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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Survey of Voters Attitudes Toward Hillary & Andrew - Steve Greenberg

Survey of Voters Attitudes Toward Hillary & Andrew - Steve Greenberg

Dec 5, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

New poll out and Governor Cuomo and Hillary Clinton. Steve Greenberg is with us from Siena College research institute is on the WB and -- Steve good morning. Good morning Susan great to be -- you and Dave. Thank you these two politicians Hillary Clinton and Governor Cuomo are through the roof in your new Paul tell us about this. Sure no question weld Governor Cuomo all has been governor now for almost two full years. And the voters of this state continue to welcome right now 71%. Of voters have a favorable view -- quibble compared to only 21%. Who have an unfavorable view and that's for the former senator and the return secretary of state her numbers are even better. Three quarters of New York voters 75%. View Hillary Clinton favorably. Compared to 23%. Who view her unfavorably. Has any other politician in your survey ever been that favorable. Well the top. Ever in -- Siena poll was Barack Obama a week she was inaugurated. -- -- four years ago she hit the 80%. Mark but nobody else has ever come close to hitting eighty. Just not a curiosity was at the bottom of the -- And what -- what hell right now in terms of the poll we did this month. It was senator dean skills so current senate majority leader. Who is viewed favorably by 60% of voters unfavorably by 18% of voters. But two thirds of the voters of this State's 67%. Don't know -- skill that is. Now what do the numbers say about the possibility of Hillary running for president. Well New York voters or parole and Democrats particularly would love to see Hillary Clinton run for president in 2016. Overall the numbers are 64% of New York voters saying yes Hillary run. 39%. Saying no but among Democrats only. More than two thirds 69% of Democrats say they wanna see Hillary Clinton run for president in four years. You also asked the same of Andrew Cuomo all of you who is currently governor or what were the opinions and -- Not so much of her home. They they love -- corps ball there they're prepared to reelect him in two years as governor all we ask whether Andrew Cuomo should run for president. 39%. Said yes and but 49%. Said no and even a plurality of Democrats. Said -- that Andrew Cuomo should not run. Although my guesses if Hillary Clinton decided not to run that number may change for governor or more -- a lot of Democrats in New York. Hillary at their top choice to run for president. Interesting note about her favorability numbers your poll shows that. Even 50%. Of Republicans like her a lot what's going on there. Well what I mean it's four years as secretary of state and Republicans are now split -- you'll remember. When we stood up poll about Senator Clinton all the time when she was Senator Clinton. Democrats loved -- Republicans didn't. But that -- has shifted in terms of Republicans but that number among Democrats for Clinton. It is a number that I'm not short ever seen before. 90%. Of Democrats view Hillary Clinton favorably all leave behind percent view her unfavorably and bat -- a huge huge numbers. If she decides she wants to run for the nomination baggage that she have. Well you know she certainly has a record is four years of secretary of state I'm sure. Other Democrats as well as Republicans would go after some of these things she has done -- secretary of state and you know there there is still. Left over Clinton baggage both from bill and from Hillary. So. You know there are certainly. She has been in the public spotlight for now. More than twenty years so there's a lot of good -- what Hillary Clinton. But there's a lot of bad that people can point to as well those were not bands of Hillary Clinton. -- to suspend my great Steve thanks for the time this claim and thanks for sorting all of the -- forest. All my pleasure -- have a great day. Are you too -- Steve Greenberg. From Siena College research institute.

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