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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Polar Plunge Preview - Erica Raeppele

Polar Plunge Preview - Erica Raeppele

Nov 21, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Very cool event is coming up and I mean cool. It's the polar plunge it -- long beach state park in Hamburg to benefit Special Olympics New York on December 1. In studio with us this morning is Erica. Wrinkle with the Special Olympics Erica good morning happy Thanksgiving morning thank you very having me you are freezing for a reason tell us about this event. Added this is -- six you're never gonna have it and that was nine beats. We have over a thousand people that come out for me about 500 people that come out and watched. It's a great event we have a huge sixty and 160 heated tent we have events going and the whole tying. In a cast seem kind testing of the DJB. Changing around as we have showers that's not that Coleman but it's a lot. Okay December 1 how cold is the weather in the -- Usually on December 1. That's a tricky question -- share was 55 degrees and gorgeous though we were really fortunately the outside temperature and that's how the lottery is Tim. Well actually -- -- I just looked it -- for now its 52 this morning so. Does it add it is you're even lucky -- happen. Well the previous areas that we had a blizzard rate the -- so unique that you can never know -- any -- and in. This event happens rain or shine now it's a lot of fun that I didn't do it individually and with the team. Absolutely we encourage teens can -- -- your friends kind you know challenger in your. Coworkers the Tosh -- box kind of thing. If you want to meet that mean person. And raise enough money in and yet to go in excess of high schools that are challenging their principled attempt and south. Really excited about that it's our listeners are probably wondering hi all do they register for the register is pretty easy you can go to WWW. Intact tiny you are Al packed town next -- W and my clients. And I you have to do is register yourself registered team joining team. You get to create your own web page so it's a lot of fun. He conceded outside your friends and on base back he can upload pictures -- and show everybody what you did in new healthy everybody that don't mean to use them. When it that's excellent now -- get to be in the water. That's a TU we actually have one of our athletes. He's the first run in last night out he likes to match everybody coming in and out. We do have divers in the water stuff that is really called McCain is hurry things up. -- that's very safe event that we have but today and open you're telling you can. Tight -- -- Pepsi and certain comfort level. You know for folks who would like to contribute to the cause but there's no way. They're gonna go jump in the lake on the first of December welcome mail PO. They can donate rate and that web -- he can do general donation you know stomach there's over a thousand people their -- are slowly give us a website once more recently. It's WWW. That tiny you are Al. That town. Back slash. W and why ones. Okay you know what we will get an address and put it in or get it now section at WB -- -- -- just make it easier for folks that they wanted to go on in. Decide to do this and everything else I have an after turning into active nine straight after it staff from three to 63010 dollars and includes draft beer and food. So of their Monica mountains see everybody in attempting an after the more than a community that sounds to -- a great event air and good luck with that stuff thank you very much that's Erica wrinkle with the Special Olympics. Here in Western New York.

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