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Bauerle with Bret Elberson

Nov 29, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here is -- in buffalo WB Ian Brett hello. All. Well you've probably -- imagine -- -- and -- I measure the other brother Jocelyn Alderson who Mitt. Built along with. The foster's. All. This is civil thank you for calling it has got to be obviously given what you guys in your family of just gone through with your beautiful sister especially. Heart rending. I -- and you know and and but the fact you know you see that and in all my heart goes out to. Apparently a daily. You know -- Bailey. They've they've. At least my sister got to live. You know twenty something years. They Bailey -- get to live and that's what hurts the most and it's just. It's -- I'm just so serious that people. You know even get a call want to get a slap on the progress a lot of need to change that. You you have one you know maybe get a different license plate around license plate that says hey your you know -- your -- -- that. And that. -- stayed in the summer could have been DW I in awful big goal and they lose their license here they can go to Florida and they can get another license. And they can go anywhere -- it and it doesn't that it and that they have a DW I am like Ohio is Ohio flaws at the same as awful lot. It won't stakes so that would be felony. At all as to changes and everywhere in the United States has been the same with these laws. If you if you have one here it goes through your entire life it doesn't go in ten years or twelve years -- need the stake and they need to be harsher punishment. Clearly as everything chose it it's not. You know get a slap on the residents stopping them. It Brett I can well imagine the grief you went through which your sister and what what else when -- just what are remember about your sister is the fact that she had already beaten death and at least two occasions. Going through some major major surgery only to end up. Only end up dying on a bike path because of an allegedly drunken driver when you have hurt. That the allegedly drunken driver in this case mr. Smith. Had previous DW -- incidence. To what degree did that raise your level of -- either sadness anger or some other -- I. Mean to bigger agreed that not only did -- have line. To. No -- I mean right now it looks like it to be even five they're still searching to see what other states he had amendment it's it's just. It makes you fear is that you know. Didn't -- ammunition -- a three strikes you're you're out you're done here in jail bird you know twenty years and years in all some of at least learn. -- being in jail there's an old getting out of it. -- and I mean. Clearly if you if you are getting very and you are still not learned. You know you need I mean I'm number two you should be automatically court should have you gonna AA. And getting help and they should be having to check everything. I think I think I think your second one I -- -- do like two years three year history prison because if you do you need to know you you have got to realize what you did is downright serious. Sir how Asia are so dead on on TV -- after. What happened on the bike -- how's your father holding up now just few weeks later. -- father handle word we're all hold an up and order it's still in disbelief -- you know. She's not going to be here anymore you know we'd look in in their -- is not there one that you know it is more. It'll hurt anymore you know needing help would be my mother my hand they're the ones that we're on the bike paths and watched everything happen. -- Well you know those those that is the people that orders are going to be suffering from the loss of life with flashbacks of that and nightmares of that. I'm not a therapist and psychologist or counselor but can I just strongly. And I don't mean to be out of place here. But I really think in addition to whatever therapy they might go after they really need to talk to somebody with a specialty a specialty in -- dramatic -- But post dramatic stress. Exactly and that's what they're going to be doing it you know and I mean even what that they're gonna have to go -- -- the trials in all the gold course. Passively whenever they're you know it. He he has to go to court for those. They're gonna have to be there they're gonna have to tell the story because they were in of the witnesses and and they're gonna have to relive this over and over for years. Of how long this is that they -- is that you know even they are giving it. It's gonna take years but this you know. -- Brett I I do have you know what I do the story that I think you might want to relate to your dad and maybe your mom that might make him smile just a little bit. I received an email the day the Monday after the crash that Childress -- mr. and mrs. Foster. And it came from somebody whose friends moved into your neighborhood not all that long ago. And your sister and your dad. Went over to the new arrivals introduce themselves and said that if there's anything you guys need come on over and will be happy to help. And it presented the newcomers with a platter of brownies. And the people never forgot that. Ed doubtful until they actually debate if you made the best turkeys and unfortunate that it won't get to have those done. Well if -- -- she she left you know she left people with that with a smile and and fond memories and I just wanted to relate that to you in case you hadn't heard that with everybody has been going on. Look thank you -- for touching base with us and -- please give -- everybody in my audience I just -- be the conduit I'm sure wants me to send you and your family from them. Best wishes and best thoughts. Thank you and if you hear from the baby dailies -- whole family please -- no we are here for them. Well if they need anything. A shell thank you well thank you very much yeah because people who've been there are sometimes can be your best. Can be your best resources.

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