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Jovan Belcher

Dec 3, 2012|

Sandy gives his take on the recent tragedy involving Kansas City Chief's linebacker, Jovan Belcher and Bob Costas' comments concerning gun violence.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Wright -- certainly dramatic. Certainly tragic maybe I should use -- word tragic first certainly tragic and obviously dramatic. A was a story of a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs. Who killed his longtime girlfriend. And then went to arrowhead and in front of the coach and the general managers he thanked them for what they've -- form. And even though that they were trying to talk a moderate disease had a pistol in his hand because I saw the transcript. Of the police report. He ended up shooting himself in front of them and committing suicide. Obviously. A very tragic situation. The fact that he is a football player and people would know him. Brings it brings out the the reason it's a front page story it is certainly a tragic story under any and all circumstances but the the -- fact that he played football community and even larger story. But I want you to remember one thing. -- -- Belcher was a murderer. He murdered his girlfriend Cassandra Perkins. And then killed himself but he is to beat the out of in my mind as a murderer. When the did a moment they didn't -- a moment to honor him they did a moment. Regarding domestic violence which is. Which is a problem we have all over the country. Well. -- as the a three month old daughter and they're setting up Kansas City is setting up way a. Fund. -- tried to him to try and help her later in life I'm sure she'll have some. Summer real questions about about her mother and her father and try to make that path a little easier. But the the bottom line is that that was the big story. It wasn't a sports story group per say but it was about a person in sports. And so there was a question of whether they should've played the game or not they did play the game. Some people have criticized that some some thought it was appropriate to play the game. The I thought for sure if I were on the chiefs and he or friend of mine or if I was. If I was playing on that field that day and his friend might be very difficult to play but they went on with -- as professionals and they they got the game. John and strangely enough of his team even one night I thought how you gonna concentrate on football. When your mind to be full of this this tragedy. However. What we're going to focus on his later Bob Costas who I have in me. His respect for. I love Bob Costas I think he's fabulous. If you ask me the best a sports person in the country I would probably say Bob 'cause -- I'd love Bob Costas. But I don't agree -- what he's saying now Bob Costas. Was paraphrasing. Jason -- not sure -- market is an accomplished journalist and there have been times what we've agreed with his writings -- -- -- disagree with his writings. Is a former undercover employee did you know that. I did not know similar told me I wasn't aware of it either but is a former intercom employees and his position. Was it wasn't a necessary it was he certainly recognize the tragedy of what happened. But this position was. If if the gun wasn't there. The tragedy wouldn't happen wouldn't of happened and I think that's that's soul. The sellout there. A -- it may -- not the exact same tragedy. But the relationship was heading over the cliff a gun happened to be the final thing that pushed it over the Oakland. Apparently he met with her she was going to lump. She was going to leave him. They have a three month old daughter and obviously something happened and he shot her in the went through the stadium. And thank the general manager and Romeo Carmelo coach. And then shot himself. Awful if it. It is. I don't know how the coach and general manager you'll ever get over that thought of it happening right from I don't know what you would even when you've seen. I'm -- C yeah I saw a city councilman wants on the news footage. Take a take on a gun and shoot himself and not even seeing the final act the final moment it's it's pretty tough to watch. And so this right there in front of the general manager and coach. That's bad visions gonna stay -- forever. But. The Kostis. During the during his segment. Said what -- he could paraphrase whitlock whitlock wrote our current non cultured. Insurers are more more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy. And the more convenience store confrontations over loud music coming from a car will -- more teenage boys bloody a teenage boy's bloodied and dead. Handguns do not enhance our safety. And and an Eagles aren't to blame begun the final statement he says if Joseph band Belcher didn't possess a gun. He and Cassandra Perkins would both be alive today. And I say. No that's not true at all the -- happened to be the final -- of people are killed during the -- violence. With knives. They're pushed out of out of windows all kinds of things happen there's all kinds of -- run over by vehicles. In fact. Idea had a story wants and I'm not trying to be funny here but I'm just trying to prove a point where an a domestic violence dispute. A guy pulled out and I'm not making this up and as is that I'm not trying to be funny and just try to make a point. A frozen leg of lamb. And beat his wife to death would. So I mean anything can be used he's an NFL player could be uses fist to killer. He could of or done any any manner of things when you lose because strangler certainly. In the OJ case there was no no firearms involved that so I just think it's an opportunity for people. Who want to. To preach. That message that without guns we wouldn't have this sort of thing and I say. That's folly I think we would still have this sort of thing just -- different. Different ways of doing it. And I'd like to know if you agree -- that Jovan Belcher and. Kill Cassandra Perkins we know that. Bob Costas. Kind of paraphrasing Jason whitlock said without the gun. They were both be alive and I wanna know if you really believe that I heard Tom Billington. -- positions my asthma is same as my position in Russia's position may or may not be your position as I would like to hear from a the gun was only the final instrument chosen their arm of many ways that it's been done there are many ways it will be done. Obviously the overriding problem is domestic violence. And let me tell you this I don't know yet because it hasn't been reported in any of the reports that I read I read like 45 of them and -- seen on television I don't know and that. Maybe we won't know for awhile I would very much doubt. If it was a registered handgun and he went through the process that is you have to go through -- New York State anyway. I don't know what the laws are in his state but I don't for much of if with that and during the -- the violence as I said it's it's a huge problem in America vote let's not. Let's not minimize the effect that it it wouldn't have happened had he not had a gun it would happen and advertise something. He shot her. Now I -- times. Now when you shoot anybody or anything nine times you're talking about major rage. Just major -- I am certainly no psychiatrist or psychologist but I'm saying. To be that angry first of all it has to be someone that obviously at one time or another he loved. Is the mother of his three month old child. For you to take hand gun and shoot shoot her nine times. Is obviously. Incomprehensible. To most of us. Now. Had he not shot himself I don't know what the results would have been through the criminal justice system. If they would would have considered him -- not suitable for trial we don't know we just don't know America tomorrow whenever gonna find. But I want an offer video. Do you really believe what Bob Costas believes what Jason whitlock believes that without the gun. They would both be alive. Now what I taking this literally we domain today. But I I think that that whatever happened would have happened is just different methods.

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