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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>NHL Labor Strife Update - Paul Hamilton

NHL Labor Strife Update - Paul Hamilton

Dec 4, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paul Hamilton is with us on the WBA live line sabres beat reporter for WGR Sports Radio 550. Paula good morning. -- are great the NHL owners and players. Have met before in big groups they've met in smaller sessions they tried federal mediators nothing's worked and today they're trying something different. Small. Meeting today between six owners and six players with a slot and a lingering into another week. Paul are you optimistic pessimistic when he read into this. Well probably neither insisted the process that they are gonna go through and and the thing I like is they are trying something different. They are just going to the same old thing that they're looking for different ways to maybe. Fuel talks to get a little bit closer to where they need to be now. Really the only reason there -- a lock our National Hockey League is because of the Jeremy Jake lapses is agenda. The only person seem to follow him there are afraid to speak around him. I don't I don't have the reason for you why. You know there. The owners are not the majority of support of what he wants to do but yet they're scared to death of them. And he leads the way so he will be one of the owners in this meeting probably the other five owners are inconsequential because they'll be afraid to speak. So. This is there's. Gary Bettman assist puppet and meet people blame Gary Bettman for everything but he has Jeremy Jacobs puppets so Jacobs will be there. So these six players will have an opportunity to speak with them and and get this spot from whatever they want wants to know so. -- -- That's the thing right there are six players there are your objectives. So -- sounds if you're saying even though the format is different. There really won't be new ideas of the table there as long as Jacobs is putting forth what he's put forth what he's put forth. That's why. I'm not gonna sit there and they have optimistic because I have seen no indication whatsoever. That should reject sepsis and there to cross the union in and to win this -- and there waited out for as long as she needs to waited out of that includes canceling games next year troops backed -- Speaking -- of the Boston Bruins this missed five years in the Boston Bruins are still going to be there. He doesn't care about the priorities of the Florida Panthers the Buffalo Sabres. Where any of those other markets. The Boston Bruins he cares about what's good for the Boston Bruins. Seoul it doesn't matter to them how long this -- he he he wants what he wants he. -- -- wanna share his money and he wants to crush the players and in and he's going to -- things. He can waited I was in the RC past -- until the players finally in his mind. Come to their -- Paul Ryan Miller of the sabres has said that he would like to be among the six players and it room and meeting today do you know if he has. Yeah that's interest and Prodi you and Steve brought our possibilities. Both for whatever reason the players association. Have been pretty. Forthcoming through this whole process. For whatever reason they don't wanna say it's six players are Jonathan who's been rumored Sidney Crosby -- I think. It would be silly not as Sidney Crosby in the room and in the face of the NH hour and whatever and Ryan Miller is a very intelligent. Well thought out person and I really think -- the players association here and he's in New York which he has. I think you're missing an opportunity not to have somebody. I would that mentality and -- that intelligence and everywhere you. Players are in the room -- union officials are now when I first heard that my first thought was decertification. That's a really on the table is that. Think we must not today but it could be down the road I don't know what to do in the weekend I don't have any confirmation that the number two guys crumble. Could be in the room but they wouldn't be in the room. To talk it's almost like they'd be there and answer questions or something like that would mean bill -- he's here. But I it was that I just read that during the week the players and ask for that. Whether that's actually going to happen now will have to find out what once things -- Sorry Paul nice to -- event. To join us this morning give us your insight on this we appreciate it. Our street -- Paul Hamilton sabres beat reporter for WGR Sports Radio 550.

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