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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Steven Alstadt- SCOPE- on gun rights

Steven Alstadt- SCOPE- on gun rights

Dec 6, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our subject is a gun control especially after the -- to build the murder suicide. Involving -- player for the Kansas City Chiefs last weekend. On the WB and -- and help us sort through this issue Steve and all -- with scope. It's SC OP eat shooters committee on political education Stephen good morning and thank you for joining us. And other so called were fine thank you and hope you are to this so called a -- relation between football players. And violence and guns. Is that really fair to make that kind of a comparison do you think. Well I I really can't tell you. Attraction between football players in tongues. Eight and wouldn't every insulation on. From what I do know as soon as key player protests excellent TV is sinister was no on. That -- people would still be realized who we don't know acts. You know -- lights nine -- At what point range and economy that was they're trying to reach. Evident. You know we don't know what to what a governor who support -- -- -- Let me ask -- this. Did the cost his comments upset you Sunday night and he never mention the words gun control he never said Second Amendment. I mean he could have been stronger but then again he could have been weaker on the subject. But yeah I mean obviously. On. You're saying she is canyon that some should be restricted or that he shouldn't get access to sort of balanced or you're gonna return this recession like this. And well what sort of like this does happen this because there's quite well actually -- -- relatively rare you know this in this country a little rest. Four years or so we've seen more people buying -- sort of doubles works but clarity on just. A couple weeks ago we set an all time record of suspects are charged with -- you spot and more people are. -- -- -- Permits for future clips. Majority stake now issued a militia -- basis and crime rates and Tara are going down in this country not -- -- its guns that were part of the problem. If you expect it to Italy around. Now people are either for. Gun control or they are against gun control there's not much middle ground is there. At no it doesn't seem to. And I mean the people who. Are. Or are in control from the don't have a lot familiarity. And not so there's a certain cereals -- there. And we -- people who would do own and use drugs that don't argue restricted. Why are so many people buying guns you know you just reference to how Black Friday you know it's it's it's huge and they're stocking up on ammunition what's going man. -- -- well as the perception out there that. The way how much it's going particularly with a certain current administration that. It it is. And the character and attitude and down -- there. Well you know I'm gonna get it done a -- now says it may not be able to a future sort of -- You know we have to register handguns. In New York State and of course of your fellow on your longer have to be registered to vote for the average citizen in the answered that questions no. Would you have in any kind of objections amid vehement objections to long gone registration of that would help. Yeah well it's been proven that it doesn't -- on it's that. It is good luck in New York City you have to register any on order slung on our income. Candidate just so over the last decade tried to former registry of all lung problems in the country and it into -- into a stricter credit raids but it. Is it possible government program would just. So overwhelming that eventually it's they did to teach. Prefer to government's refusing to do it and that too early to draw up to intercede and strategists. It's certainly not the last sector and it does not. Motorists aren't. Stephen do you think that guns. Are at -- For the Javon Belcher Cassandra Perkins murder suicide or do you think that may have happened whether you had a -- now. Well I mean that you know nobody really chase I don't know what they weren't there. What exactly captains but my impression -- that there is centerpoint played nine times. And that it looks. To me like it was such -- isn't such a rage at that point that. He didn't have gone you sort of just picked up some blood and sort of that sort of I don't know that dumps. That. Actually having access to agree on little sort of sense and it. It's. Boy remember little cliche you were bumpers stickers signs you know when guns are outlawed only outlaws. We'll have gotten it you know it does America or the Gaza. And that quote clearly it was in the place that. At the highest rates of crime in this country. In other places where gun barrel literally only criminals and some symptoms much. Chicago. And -- Washington DC these places we're on there's law abiding citizens this prevented. Programming and hearing -- these -- places where are richer or worse. You know that Chicago ruled out that the Chicago situation could be the subject of another morning thank you for joining us is warning state. Steve at all status with scope shooters committee on political education.

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