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Bauerle Opening Hour 12-4-12

Dec 4, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Very very sad person should produce news radio 930 WD EN. There's this -- that. Will be able. -- -- -- like Jeremy Roberts bound for the let terrorists take over this country that's the first thing Nadal I have no response to. Man I'm telling you we got to get to a radio people are gonna go nuts then when he -- the whole story from beginning Atlanta. Things are just tell -- when police all right it's -- -- local deeds Tom Bauerle Jasper thought I was down. -- news radio 930. More negative -- Very thirty 17 point seven FM WBM but no remorse for the children. It's it's for a that children. They would maybe like you guys to work more days longer. It's four vote should all drown. I thought that's what it was all about how with the speaking -- I thought that was the game I thought that was the reason for Beijing. For the children. But you want smaller class now think about this logically. If you have smaller class sizes you'd have to hire more teachers more teachers equals more union members more union members equals more union. -- It's always about using -- never let a crisis go to -- But it is all in all seriousness -- -- different reasons I actually agree with -- remorse about the extended school your biggest squat. How could it possibly look here's what an extended school day or extended school year is gonna do. Spotted Dick that's what it's going to do. -- says spotted Dick is what an extra few days extra few hours in school is going to do. Because if kids are showing up to school. And the truancy rate is astonishing. In buffalo and most other very badly performing schools. What is the point. If when they're there are more concerned with being this respected by the other members of other plates and they are learning. What's -- Really and we will have folks. I know that everybody says this now elections have consequences. And what did we -- just a few weeks ago. We learned that more Americans than not. Do not agree. That success is a good thing. That entrepreneurial skills -- intelligence and succeeding in making your own way and like most Americans. Are not down with that idea most Americans until. Hopefully we can secede and form our own nation of common sense people. And let the United States -- the United States and let it go down on the -- word of its own accord. I really do hope that by the way call me a -- you'd like that's fine the British called Thomas Jefferson won two. Ladies and gentlemen we're in this situation where why would anybody wanna go to school and better their lives. Why what's the point. We have reached the new American entering. The new American dream is not. Going to school. Getting an education. Working hard working your way up in the world so that by the time you're 354045. You have -- out something of a fairly comfortable existence may be that rich. Comfortable. Decent. Not going -- -- the paycheck hopefully that's happened were there are no guarantees though in this life. Nobody ever said. Life was going to be easy nobody ever said life guarantee you this all except of course the great dear leader Barack Obama. So -- in the old days success wise you do it yourself of the opportunity. To make something of yourself that's not the country anymore and -- it's not the country folks. Why. If you come for an environment. Where. Your great grandmother. Was on social services your great grandmother is on social services. Your grandmother's social services your mother was on social services. And Europe's social services. Why would you expect your kids are gonna learn anything different. Right I want a 47% to. Talking about generation after generation after generation. Whose only goal in life is to game the system and get as much for as little as possible. Don't think that's happening you're living in some kind of a bizarre -- world that I'd simply don't recognize why would you wanna go to school. Why would you wanna submit yourself to six or eight hours of somebody else's control. When you know. -- You can knock somebody out. Preferably you could be a baby daddy to you know fifteen different women. And you can continue to squirt out kids that you can ignore. Because it's all about getting that check. Told about how many kids how much money can I received how well can I do based on the number of -- that she scorcher out. How much can I get food stamps. Where's my Obama fault but I gotta give no -- phone now for everybody in the program. Where's my heating assistance swears by letting assistants. We live in a society. That you have created. And it's not going to get any better. At least in the United States of America folks it's only going to get worse why in the hell. Would anybody that just folks use your common sensor. Why in the hell would anybody. Want to submit themselves and again I'll use the doctor example. You're going to medical school busting their house in medical school. Being a resident were basically you have no life for years you have no sleep for years you were on call 24/7 3650. Yes and you're also supposed to do you're research all we ask that you still have classes you have with them. Then. You finally graduate. You become board certified in this special to -- to you have at your shingle. And the money starts coming. -- keep them -- probably 200000 dollars already in student debt at least after medical school. And finally. The money starts to come and you've got you know 150000. Dollars of income all right good good good then it goes up to 200000 income are. In them that if you hit that 250 mark. And then that's what happens. Uncle Obama. And all of the class -- Democrats command and say. And they wanna tax you at higher rates. Because you're now rich. -- you now forget about everything you put into becoming quote -- quote rich. Forget about all the times on which you missed out. Forget about all of the work you've put into something. It doesn't matter. All that matters is at the end of the year your W two