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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>New Mastectomy Study - Dr. Stephen Edge

New Mastectomy Study - Dr. Stephen Edge

Nov 28, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's a new study out that says 70% of women who have double mastectomies. Don't need it. Let's talk about it on the WB -- -- doctor Stephen edge -- Sierra foundation endowed chair in breast oncology medical director of the breast center. And chief of breast surgery at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. We're glad you could join -- -- as good morning. Prosecutor and now. What about at Roswell are you seeing this -- and the majority of women who go for double mastectomies when they don't need it. Well -- it a little bit differently we have seen as a everyone around the country goes. A woman who. Our request to have both the detriment when they have breast cancer on one side. You know if you win and that's an appropriate. Thing to do strictly those women who have. On the very strong economic history and antigens specific genetic mutation related to answer. But that's about it patients actually -- were very very small minority opens -- And I think it is chipped it it comes from a and I'm probably fear that that they will. Often develop -- Career current sort nuclear cancer in the other growth that cancer would you something to kill government and what impact. These data argues very strongly. That is not a major issue -- -- And I think people commit -- the commission. But it but it has been a big upswing and that the sort of -- expect couples liberties to bilateral mastectomy. Oh about four years ago -- little ball club but the -- could open the -- -- him on it. If the removal of both breasts absolutely certainly ensures that the person is not going to have breast cancer. What's wrong with that wire these people ill advised to maybe consider that. Both. Two that's an issue at it's not too -- to do. So for example on every thirty year old woman who have a -- industry that maybe doesn't have the gene mutation. Did you get that answers Saturday and we do -- -- tolerance period usually get answers thirty may get perfectly reasonable for particular. It's it's not a black and -- doctor call -- the universe to -- did the study Percival the group that doesn't that this doesn't Michigan just one of the transcript -- where they're really Smart thoughtful people. With a lot of black and out of the classroom and made -- it is subject of the unnecessarily wrong. But what is wrong is what people do it based on -- jerk reaction. Based on this information. -- -- They -- electable leave it's doctors. This is a good thing to do that -- really. Improve the cure rate. Who is the best thing could do. I see too many women -- doctor has -- Well you know it or -- -- and boy we sure that the bilateral mastectomy and there's too much yes information out there. Woman has breast cancer should have stepped take a deep breath. -- get really good information. About what other chances that the current group can't cheat sheet that was -- cultural problems. The champs the -- together that Brooke. Interest in the for the average woman that Kansas State in the that is that's. Pretty average on the oppressed. And we do not have -- gene mutation which is -- I sub sub 100 metric into the court after could not implement these in this. There's a 10% chance that you get in new breast cancer and other regrets over the next thirty. Yours by the age of 85 and if she gets that -- cancer there's a 95% chance shall be cured. So by age 85 or ninety Thursday zero point 3% chance shall probably -- on the other side and I. They have to add to that there's an 80% chance that by age eight it's my initial thought of something else. So there's a lot of misinformation. Out there about it and people who rushed in to a and may regret it later. Do you think there's the need then for more education more counseling. Investors need to step back and have triple counseling about it and take the misinformation. Out. And take the fear -- another important thing to remember that surgery. Is not a treatment. For unfounded fear. And it's a powerful statement. Surgery is not -- treatment. Pour your perception. That something bad could happen. Good information is actually it's illegal RO eyeball was really one of the really good thing -- on the most rewarding about my career. Is taking women who are going through this incredibly. Incredibly difficult -- Helping them understand the information and come to a good decision put themselves and it's truly remarkable regardless of their educational background or or. You know anything you don't have to have a Ph.D. to understand. If people pick a time. The -- -- and that women take the time and step. Over to a -- weaker at times they -- learn about this incumbent good decisions for themselves it's so rewarding. And so heartening to see how well people do what is. To -- would just -- unbelievable typical. Doctor -- were glad you could join us thank you for. For a -- writing -- information. Thank you -- put -- but didn't. YouTube that's doctor -- and it's. -- feral foundation endowed chair in breast oncology medical director of the breast senator and chief of breast surgery at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

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