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Bauerle State of the Union

Nov 27, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Because in the media before talking about there's gold -- And of course congressman read get a lot of positive. Because he would actually consider raising taxes. Memo to congressman read. And every other Republican in the spineless noodle. The government takes -- -- Monday. It spends too much that is -- freaking problem. Yes spend -- too much money. You've got champagne tastes on a beer budget. And you're trying to tell people they can have a great life without working. By taking from other people and giving to the non productive and that god forbid you start to take away from the non productive goods that are gonna. It made my fault you're taking my ball. What you think your teenager's pain in the -- to pick the ball away with the music goes public phones -- taken away or turned off. -- that'll ever happen -- now it's eight now it's entitled how you get one just for being a lot. And I feel it a total soccer -- it's awful idol well like I should apply for -- Obama fault. And let's see three to one's enemies does that mean email saying on the program began under Ronald Reagan for land lines it bit. It was wrong then and it was expanded under George Bush to include cell phones it was wrong then. It's more than doubled under Barack Obama it's grown exponentially. That's what you have to understand. So your argument is correct it started under Reagan continued under bush the second. And it was exacerbated. And further impacted an infected by the fraud in the Oval Office. I mean our president. My lord and savior. Barack Obama that's meant to say my lord and savior the dear leader. Barack Hussein Obama peace be upon him. So. There's -- Unfortunately folks were we are ruled by idiots. Unfortunately the idiots we put in power or voted into power by other idiots. We live truly in an idiotic RC people who don't understand basic -- People who don't. Talk about high tech -- -- are talking about basic math. People who don't understand. That when you spend more. Than you -- taking it. The answer. Is not to take yet more the answer is to spend that less. Is it going to hurt your camera. But. So why. Nobody ever said life was gonna be hurt free. Nobody ever promised you anything when he came wedding. Everything you've grown to expect. Has been promised to you by mortal men and women and can be taken away by mortal men and women and it's time to start taking away. -- ever do that well. Because we're real -- idiots voted off other idiots. -- This country I hope you realize is -- I hate to tell you. It's doomed. The United States of America is all of her to stop. As we know the country is done barring. Something like -- military coup. We can hope I mean I'm sure that came out. Exactly where I wanted to barring -- barring some sudden inspiration. Of intelligent people who actually get it washed out. Because the more dumb asses in the country there are Smart people. More lazy freeloading watching dumb masses in this country that are productive people. And they want your stuff. On the 47%. Call -- It depends. If you've been on public assistance your entire life and your mama was on public assistance and gravel was a public assistance and -- great Graham was on public assistance. And each of them had babies when they were thirteen years old -- you know what your marcher. If they had 28 hit by twenty different baby -- you know what your watcher. I got no use for you deserve whatever you get or don't -- I can't wait to see the sob stories in the news neediest fund this year. I was 25 died at thirteen children by twelve different -- please help me. Not a chance -- -- close your legs. On all your so approval now of a realist. I'm a realist. The country ladies and gentlemen is. -- It's -- financially it's doomed demographically. It's doomed and ever anyway you look at the country is screwed. As we know it. You young people. Young people. You're gonna get the America your schoolteachers have -- that you'd have all along. An America where surface things matter substance does not. An America that is diverse. As long as your liberal. It it. As long as your liberal its diverse within the confines of being a liberal. Or socialist. Bottom line is folks we have too many marching dumb -- voting too many. Self serving spineless morons in the power. Morons who don't know when to say no. Morons who are willing to tell the American people we can't afford it anymore. And frankly even if they do. Most of the American people say I wanna hear that all -- free fall all of a free health care. A lot of free heat on EDT -- Used by EB kick to distract public stance. Yet that is the way from people because they they beat him like churlish petulant children they think it's an entitlement and you know what it is. You can't have a society in a country like that. This country is gonna collapse duration. Under the weight of its own incompetence. This country probably. I will give it about 25 years or so before there is eight dictatorship in America. About about 25 years. That seems to be about the fervor of these things. And please don't tell beautiful -- because. I remember having discussions about the -- years ago before any of this even happened. So up giving some credit for being able to look into the sands of time to see which will grow and which will not. I love being original and we're screwed as a country which -- now it doesn't just -- it affect me personally. I will be around. You it will be around if you're a certain age but your your kids today's twenty year olds. It it it it it it it. What are you gonna do. Today is twenty year olds you wouldn't mommy and your your cellphone bills anymore get an Obama phone. What is good. About the mommy and daddy's