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Sandy's lottery fantasy

Nov 28, 2012|

Sandy talks about what he'd do if he won tonight's Powerball jackpot.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is a -- and governor we're talking today about what a lot of people are talking about not just here but all over the country may be in different parts of the world. And that would be a powerball lottery. Tonight they've -- it it was. Half a 1000000500. Million now it's 550. Which is also the nomenclature Florio Mercedes-Benz. But it's a 550. Million dollars 550. And at 500 million. The cash option which is what you would take viewer I think on the right track you take the cash option -- -- your pay out. About 327. Million. A little bit more than that. So are you take a half of that -- taxis they're -- 115. Or so million dollars. So it's rough obviously. So that kind of money. Is a lot of interest in this and the once the water does first of all the lottery is good bad and ugly and that's what we're talking about the good part of watery. The bad part of the lottery and the ugly part of lottery. The good part of the lottery. Is that. It allows reality to be put on the side for awhile while you imagine and fantasize about what you would do with you have that kind of money anyway I'll think about it you know for like you have to know somebody who's got real money. And and you say well if I can only be him or her for a day be great like like okay take Bob rich aren't. Emmys is loaded is -- you'd think he's happy or via a I think Jerry Jacobs is always happy to -- and -- Google at all guys around here who have real -- Than boxes and in the whole crowd. A happy Ed I. I'm tired of people when the lottery gets up to a number like this. All the people wagging their finger -- going you know remember -- and -- -- Lottery winners those destitute after three wild give me a chance to be destitute. I'd like to at least suspended the way I'd like spend it. As so money alone obviously. I can't answer everything there there's always a possibility of health problems and no matter how much money you had. It wouldn't really make that much difference. But the bottom line is you can have a lot of fun you can do a lot of good and it allows you afford to dollars in this case fort two dollars one worker. The by the by the way the odds are hit the break this to you. That -- not going to win and -- no idea it's shocking news but the odds are are 175. Million. Picture half the population of the US and you'll. Okay the odds are that the American way I hate to break it to you you're going to be out. Toolbox but that's the way it is. But it's the fun of thinking about what you would do whether it if you did win. And that's what is is when they -- is a dollar and a dream that's exactly what it is this is two dollars and a dream. I have ten bucks investment in this dream. And it's not -- buying the five tickets gonna give me much better chance the mind the once again it's just said. I I have more numbers to -- and I have a little fun because I don't buy a lottery tickets very often. I'm hardly ever buy scratch offs but occasionally I'll get some. And I enjoy it at least and I kind of think through with woke -- I won this what what I do. And so we're asking who the good part of the lottery is how would you spend it. I know you have ideas on how you'd spend that and I know how I would spend it. And I I think I'm big lottery. Deals before I've told you first off I won this kind of money 550 million dollars. The first thing I would do is give faith. Neil this press conference would be the best lottery press conference -- those lame press conferences there's so pathetic. If these people got all the money they need for the rest of our lives and on again and you win -- for the garden. Am I might have -- mine in 1937. She's having. And get a new water pump I mean. And that she has as -- thought that you know there must be some as some radical fantasy you've had about what you do have you have the right money. So the first thing I would do. Is set up a foundation. I would do I would get some some legal advice and set up a foundation. A charitable and giving foundation. And I would fund it at a very high rate OK then what that does is it frees you up. To really enjoy things because if you don't do that if you don't does something like that. Everybody in his brother anybody has ever been in line -- -- wegmans is gonna hit you up for money. Every cause. Is going to be tapping your shoulder and and -- some of the gift of home. So. I think it's better to set up a foundation. But some people in charge of the over oversight of the gifts on a yearly basis you know you make your Europe your presentation of them. Have people that no money and in no charities and and and no good causes and things like that you make your your pitch to them. And they decide. All the funding goes. That way you can feel really good that your money is doing some good work for the community and for and for people. And still have some enjoyment without having the same note 897000. People it says the first thing and now this thing I do. No lottery winner has ever done this I can just tell you -- and none what they do they gonna get an airplane you know gulfstream Olivia. Jet ranger helicopter