how much you made. And how unfair that is that everybody else in society that you made that while others who didn't go to school. Don't make any thing. And they believe and the government supports that. That date have an entitlement to what you made because life is just so unfair and you are obviously confiscating all the -- you did not -- Don't care what he grew up in Clarence or grew up in the let your doctor -- -- a -- Well. Will be happy that take even orbit for a because you're rich. And got to pay it forward you gotta give it back to the community. Compulsory give it back actually giving it back would involve cheered. That would involve a a choice you make as opposed to taxes. Which are involved. Government confiscation. And giving it the some aerials. So why I guess what I'm not understanding is all this talk about wanting or schools to be. No longer are schooled is to be longer. School years to be longer. As if this is some kind of a magic silver bullet riddled blows in American education. But -- you don't understand you're not a minority. You don't understand how difficult it is for minority. Or what if I'm in the minority and at a school with mostly other minorities that part of the majority. Well it's -- don't like getting. You're still just you're you're missing something. You know you have that white privilege blinder giving. Well -- -- about other minorities. Asians. Asians are minorities in the United States racial minorities. Asians are doing calculus in -- zero. The Asian family takes education by and large as a stereotype. Very seriously. Indians. Asian Indians. Take education very seriously not only are they minorities. There are brown skinned minorities. A little. Their minority. Look at the phone book -- doctors and see how many Indian names you can spot. You know it's funny because it and spent a lot of time bitching about how discriminated against they were. It and spent a lot of time saying I'm a victim. They were too busy in medical school now they're too busy shopping for new portion game and nine elevenths. It is a 918 and -- and shoot -- news radio 9:30 AM. And one of seven point seven -- WB yet so longer school days is really the answer. So kids can skip school even more days and -- even more hours. Because -- -- just don't give them and they don't give -- -- but frankly why bother giving a damn because everything you're gonna need life is going to be provided for anyway by somebody else so what can. Me and one of the school districts in the New York State locally there gonna expand the school year and there gonna expand school day. And the goal is to get kids in school more hours thinking that that is going to improve things and I think that's poppycock. More days of school will simply mean -- more days of Chauncey for two tickets. And more hours at school will mean more hours of kids with their heads down on the desk sleeping during school so they can be up and partying that night and killing zombies I'm Xbox at night. I hate to generalize. But dot dot dot. Now as far as. As far as the the financial component. -- just talk about that for just a moment. I am so oh sick and tired. Of the never ending mythology. That always need to do is pump money into education. And things get better how many times did we hear President Obama during the campaign. Art art pictures. Are pictures. In a lot. If you put a billion dollars. Into the worst performing school in buffalo. Or Rochester. Or Niagara Falls -- New York City next school year. Fundamentally. You know -- one bit of change. The grades will still -- The attendance will still -- and neighborhood isn't gonna change and you're still gonna graduate a bunch of criminals. It's not Monday. How can you be so sure well I can be so short because. -- Scott Thomas. Is with business first in buffalo. And every year he does these special projects were business first and one of the special projects done by business first is the annual rankings of schools. And school districts. Ladies and gentlemen. Year after year after year after year scientific. Data that has never been challenged. Business first as shown. There -- issues sale with me. No relationship. Between the dollars spent and results when it comes to education. The idea that if you throw money at it it gets better is poppycock it is a myth it is a fallacy. Dull body into it it's crap. It's an argument made by the feeble minded to impress the feeble mind. Doubts. Check it out yourself -- you do you're -- -- on this I'm not wrong. Look up business first buffalo school rankings. Look at the historical bad they've been doing this now for ears. Every single year. The schools that spent the most money per student. Tend to -- at the bottom of the list. -- -- our afternoon talk show host. Is he's always making this point and it is such a great point I hate to steal it from sandy but maybe he's not listening. Sandy -- says. For all the money per student spent in buffalo you can take that same student and send that student and Nichols. So it's not a question of how much money they're spending Bridgestone. There are other variables involved not money. And something else I think needs to be talked about it here's where I'm going to be politically incorrect. Ladies and gentlemen. All men and all women are not created. Equal. We are not. All created equal now we are equal if you -- you know if you prefer were equal in the eyes of god. We all have value we all have equal value as human beings. We all are worthy of life. Well except criminals who forfeit their right to life but. It in that sense we have equality. But. Different people have but are gonna pick this up on the other side letters will make you -- if you -- -- to get pissed off a news radio 9:30 AM and 107 point seven FM double. You BEN almost Sean Hannity and buffalo all we -- seven tells ten news radio 9:30 AM 107 point seven FM WDE and and. An honest it's. Easy so okay. Okay. It's always a okay. Yeah. The blues. -- I've just got to wanted to get Joan -- Hammer -- Michaels trainer Chris Johnson by the way technical control