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Susan Rice and Benghazi

Nov 26, 2012|

Some of Sandy's comments concerning Susan Rice and the Benghazi attack.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know maybe it's just old fashioned maybe expecting some integrity. Maybe expecting some honor may be expecting some honest these old fashioned. Values. Maybe we just shouldn't expect that anymore and if so if we've given that all up. For another campaign and another two years in congress six years in congress for years in the White House we've given all that up for that what the hell -- we gained nothing. The game nothing we've lost all of the basis of what used to make this country great. And I hope I'm not just whistling into the wind. Because those things are important to me and I and I think they're important to a lot of Americans. Representative Jeff Duncan Republican South Carolina. He's a member of the house foreign affairs committee wrote an op Ed piece today in the buffalo and the -- on those in the USA today. He said them. We know that FBI interviews of the surviving employees within 72 hours of the attack we know that on Sunday September 16. Three days after the FBI had definitely confirm that this was no spontaneous protest the Obama administration dispatched the ambassador to appear on five Sunday talk shows. Where she spread inaccurate and false information to the American people and to the world. On ABC's this week she stated based on the information that we have a present which made by the way was discredited three days before this. Is in fact. That it began as spontaneous not a premeditated response to what transpired. We know that ambassador rice's statement was not based on the best information on the time because that's who she -- And that she was wrong to say this was a spontaneous event and that it was in fact a premeditated attack now. Let's be logical Shelley. Why would she save that on her own. There's no reason in hell she would say it on our own because she's got nothing to gain and everything to lose if she just decided to be a maverick and go out there as there was spontaneous. Because she's the UN ambassador she what she couldn't breathe that dumb and she's not a dumb woman she's a very Smart woman. All right. She did it because she was told by her supervisors. Her high you know higher ups from her -- also the president or not I don't know. But she was told by somebody. That this that this is what it is. Three days after it was this program -- that wasn't one it is she would never have done that on her own. It's not -- not logical and besides the person of the being sent out too -- the pressure -- Hillary Clinton she's a secretary of state. The ambassador worked for her. But she wasn't she was set aside and they sent Susan Rice. And that's and that's where it is I was so I don't know for -- so -- doesn't -- knowingly lied on the Sunday talk shows regarding Libya. Would -- should she be disqualified in the committee keyword there is knowingly. He either. -- she lied right through her teeth or just didn't know. Either one is not acceptable you should know if you're in that position three days after it's been disproven. Is that Libya overrated and -- those are not my words I was disgusted when I heard that. When. They were interviewing this guy who's this expert on foreign policy I wish I'd gotten is that now that was just height. And the the it was an incredible -- response that it was over rated for Americans come on the body by -- bags. And all of the top brass from Washington is there to greet their bodies -- an ambassador a couple of former navy -- seals and they called overrated you gotta be kidding me. A way to accept anything in the name of up politics. And that of course. It goes right back to campaign mode Dewayne Wickham did anybody tell Dewayne Wickham. But the campaigns over McCain uses Susan Rice to realize war on women. And then there is also a -- -- column that says it doesn't democratic female members of the house also -- rice's defense Friday saying the criticism. -- smack the sexism and racism. May I remind them. As you know if they pay a little bit more tension that John McCain who -- -- bar being right there. Vote was a big supporter of Condoleezza Rice. When. When her name came up for promotion. And so there's there's no racism there. And also Colin Powell so there's no. There's no racism there so there's no racism or sexism except when you wanna bring it up as a campaign issue this isn't anything to do with that. But nothing matters when -- in campaign mode and that's what's -- that's well liked.

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