Byron got elected to mayor he vacated his senate seat. You know and and and and -- which is not immediate successor but who was his successor eventually. In trying times. They -- both connect -- grassroots over the years. They are very very close. And there can be no doubt that you know in my mind that this is a political. Very good. Jim you've you've -- a big light on the story we appreciate it. Thank -- I've also got an analysis done. And our web site invest your posts that -- today that that deals with these issues. And not in great detail and and you know it's sort of more layers Bian -- what what would discuss here today so -- greater. Your listeners may wanna. They -- checked out investigative post dot org. OK very good. Jets' Jim Haney an investigative port post dot org again and also working in association with channel two.

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