my buddy Chris Johnson my body Joseph beaver. He's my call screener and he said. Tom I don't want you to mock me but I'm going to see on vote. And I was gonna say something really sarcastic and I said wait a minute what's my musical book coming up oh yeah -- Never mind Joseph I think you win the cooled derby on the one. All right so. The the education thing extending the school year. I honestly. It's crap I think one of these stupid silver bullet panacea ideas that is gonna fall flat. Let's face more schooled is simply means more days to play -- more school hours that we will mean more opportunities that lay your head on the desk and go to sleep. Which happens all the time. Now -- let me get to know what I thought I would be maybe a little bit they're content. Brazile and I will be a stick to this position and I will hold this position until the day I died. All of us yes we are all created equal we are all worthy of dignity as human beings by established that yes. Except of course those who buy their actions. Find themselves on the outside of society looking in it because they have forfeited their rights to be one of us because they have harmed one or more of arts. That being said. Can we please. Realize. In our society. That IQ. Is extremely. Important I. It's controversy. My god you can't say that -- Well I'm going to say it because it's a true. I care who is important. Ladies and gentlemen I hate to break the news to -- If you have a child with a nine DIQ. That child is not going to be a position. Because 89 IQ who does provide the child. With the requisite brain power to learn and adapt as a position much. Does this mean your child should be neglected and unloved. Are you seriously do you really think that I would believe that. You're you're nuts. But we have to understand. Different people are naturally more intelligent than other people that are going to be in more of a position to succeed than other people. Now. There's another side of that and I talked about this before as well. There are people who were so Smart or stupid. I've known people like that. You know up by ex wife. Authorities and is it about here my ex wife went to a school called Ellis anxious wait that never say that Hungarian -- So she used to go to callous actions. Frankly XY XIQ is unbelievable. She's. She is beyond genius. Which can it begs the question whether which very great but she is an extremely. Intelligent person I mean ridiculously. Cute Smart. And so were a lot of people with whom she went to school. But here's the -- With those really really intelligent people my take years. There tends to be no middle ground with those folks. They tend to be either really really successful. Or they tend to believe because they're so Smart the world owes them a living and they don't have to work for. So I think you do get a point of diminishing returns with IQ. I'm sure look having the the -- stories about the eccentric professor. That stereotype it didn't just -- from nowhere. It's sprang from reality -- some people are really book Smart and real world still open. And some people up so when we look as far as IQ -- get back to the subject at hand. You are not. In any world on this planet. Going to be able to teach somebody. -- be -- average IQ. Advanced mathematical. Concepts it's not going to happen. Because they don't have the brain power to do it. It doesn't make people with lower IQ is bad people not say in that. It just means that we all have limitations. Have limitations. You have limitations. We've got to stop pretending that everybody is the same. And I've talked about this before this is where the Germans are so much smarter than a week. Because very early in the academic career you know the -- still. It's all options yeah my name is buy hourly little farmer in Germany to Bavarian diminutive thank you so I can say crowd. I can also insult French people and Asians that are really want to. That's just. I like having a very DNA. Oh by the way people got to syndrome I have to mention the fact that it's very common in Asian men. Yeah hey thanks a lot great drama -- anyway. It. He just yeah yeah I did so anyway. Anyway we're we're we're was I kind of lost myself in my own mirth when -- -- all my grandmother that they're. -- -- greatly. But the Germans are very very Smart. So Smart they've lost both world wars but they're so Smart because what they do is they separate people. Don't pretend it's an equal playing field it'll actually practically. Because -- -- the Germans are pragmatists. That stereo -- is true. Got in -- discussion over the weekend with. Very sweet hot sexy Italian woman. Story some of the brain just what my commitments of the bullet just let my -- And we're talking about these stereotypes. And I said if she started talking about German stereotypes not yet. Yep that's -- the end pragmatism. Is one of those stereotypes. And anywhere with the Germans do. Is they will divide people out at early ages they know for example. At a very early point in eight. Child's development which child is gonna make -- great scientists. Which child. Is just kick butt at calculus. Which child. Is more inclined to -- mechanical career high precision tech career. Which child is more likely to do well in a laboring capacity. And they steer. Those children -- to the programs that are appropriate -- them. I don't really think ladies and gentlemen. That one of the problems we have our society with education. Is this bogus notion of intellectual equality. It's a -- I can't imagine how frustrating. What you know what I take that back. I can't imagine how frustrating it is because that. But calm. You or higher IQ -- true. But. I'm high IQ at certain things. Other things lead -- absolutely flat. I won't help just the the story I always tell I can do in ten seconds. I put a new drain in my bathtub I didn't call it. I ran the tub the water came through my living room -- like. That's for -- and it. I could never get the hang of math. At a certain level I got the basic stuff and I got the relief advance stuff I didn't get the