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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Shaping Up After Holidays - Jeremy Ramsey of Best Fitness

Shaping Up After Holidays - Jeremy Ramsey of Best Fitness

Nov 26, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jeremy Ramsey for -- director for best first Muslim town along the we're going to talk about fitness tips for staying healthy through the holidays. Germany are about five minutes like for you working out. But the fact that there have been through the first thing and doing all morning. Haven't worked out at that. Okay we'll -- -- working out I mean do most people do what I do a historic out of the gym. I mean I student I was there like for two hours. And then on the way home to stop the tents and have a couple of hot dog -- but some. Some onion rings and that he shouldn't do that right. When you know nutrition is that you know you are what you eat doesn't matter what you're doing in the gym is that nutrition you know is -- -- point. He's not really gonna get everything out your work out so. One of the things that we actually implement it is our own nutrition program. When you sign up as a member of our -- you automatically. Are enrolled in that he can start logging in your measurements and the personal trainers actually walk you through how to -- your work out then -- -- know how much protein arms. And hopefully good -- You're getting throughout the day so we do get everything I -- your account to hear you know peaking about for hopefully not two hours maybe an hour today. You -- -- it and that's how your -- -- can do it. Well I guess you'll be pretty busy today after Thanksgiving everyone wants to kind of get back at their routines and that would include working out especially after almost ties and everything else over the weekend. You know if you don't watch it over the next -- could easily gain a couple of pounds right. -- the average person genes anywhere between one and three pounds and actually do not -- after the holiday season so you know obviously those that up. We are actually also extending a Black Friday special. Through the days so actually you can sign up for -- free throughout the entire day we draw at home except your ID. And and you and you get yourself a membership. Jeremy tell us about the rules as far as eating. Before going to work out or eating after you work a lot of the rules. What I think everybody has a machine you know -- here if you're driving your car to Ohio he got to feed it right. Get a view of fuel so you know before he worked out yet have some good green cards you know. People holy ghost oatmeal for all of our hero something like that. You know everybody has something to use because it doesn't happen. Anything to use as fuel. It's gonna have to burn up muscle -- -- let me ask you this if you -- -- and then quickly go work out I mean that's not good either -- -- don't you wait for your body to digest the food. Well the reason why a typical meal and things like that is here they're talking about he -- quickly as energy. Now yes no you don't wanna you know he'd like your arm -- about where else but. You know twenty minutes. You know that's fine and that I can make you wanna throw up if you have protein milk and obviously that's not a good idea. You know that's probably wanna come up -- -- -- people holy ghost you know at that that's perfect twenty minutes before him. Give us some tips for accounting getting through the holidays. You know all these parties in there's just unbelievable. Food choices that you can him I mean how do you go through the holidays and -- go to parties and what what can you tell us it. To do it. You know a lot of times people think OK well it's it's the holidays my nutrition going to be terrible I'll just get you know get back on and afterwards. -- -- -- just mention that little part is that by that time we've gained three pounds or lose it. So you know just because you know I don't expect to be perfect every day throughout the holidays but. You know on the days you don't have those parties you know that doesn't mean nutrition can't be our point on those days. You know I'm indulgent -- -- Turkey and and -- mashed potatoes -- Christmas. But the very next day they got it right back on track and if you're coming into the gym and you have that in the backyard had. You know -- it helps. Hey Jeremy -- to have you with us stay threatened thanks for the advice this morning nice to have you with us I think you Jeremy -- fitness director for best fitness on the tunnel tunnel want to.

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