or some mansion on Malibu work and I wouldn't do any of that. I've always loved cowboy -- cowboy -- movies. What I would do I'd set up an old fashioned here's Larry and live in a western. Cavalry fort. You know I would have the big four walls amid these giant -- -- I get a fabulous lot. A somewhere that a lot of pine trees and that says and had the walls inside the walls the compound. Would be the main house maybe a movie theater definitely grinds to a hold ten -- twelve cars. Jim exercise -- all within the walls -- the confines of the walls of the fourth and the walls would be real like fifteen feet. And be fabulous with the alligators in a moat around them. Four in case the neighbors common selling anything okay. I would love to do that is I don't know -- technology. To do that -- of negative. And all those great technology building log homes but I've never heard of anybody building before but it would be fort beach. Got it so I would have -- so the first thing I would do as I said set up the foundation. And that's what I would have for home I would make sure that I. I have -- two sisters I have -- people that does that mean you don't want to make. I would make sure that they all were very well taken care of thing. How much of an obligation what I have here at work. OK I work with two guys every day plus two Moyer. And I'm thinking I'm thinking like you two guys that work. I'm thinking okay I'm gonna go back where -- the difficult shows what we had weather emergencies and information had to come in and out we had terrorist attacks in this thing and and five lines of information on the -- -- there was me who is there. Going through the tough times and so Jordan Sullivan would be fabulously wealthy and Tony wouldn't get a dot. Because Tony is never hear when anything happens. In fact he's a premonition. You know that if you have by Tony. Is not here something's gonna happen I mean that's it take to -- bank there's no question about that. Bad snowstorm -- on here that windstorm Tony's not -- power goes out Tony's idea. Easier on sunny days when it's between seven and -- that's it. So Jordan would yet. A a very sizable gift and I give Tony something for the baby that's about it okay and and I would confiscate. He is. His FaceBook account. I think I don't wanna see every -- he's every I don't know he has this this -- need to show us his nutritional. Import and every day. So I would take good care of the people that I know in the people and friends of mine. And does so by having set the foundation. And now I got my cavalry fort. And I've taken care of all my friends and relatives and things like that. And I could just sit back and enjoy that that that would be my plan if I win aren't so my sister. My sister -- -- posted on this already -- Jordan what did Jesus say she did she posted I would buy a -- -- for my brother -- you me and diamonds for my sister on the -- that's very -- we do have a close family. Go we'd go -- we don't believe. That what what one has everyone has we've always been taught that. In fact when my sister Beverly and her husband solar company based us and very generous gifts to me and Sandra. As a way of of of celebrating. Wonderful time in their lives so that's the way we think and our families so. If one of us won the lottery -- like all of us winning the lottery that would be a good thing however my sister Beverly here's the problem. My sister Beverly and it's a big problem and it's and it's. Well I don't know it's sensitive you know I'm talking about if I won. Half a billion dollars and I wanna share -- my sister's one of the things you have to do occasionally. Is you have to give them an unpleasant truth and if you visited my sister she is a lovely house but on the front porch. Is the cement donkey that my mother had on her front porch when she passed my sister got -- it's a cement donkey pulling a cart and -- flowers and it. I think it's time if I had that kind of money I would suggest that my sister replace -- grass. Because there's no need when you get that kind of money. To be walker ownership via so I mean it needs it needs paint. I could use you know an upgrade maybe there's a new year donkey -- looks like it older out of date donkey on target about. And oh what gain of the woman if she has all the money -- loses loses her so I mean this just doesn't make sense so I would probably not even leave it to her. I would buy an -- here and ship. Now of course that's expensive cement is heavy and when you ship something. You have to pay a lot of money but I. Lot of money so they want that I would have a -- I'd have the idea that's. Next when it absolutely positively has been terrible and you know I mean. There's an injured or bing bing and and so that's what I would do I would -- of my sisters. Set up -- foundation I have my cavalry for as as my area home. And I would be eleven large and it would be the best. Job bats press conference the lottery has ever had. Now wanna hear from -- The good how would you spend this money. And that I'm gonna go over the bad and the ugly because so far I've just been focusing on the good luck rob happy my sisters and alas I mean everybody wins if I went. So are you should be rooting for me will be back after this.

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