stuff in the middle. And I want to get. Some of the most frustrating days of by school life. Were in math classes at Ben Franklin junior high school in -- -- east when I was sitting there and the teacher. Good old mrs. Frederic sweetheart. She thought that I was the dumbest students she ever get a bad and I was I. I make no apology it's because my brain. Is. Say nobody is the my brain is not able to that's my brain is not able to handle a certain level of intermediate -- Statistics health care that's what that's supposed to be heart isn't that the basic right for me. And geometry for about I saw the practical application. Calculus really. Couldn't do. Out of -- real bad candidate in Germany for an advanced. Mathematics program. If I didn't have I didn't have the brain power in that part of my brain. And I'll tell -- something if you if you're a student -- your home sick today or whatever. In your frustrated with certain classes may be its history maybe it's English may be it's -- I've been there. I've been there I've experienced that kind of humiliation. I've experienced that kind of shame. I've experienced those letters coming home from school. And -- for once Saturday letter came from -- more east dear mr. and -- -- hourly. Thomas is not applying himself to mathematics. His grades are well below average and he is going to fail this class. And my father got a Mike face. -- -- -- -- The fact that every other subject -- is it like ninety -- are hundreds that didn't matter. He got up and I finally was able to convince him. I think I was the first child in the -- family ever to successfully reason with my father. I assume we set that is that debt. I am not going to be an engineer this subject matter is immaterial to me it does not matter in my life. He said yeah a little of the whole her whole life. That no dad. I'm going to be a success. And what I park my Mercedes in the driveway you can tell me all about these geometry class is meaning something. And I -- three Mercedes in a row in his driveway. So. The point is. Folks you have to find. Your center. And I'm only telling you this story. Because I'm trying. I'm trying to inspire. Those who view. Who. Are in a position. Were you have been made to feel stupid. Where you've been made to feel dumb. And incompetent. And worst school has become hell. Or for your children school has become hell. Because it's just not connecting. With few. I've been here. I know. Fish game. That I know. How frustrating it is. To get up in the morning not knowing how stupid you're gonna sound in class that day. In the year of done that. But you have got to fine. In yourself. Your signature. Right there what makes you. -- The skills. You. Have -- with in new. To make money. They may be skills that involve a high level of IQ and that's fine. They may be skills that involve a low level of IQ if that's fine too. A low IQ who does a lower than average IQ does not make you and but huge -- -- don't I don't ever let anybody tell you. Because I guarantee. You. If you're IQ was eighty I guarantee you're gonna have skills I don't have. You're gonna have skill some scientist doesn't have. -- you can make a success yourself. It up a -- of this before but. One of the most successful people I know to high school drop out. And he's not obviously he's not stupid the very Smart guy but he didn't finish high school but you know it was great to -- one. He's great at fixing cars. And he built a reputation. For being an excellent automobile mechanic. These days. People come to him from miles away. Because he fixes cars better than anybody. Is he gonna go to it is he gonna is he gonna go to we Shakespeare play no she gonna sit -- do calculus that I know. But he sure does put bread on the table and sometimes caviar you know why he found his center he found what he had to do in this life. And too often and our education system and forgive me for going on this -- folks this is just it's unscripted unplanned is just come -- from art. At some point in your life -- your children's like you've got to talk with them you've got to talk with yourself. About finding that spot of passion. And of hand do. In U or Seoul and pursuing it. Now you also need to be realistic. You're not gonna be an astronaut. You're not gonna be an NBA star you're not gonna play in the NFL. You're not gonna play in the NHL. And well do you remember the NHL right. You're that's not gonna be you know the odds are totally against that happening. But you can have a fulfilling. Life. But you've also got to do your part if you're so one client. By absorbing as much as you possibly can and from other people learning through assimilation and osmosis. And going after that for which you have up -- And what are my biggest at what this is all coming down to is one of my biggest gripes. About our education system is the whole way we'd do -- By playing this pretend it. Game which is not real world that everybody has equal abilities to learn everything because they don't. I've been in radio thirty years. If I went down to the radio engineering department. I'd be worthless. I would know what the hell I was doing. Tom you've been doing it for thirty years put me in engineering I would never will put in the business office I would have a clue. So what's an account gullible and what's -- receivable. Because that's not my bag baby. Some I think I'm a performer. -- a cultural anthropologist. I'm an actor and comedian. I'm serious. I think I've got a damn. Extensive body of life experiences from which to draw. And I'm actually started to make friends these days like Chris Johnson joked well I pay those guys to say they're my friends so. That doesn't really -- Folks -- forgive me for talk in the entire hour. And I hope that. It if you heard my voice start to break up a little bit. It is because I have such passion. And I want to see. Everybody. Succeeded. To the best of their ability. Because everybody within them has some thing. That is gonna just tripped your trigger and light their flame.

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