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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Golf Outlawing "Belly Putters" - Jeff Mietus

Golf Outlawing "Belly Putters" - Jeff Mietus

Nov 29, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's a big change coming to golf. We're going to talk about it next on the live line with Jeff meet us. Golf pro at transit -- country club in East Amherst golf's governing bodies worried that players will turn the long putters as an advantage instead of a last resort have proposed a new rule banning the putting stroke. He used by three of the last five major champions. Now this rule would not outlaw. -- potter or broom handle -- only the way they're currently use the rule. Would make it illegal for golfers anchor at the club while making a stroke and not take effect until 2016. Jeff good morning what do you make of this change. While there is getting a lot of a lot of Barbara on the golf world had been in discussion. Oh wallow. The -- -- someone who appear to promote stimulate golf I Lanka. There are some concern because they know a long -- at me became a lot more on a lot of players. And Angola right eating all the PGA tour and PGA of America or you have to -- They call the school will be implemented or Apollo will go export neighbors and they -- meeting integrity of the putting stroke. But we -- -- became important for all people play. If this kind of putter or this technique is something available to every one. What's the argument against it there's no inequality there is there. -- the inequality there. I understand report the bill all got our our -- -- -- entering into traditional game. They -- creek flowing stroke. They want to -- they want to maintain the skill in me and there's a lot of people that would argue that. You do it didn't error on our frequent halt when you're trying to win a -- it contributed -- to write down -- difficult. A pretty intense and that pretty what appeared in the game being able to make their pot and -- the law and order Paul -- partner. Basically those those jitters -- -- -- feel we get older and it does certainly provided bandage and I actually do believe that the better -- -- but there are. Income both sides of the conversations so it's going to be pretty. Pretty tumultuous either way I would imagine. I'm looking at a picture we'll throw this one up online at WB and got -- Simpson when he won the US open used one of these. And in the picture it looks like it's just an extra long. Potter and he's kind of shoving it into his belly button give me a 101 on how these things work. Typically what -- -- doing when you're when you're using anchoring putters are creating one could point. They're anchored the tip your putter in your body on points and then swing electric current. What it does is it makes it easier to. It's all the political underwear when your arms are free and you're hearing all these -- shorter order per say. I think I'm a little twitch or any other movement offline will be. Exaggerated by the time the -- And it doesn't make it a bit more difficult some make it more you'll. Complete the thought better -- it technically people start off putting with a reporter and when they struggle. They go to along potter. Well utility you can still bought putter because it can't -- through his body. I think the Adam Scott uses a long putter but doesn't go. Still have that option. -- down this rule change is coming from the US golf association and royal and ancient golf association. So does this just mean the British Open the US open the masters does that also include the PGA. Although all of build a governing bodies of the rules -- -- and the all the association -- there PGA tour the PGA of America week. We all -- we use those rules are rule the PGA as a member on the committee are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sure ordered the destruction of our application I think go a long ways away but we are on the committee we all all the same rules of golf and that's part of what the -- great actually. What's the time line when does this all happen. Well there's no comment period available right now into the retirement from the very land that thinks B did it will be made in the spring of 2013. Either way which way this school logo. Great very interesting. And it would apply then eventually the regular weekend golfers right. It. And that's where the -- -- someone who teaches people played more people out on when they're playing golf. That's what we may have some concern where I understand for twelve player true. To use those rules but does it matter that but we can golf club at the club used along -- and apparently -- -- but I think when you play with a buddy. That's what they're gonna have to figure out. Okay very interesting Jeff thanks so much for explaining this to us we appreciate it. Are you to -- mean this is golf pro at transit hilly country club he's also vice president of the Western New York PGA. And he hosts a golf show on WGR 550.

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