house anymore to live. In your twenties. Because mommy and daddy are around and you can't find a job it's gonna pay you enough money. The -- Obama puppet government that you're you'll. And what incentive would you have to go to medical school. I -- medical school because that is the typical example of a profession. Where if you are fundamentally intelligent. And you apply yourself. And you have skills in certain areas you can be a doctor and are typically have a very good -- Sometimes -- rich -- a very rich living other times in 08 moderately comfortable living. Why would you wanna put yourself through that. Why would you wanna waste your youth in school. Being on call 24/7. Working three and four days at a stretch in your residency. To end up being told to. For every dollar view her and we're going to take fifty cents of it and get it somewhere else. Were gonna get 70% seventy cents of every dollar and we're gonna give it to somebody else because they deserve what they're needy. Where assurance that event to succeed you know academy. Folks you understand -- were heading. -- all you do because it is as. Plain as the nose on your face. Many of you just don't want it would -- yet. Many -- -- just. -- -- American -- on X factors on oh Stephen Tyler said what about the new judges well -- -- outrage saying. And -- we only entertainment in our lives our right. -- action but you also have to realize. That there's more -- than. This account is more alive than Two and a Half -- There's more life than who's gonna win the next big talent show on TV. The future of the country. Unfortunately I think has already been decided that we're going down we're gonna go down in flames. Not literally but figuratively and financially speaking. You're young person. You will inherit the world that is being built for you right now. In Alitalia right now you young people who grew up on the sweet sixteen shows on. TV CN all those ritual girls with their sixteen birthday Mercedes-Benz is. You think that's do you think that's what's going to be your life. Your life is gonna be living in a crappy 800 square foot government apartment. Made of cinder blocks. Your life is going to be wearing crappy floats. That may or may not be provided by the government. You basically folks have voted yourself into slavery. Hate to tell yet but it's true. You basically have a mess -- and -- is Washington. Now Tom your power and racism. Well now actually got one of my favorite quotes. From the civil war era and era I've spent considerable time. Looking into I think it's applicable today by the way. There's a slave slave lady. And in the self. The slaves. Crave freedom please understand southerners were -- white actor awards they didn't own slaves. The southern aristocracy was totally in -- with each other -- where the slave owners are right. So anyway this female slaves. Even though she was treated relatively well. -- parsley of can be in the cell. Eventually as the northern union troops came to the south she went over to. And she expected that those men in blow we're gonna treat her like a human being that organic of her -- We're gonna show compassion. Are going to be like ice guess what. The union army treated the blacks in the south like the -- word. And one of the slaves this is where to quote comes in what are the slaves on record said. I guess does mr. gu -- guess all of that. I guess mr. Lincoln's biomass and now. She basically felt she traded one tyranny for another tyranny. And that's what I think a lot of you are doing. Your body into this notion. That success is vote. It's something you shouldn't even hole. To do. And again. I'm -- mention black people. Up you're gonna mention black people I bet this is racist. Well I guess maybe it is in a way -- just Vegas -- upping your. Because. If you are black. And you live in the foot. And use succeed in your life and you become a doctor or a lawyer. Or you have a small business bureau. And you're productive member of society. You know your biggest enemies are going to be. Not people like people like my audience as we want to open doors we love people made something of themselves. Especially people make something of themselves despite this advantage circumstances. Your biggest enemy will be the people you left behind. Why some of his jealousy. Some of it is you have just taken away -- excused from them. Well I can't make it because I'm black. In the words of Steve Martin. In the jerk I was born in -- -- black family. That's what -- gonna say. You'll have just basically show those people wait a minute. I look like you do I came from your environment. And this is my business and we did five million in sales last year. Tell me again how it can't be done. And you're gonna get called all the names of your successful black person every name in the book uncle Tom house and word. Because. Unless you adhere to the I can't make it without government. I'm too stupid to make it without government. All them white folks have got to pay for my life could I choose to open up onto and captain in the world is just too. Two horror into one -- for me to make it you just take away a big excuse. So let's let's look at a round of applause to the people I think that the toughest in America the professional blacks. I honestly don't know how you do it. I don't know I mean really -- you probably don't live as long as you would because of all stressed all the crap you've got to. So up my hat's off to yeah. All right got the -- place that are by the way I'm I'm convinced. A conservative black person lonely -- for a lonely if people on the face of the planet I don't know who you speak. It's no other conservative tribal -- like me don't worry about what we look like worry about what we think like. That's what I call it tribal --

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