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Drunk drivers

Nov 29, 2012|

Sandy gives his take on recent DWI arrests and takes calls from listeners.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You lose. Give us -- baby and members should ever have. You who's not congress -- -- -- -- Should move if it. That of course is the dad's idea. Uses its measure heart ought to really does. If you I have a Buffalo News I would suggest that looking on the front page mirrors. There's two pictures of the baby 111 -- the mom. And one with just the -- wearing what do you years just to a horrible just adorable and seven months old and the baby has gone. Because of an alleged drunk driver and I am tired -- I'm sick to be honest when you're totally sick. Now in the last newscast. You heard there or -- in the last 24 hours. There were four other DW lives and may I add this statistic OK -- just reporter on four others not this one. Four obviously got a total of five of the 53. Of them are repeats. Three of the five repeats. And one. The the first one he mentioned. The eleven here is point oh wait. She -- a point money as more than double the of the legal limit for intoxication I mean really. What's going on every once and allow. It just closes in on. I mean we had to Hong boys set up -- on fire. We had and some punk or punks beat up on 96 year old man beat him to -- And we have this sort of thing every once in awhile it just gets the especially with the innocence of a child mom is in critical condition. She's in the hospital to and luckily they have -- awfully a younger sibling at school. Just before the accident. And I'd feel no need to show massive amounts of concern for the driver. The person who is alleged to have killed them Danielle Kellogg she has a prior to. Almost exactly three three years almost to the day. With a prior down in -- route sixty in the town of comfort the deputy allegedly saw her at that time. Cross the center line. In the -- and the fog line. Stopped her for 19 in the morning. This was this was later in the morning. And you have to wonder. What goes on with people they have no concern about the safety of anybody on the highway you get behind. The -- McCarty tomorrow at 4000 pounds. And we wouldn't give them this kind of consideration for any of a crime. If you've shot your first person we wouldn't say well it's only the first person. So I -- don't do it again. -- you robbed a bank well now. You rob a -- but -- don't -- -- do it again if we have we're a little easier on you but it would drunk drivers we do -- all the time why I'd like to analyze. It is simply. I think -- way to re active and not enough pro active. We react because were repulsed that we should react but I think it's even more important to be proactive to do things. To try and prevent this you never gonna prevent an all time I understand that. And the cops do what the cops can't whoever is on the road blocks and they -- -- people over drunk driving and maybe you're -- in the -- -- outside and they find out -- drunk or who knows what. But I I think we've got to be more more proactive. And it's not all about education there's plenty of education out there that says don't do. But if you chose not to do it. And -- do because you obviously. Don't care you're so convinced that nothing affects you like it affects every other human being. Let's go to blow Lonnie in spring Gilani here on WB -- Thanks -- Allen. I just wanted to bring up. Just before this tragic acts that would they be. The big news story and B why it was Roger from the corporate trial that's right -- big time political and she -- conditional discharge you know. All of that judge could -- be opened next IV get and what happens that he killed some thoughtful. Yeah when I saw that I was up I was amazed so because it's just seems like we we'd never learn our lessons we keep doing we keep making the same mistake over and over with drunk driver or alleged drunk drivers. And what the players are doing their job they're rested on the -- -- angle like this unit to be the judge from people out first case. It's -- -- responsibility for the. No I absolutely. You know you've got to keep beat your responsibilities keep the community says you can't within the laws. A veteran of air for you guys guidelines and if you don't do it shame on you thank you thank you for bringing that up. Yeah -- remember the German chorus on a case. When they found out he had a pending VW line they toss them off the jury well they just. They just heard that he got a conditional discharge now I don't know lived merits of that case. It's just that everything seems to be happening at once with this sort of stuff. Let's go to Danny and -- Israel many here on WB yen. Our society and in. Bob Young Austrian couple during first ball and while the judge for an attitude out. I'm putting people don't -- them. What -- price right away and first what are some like Robert Blake. Number if you can't do that I don't do the crime that's right and people ordered not to -- -- just I thought. The source -- -- in proactive source. On a lot of people are drinking -- restaurants and bars what -- accountability to the restaurant and -- I mean absolutely it will look for you to be like they are in the bar that they were at a thousand dollars 5000 -- whatever may be. And the economy out of the source maybe that's what would be proactive. Well you know it is god if it's obvious or if it's if it's even available to it many times. If it's a bar situation may be somebody I got to drink for a friend brought back to a table it's hard to tell I have some nominee chooses drones are saying it's really hard to monitor there is liability by serving in all I'm obviously. Intoxicated. Person. -- I don't know how much of that actually happens because of the just the nature of the venue. Where the where the liquor ends up. Well you know you're a lot of regulars out there -- go to the same bar all the time and our governor 678 years and early -- -- every time. And I torture -- -- got a -- got a group responsibility but I still think there's elect responsibility by the rest. All right thank you very much -- growing yeah there is law. That says that they are not supposed to -- overly serve intoxicated people have it's obvious but think about I heard what we did a show on the on this some of the bills fans. You know and big -- get a beer sometimes they get their own beer. It during the game and -- sometimes people get beer for them it's almost impossible to police I don't know how you could do that. But even in a situation on a crowded bar you don't always know directly. Where that drink is going Russia sitting right there but if you're sitting at a table or. You know all the bars crowded -- -- a lot of activity I have the cuts some slack to the people -- I'm sure they do a conscientious job but it's almost impossible. Task are -- a break we'll be back with more with -- -- company.

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