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WNY Hockey Magazine's Steve Manson

Dec 7, 2012|

on the lockout talks breaking down

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB and live line this morning Steve Manson editor and publisher with Western New York hockey magazine mourning Steve. What did you think we'd be at this point this morning. Well at celluloid that this was but he one of those bad TV movies -- would believe -- breaking down. I actually would think that press conference panel you're yesterday. And but that we it'd be alone in -- obviously for me it was you know emotional and yelled finally got it done and -- courts and minutes later got ripped the repelled. And now I think all happy and we're just. This devastated by the mood. The dueling press conferences you might say. And and after everything's said and done and have analyzed that brought to you people everything. I -- I gotta go along with a thick that I think -- here with kinda used the media last night to -- It is outside. Making them look like they didn't break it -- it was NHL words here I think it's the other way around. Yeah they tell -- a major move this week towards the players union. And the but it would be like yeah I mean my life I'm in April and another 93 million and this may cool thing and thought that the union had agreed to -- and obviously the union decided not who Greg Norman. It -- -- -- stalemate and getting the money I think there was of the majors actually never thought it was and now it dissident. OK when the league made this move in through in the next from 93 million dollars. Is that what you heard yesterday when you were listened mostly of a -- liberal to be so optimistic. -- I'm alerted the early yesterday morning good start leaking out from the -- that we're covering it down in New York that the leak had done. They had -- a -- -- from 211 million to look. A little bit over 300 million and what they called a make whole idea is to look allow it to get the 5050 but the make -- -- to make up for -- big contracts. It'll pool of plunged to luck make sure that all each country for honor it and not yet been a real sticking point and build the league made -- -- And -- was but that was gonna you know all predicted famine in these other issues would be done very quickly and I guess that. You know when did this go sour because. Earlier in the week you know the big guys were part of these negotiations. They kind of had stepped back. And let the second in command take it detergent and things were happening but now when the big ice cap -- and this thing fell apart. Well again. The NHL so that they would at this money if -- Italy agreed to. A roll off. Different stipulation -- that had the length of the contract would be and -- long. And it did they what we have -- then that would mean billing for the TBA we wouldn't have this for ten years. And then of course the contract the player can only be by your longer freeagent. And and hope he's been actually off for seven years I know it all the minutia of the detail but there was you know these are numbers you would think could be quickly negotiate. And -- thought they get a deal. And not a went out -- call a press conference play -- -- and acted like everything was done but it felt different numbers but the other killer agreed to and I think -- copy -- -- surprised. We've talked with news several times since -- so locked up again and you've always seem to be on the optimistic side what about now Steve. Well I -- I would like but this would be orbital Robert Merck and look we -- -- we are. There's a deal that could be done OK you would think. Saner -- the more it would wake up and say you know what OK we got some real problems would be individuals. But let's get this thing done and it's going to be real interest in what happened over the next 2448. Hours -- either side. Besides or both sites decide that hey you know what for the betterment of the game we have a deal let's make it work let's put it together. It is eagle. But he admits it and not. We're gonna say which sites that support both sides stepped up -- -- -- stepped up their demons and some real problems and all of a sudden my optimism clinical. The seat and is going to be on an annual argue over these simple firm number it can be negotiated. It's just -- -- -- ridiculous. -- -- What about a season how close are -- to scrapping it all together. Yesterday it will talk to me especially late afternoon. I wouldn't said that there argue we're gonna put together a fifty -- sixty game season and we're going to be start and training camp next week -- what we've played games before Christmas. Today. I really don't know what -- think again and yet you'd like to believe that something's got to wake up this morning and say you know what we headed eagle. You -- you would think that the players out there across the country to some of our club players would be. Would be saying hey you know what the what the deal and let's get it done and you would think about thirty older. They're being group was -- -- not to -- a deal that would let this sink hole art. So again it's going to be. You know panicking over this battle between eagle and get this thing gutter we just go to -- because two guys -- it it'll walk. And it'll it's it's terrible I mean three. Pessimistic this morning I'm hoping by the end of the day in and -- -- out. Has a lot of frustration among hockey fans Steve thanks for the time we appreciate hopefully. If anything develops we'll be talked with in the next couple days. Well. Steve -- editor and publisher of Western New York hockey magazine.