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County Exec. Mark Poloncarz

Dec 5, 2012|

on rejection of his budget proposal, courtesy WGRZ.com

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- is he needs to belong to you for joining me here today. I find uninteresting in the day that the governor came into town someone else. 250. Jobs new project over 250 million dollars of spending with regards MRI project. As the legislature began session -- storm literally rule and promote the right. Coincidence perhaps provisional legislature has voted by age 65 vote to prove it 2013 Erie county budget. With a set of amendments as proposed by legislators mills Dixon Hardwicke Marico -- and progress that we've truth we talked about a lot this week. First I want to thank the five legislators who stood up for a fair responsible and balanced budget and were willing to make it difficult decisions necessary for the good of our community. Thank you legislators grant hoax merit only Masur and crack he did the right thing. Wherever earnestly kept the lines of communication open throughout this entire process in hopes of reaching a compromise that ensures the fiscal stability of the colony and protects the programs and services. Demanded by the public. No compromise can be reached. In fact earlier this afternoon a proposed a package legislator -- that would meet them halfway. It cut the proposed property tax cut or tax in half. To about four million or nine cents per thousand. Along with they set of difficult and real cuts. And discretionary spending for the rest of the year. These are real cuts not fake ones. I was told that it doesn't work and -- -- and it doesn't go far enough. Which unfortunately is not the definition of compromise. Compromise compromise -- individuals coming together -- ones demanding girl. So here we are. In all the people spoke when they elect and his account executive their voices have been muted by this legislature. And while the legislature has a role in the process. And I will not call them names like my predecessors might have. All I can say is that I'm very disappointed in their actions. I am disappointed that a majority -- not agree that after closing more than twenty million of a 33 million dollar shortfall. With target to cut targeted cuts across the border all county government. Any responsible use of phone bills in order to maintain the quality of life programs that we want and demand here. We needed to propose a small. All property tax increase to find that last eight million dollars. I am disappointed it was clear they would not accept any property tax increase no matter what. Instead of proposing real cuts and spending to offset the loss of revenue. They instead chose gimmicks that look good on paper. But do nothing to reduce our obligated costs. Not a single dollar. Throughout this process no matter how many times they set their math simply does not at all. And the refusal to present a single piece of data to support their claims shows meeting which just as well. Folks it sounds eerily familiar to what we just witnessed over the last year. It all comes down to arithmetic. And their numbers don't add up. I can't accept the fact that we have different opinions on the subject me. And how we should spend our finite resources. But I cannot accept a difference in facts on what we have to pay and what they say we don't have to -- Instead of doing what his rights the difficult they chose to do what was easy and wrong. They chose to adopt a budget that is not balanced from day one. In a four year plan that isn't balanced today for 2013. Or the future. Throughout this process many folks have been fixated on whether or not there's going to be a property tax increase. Or whether this number is really what we need. But what I say to -- and yourself what have we truthfully accomplished with the passage of this budget. That's frankly what I'm most disappointed about in the end. I'm disappointed that instead of passing a budget that builds upon the many great successes that we've seen in the last year. We now have a budget that takes -- step backwards. Towards the fiscal crises of the past. Instead of moving forward on the many exciting economic development announcements that we've been talking about in this community for some time. Including the development announcement that was and at the convention center today. And many of these things that are starting to come to fruition. We will be forced to shift that focus on correcting the structural issues within this budget enough for your plan. In an attempt to stave off a hard control board. This was entirely avoidable. Are would have taken is one more legislator. To stand up and show that type of leadership that this community deserves -- a in the coming weeks and days I will do everything in my power. To ensure that this budget is balanced. And so as well as the corresponding for your plan. First I will veto. Every single dollar of additional spending and it. Additional spending that we have no new revenues to pay for. Then I will begin combing through every line of discretionary spending to find the real cuts in discretionary spending legislature was unwilling to make their own. In all -- they wouldn't stand up and do what was right today. I hope that as I take these and other corrective measures in the future to fix the issues that those six members created. To fix the problem and actually balanced the budget. They will then do the right thing in the end. Either hand decisions Erie county government become more difficult today tomorrow and every day in the foreseeable future. And it's very disappointed that that happened. I haven't backed up from a challenge in the past are making hard decisions. And I'm not gonna start backing down now. Thank you for being here because answering questions you may have.