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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Big Weekend For Christmas Tree Sales - Ken Brown

Big Weekend For Christmas Tree Sales - Ken Brown

Nov 30, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chances are this weekend you'll either see a tree on top of someone's car maybe -- -- -- there yourself tis the season. And we have WBM garden -- Ken brown with us now on the live line can of course goes the home garden -- Saturdays eleven. And who better to talk about this one he's the president of the west New York Christmas tree -- association tend to morning. Glad to have you here how has the weather this past year had any effect on the supply of trees. Shouldn't make it -- -- bit different. I think color. Local grown trees because the drop would be a little off color not much. End to her little leery that they're gonna have a lot of cold pictures of trees and it's that cold when they're under stress. But other than that I think there's going to be putting entry restrictions or was it. Ten is spared nothing better than cutting down your own Christmas tree. That's certainly has become a tradition for an awful lot of fairways. You know it's something that you can do with your kids who -- -- retain that you know also involved in agriculture but it's entertainment for the family. In that state goes on for generations from types. Now if I cut one down nine -- just spent cut talk a little bit about the the pre cut ones that you -- in parking lots all around the area. How long do you think roughly they've been sitting there. Well you know it really depends -- Most of the most of them are going to be OK in -- they're cut sometime in November. The abroad and hopefully the we're we're restored at a place where -- they they didn't get exposed to a whole lot of southern -- For the last week anyway we've had some -- cloudy -- and some rain and some smaller. And think of state -- so. You know consumer should bounce some other books a little bit -- The Beatles make sure they don't follow up pull off when you're. Gripped the needles especially at the end of the -- just beware there's going to be some broken needles on the -- from bailing him. Some of the new record of follow but it is what mr. good on the outside I think consumers are going to be flight. Now you say brought in I know in past years New York State has imported trees from other places we just have more people lining them. Then we have the ability of the -- still the case. Yeah absolutely you know agreement from. New England in North Carolina most a lot of freedom and from North Carolina some coming from out west blood come in from Canada. If we just have to make it to -- the. Can will this or next weekend be the biggest tree weekend before Christmas. You know that's hard to say because Thanksgiving was so early this year. I suspect it's going to be this weekend but I think it's gonna last for probably a couple of weekends after that. We've got five weekend before Christmas this year between things including Thanksgiving weekend. So it's it's going to be -- hole early part early -- December I think that'll be up Patrice. Well now this weekend we don't know about next week and that this week it will be mild 46 tomorrow on fifty foreign Sunday that's always a plus and getting people out to the -- right. Yeah better than that better than either. Big winds and rain or Bluetooth that's for sure. And can share the annual advice I get this thing home I put it in the standpoint watered down there and of course I know water is real important. But I have also heard people adding all sorts of things to maybe keep the needles on -- shows sugar soap aspirin what do you do to keep the needles on. You go live they did a study in North Carolina numbered years ago they tested all of those things and there were some things that were absolutely know those one of which was. -- definitely don't do that but that this some of the studies indicated that maybe a little bit of sugar some of the of course Serbs might help a little bit. But they concluded that the very. It didn't make that much of a different the big thing was water. Make a fresh cut before he kind of popular and international off the bottom. Get it -- right away when you put it up and don't let it dry out we recommend just plain water here I think it'll buddies here that works fine. All right Ken thanks -- -- this is going -- -- Ken brown president of the west near Christmas tree growers association and of course the host of the WB and on Garden Show Saturdays at eleven.

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