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Dec 10, 2012|

Sandy takes calls from listeners about recent suicides in the news.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- back staging company a couple of national at a local high profile story regarding suicide the English nurse who was duped by the Australian disc jockeys. Apparently took her own life tragic stories there also Kansas City linebacker. A Javon a bouncer. Killed his own wife and then took his own life and then though -- -- as you recall man came over. Shot his wife in the faces three year old daughter was with -- -- took his own life. As the you know police closed in -- asking regarding suicide is it an act of courage. Is it an act of cowardice is at the ultimate act of cruelty for those left behind. And the religious aspect of a -- go to have been some churches firmly believe the two camps. If you take your own life -- 0309301806. On 69236. 930 mark in Wales will mark you're on WB -- I actually Andy. Account for thirty air and -- got. A lot of side exit side Alex. Committed suicide. I think they heard your question. Albeit well. And so I mean you can see. Like well don't -- sort site where people are so shot. Under the era under there that'll leave themselves a place where I am not. But again they are really hated. -- people. Could go look at the so they all buy them what I'd bet that they would be like OKX. Number. MM. You don't know you know be ego. Of people who'll felt that they were Burton. Who would take -- light because. You know that they that they want to burden that -- -- -- this table and the works and what it. Or credit for that but murder suicide right. He -- allow. Where you know. The first I'll -- in paying them well. And they can't. Or so area. You know very big chill out -- -- so. Now when you're training to be a policeman is there any kind of training you can get to help alleviate suicide by cop or. Once that starts to unfold is no real way to defuse it. -- Regarding suicide by cop where where people come out to make overt actions toward the police. Wanting -- wanting the police to shoot them because they they wanna dive but they can't do it themselves is there anyway that that can be stopped or ones that. Once those wheels get in motion and they start. Making overt threats to the police -- there's no way to really stop it. Well whether it just happened out here we go well well. Went young man. You know fired on swat team and you know the guys -- we're negotiating what the per -- we're talking. And they thought they had a report. Oh but it actually. Actually up up about it. And so you know they thought they report but still -- -- actual police and fortunate to jolt. So you just you you don't know them. The young man. It's probably. Psychological problems. And then there's the you know I'm gone away and go. Open up but it traps and you know what what are -- you know you have none. Were up there are one. You're not the little girl like you know you have to do so. And I don't capsule. Up. Shot. -- Oh. No you know I once you get serving negotiation. Of if there's a hostage situation Amanda. Negotiators are get a ball you usually have a higher chance of success. As opposed to somebody who's on the -- get cornered. And it's a last minute decision may decide to either take themselves out or have. I have the police take them out so. I assume that. A hostage negotiation is a fine art that is to be learned because a saw a lot of these people are very successful. Well I am page you know what works for Lumpur but it works for us somebody else. Don't know human rights you know most complex thing are out here. It's an -- and a low number understandable but -- and I want her commit suicide whopper. What they did you know it -- their physical. And they're about. Thanks so I'm not paying. Much more respect than physical. And -- officer you know so overwhelmed. That they see no way out and that's big gorilla -- Howard I don't know -- or courage. I mean -- I'd like to help. From eight -- put upon your well or are they might pull the trigger excellent -- -- you know. Certainly hurt for such an order or order it don't look right -- -- -- -- what a screw up which happened so people can commit suicide right. There was a -- out there's a book out a couple of decades ago now call final exit. And I ended described now. Most suicides -- botched. It's only a small percentage that are successful right around a lot of them have to do with. With -- payrolls in the end though where somebody comes and rescues you or something like that are or are -- carbon monoxide or whatever but even as you just said even occasionally gunshots or whatever where people survive it. It's it's amazing story well thanks for sharing your thirty -- story -- as a policeman are we really appreciate it thank you. Idea that is up that was -- seller actually call final exit and they talked about how people think it's easy to commit suicide. It's not on a lot of levels it's not intellectually is not emotionally. And it's certainly not practically it's very very different a lot of people don't vote take pills they just assume all of -- take this whole bottle of pills. Of the should do it and then somebody shows up when they called -- emergency be able impoverished Oregon has arrived. But even people who shoot themselves. Many times do not kill themselves. So it's it's amazing it's it's a subject has not discussed who often. But if you pay attention to the news it's there's a lot of -- going around. As things get tougher. And people don't have a job or can't provide for their family but I think a lot of it has to do with the losing at love. Or feeling like you're nobody cares about -- and goes you know war. Futile situation where you're not going to get over the illness that you avenue recognize that says a reason people do it. And have them they're -- solid reasons but the most of the people and -- will be back with more after this.

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