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Nov 20, 2012|

for Tuesday Nov. 20

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Secretary of state Clinton -- the Middle East she is going to go out there. To have direct face to face discussions with those leaders for Californians arrested in terror plot to recruit people who water could join al-Qaeda leaked email trail Paula brought -- reportedly ranting on whom pitched good morning I'm Steve case and with the CBS. Old news roundup America's top diplomat will go to the Middle East a high profile attempt to end the deadly crisis in Gaza. More Hamas rockets have fallen today in Israel. And Israel's military delivering punishing airstrikes is poised for a possible ground offensive. CBS's Tammy McCormick has more on secretary of state Clinton's upcoming mission. Clinton will travel first to Jerusalem and Ramallah and Cairo according to a senior State Department official her intention to support. She was traveling with the president in Asia and he spent much of his time they're on the phone with leaders in the Middle East trying to defuse the situation correspondent Clarissa ward is in Egypt covering cease fire talk. -- US news has spoken to a source who is. Very close to the Hamas delegation here in Cairo I and he told us that in fact they are nearing an agreement that he didn't get any deep talent that's exactly. What this cease fire will look like. And that's to win each of hamas' demands if any that the Israelis will agree to. CBS is Alex -- teases in Gaza. After seven days of aerial bombardment they -- hopeful that it cease fire can be reached but they want and on their terms. They want Israel to lift the blockade of the territory but has strangled economic life. CBS's Robert -- Sirens -- here in Jerusalem just a short time ago. I heard a boom in the distance and police -- a rocket landed near Bethlehem. Not far from here. So many Israelis believe the army should keep on fighting. There is no longer an option we must. Do what they're doing now. They fear a premature truce could bring just a short period of quiet. Before the next round of conflict at the US embassy in Tel Aviv a man with a knife and an access attacked a security guard the guard suffered a slight injury to his leg the suspect was arrested the motive is not known. Here at home for Southern California men have been arrested one of them in Afghanistan. Take -- TV reporter Sharon Tate says they're accused of plotting to kill Americans so. Sees the suspects are -- using Facebook's Skype even Craigslist in May have been their downfall. The complaint details how an FBI agent was monitoring all of their communications the man allegedly told an undercover FBI agent they wanted to attack US military bases. If convicted of the charges the men face up to fifteen years in prison. Now to Indianapolis and a follow up to that horrific neighborhood explosion last week that killed two people destroyed dozens of homes. Police have now opened a homicide investigation but WI SH TV reporter Brooke Martins says they've named -- no suspect. They're releasing no geek out but they only said that they had interviewed multiple witnesses and conduct its search warrants that led them to the conclusion. That this explosion what -- fact that. All police are looking for a white van that was seen in the neighborhood on the day of the blast. An Ohio judge will sentence three men today who pleaded guilty in a botched plot to blow up off highway bridge in the alleged leader of that group could face. More than thirty years in prison. We're learning more about the nature of the emails that brought David Petraeus is extramarital affair to the surface and ended his career at the CIA. We're live this morning with CBS is Vicki -- Anonymous emails reportedly read like the ranting of -- deranged person they boast of friends in high places -- threaten to make Jill Kelly quote go away the source and unnamed friend of Kelly who's told New York's daily use the Florida socialite was left in fear for her life. Kelly apparently never suspected the sender was betrays his biographer and lover Paul abroad well. -- wells' brother has told People Magazine she's devastated and ashamed over her affairs Steve. Two weeks after the election Florida congressman Alan west has conceded defeat in a close race with Democrat Patrick Murphy who west and outspoken conservative -- Tea Party support -- was win two years ago. It's four minutes after the hour. Leave home without us out you don't have to. This is CBS radio news app on your iPhone or android phone. I guess is very fast breaking news reports features and commentary anytime anyplace anytime anywhere with an on demand to sixty minutes the world news -- -- And face the nation. CBS radio news keep us in your pocket keep yourself informed yourself informed CBS radio news android and iPhone app. Download them from. I'm Jason. I'm 32 and risk for stroke has increased by five times because of an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation or eighth because of my young age I'm not a typically the case. And Diane help I'm 62 and I -- two -- stroke survivor with a -- which is most common in older people. Together we are faces a fit and stroke telling our stories like help save the life. Take action today by talking with health care professional about your -- and visit stroke dot org to learn more. Those familiar hostess name on twinkies and other treats may not be gone just yet CBS's -- bosh has the latest. Instead of moving ahead with plans to shut hostess down the bankruptcy judge Robert trained. Asked the company and its striking bakers union to meet today that's when -- try to negotiate a new contract. Has this argued the weeklong baker strike that crippled the already money trouble company saving hostess could mean saving 181000 job. Wind and rain storm in the Pacific northwest has left thousands without power about two inches of rain fell in six hours and parts of the Seattle area. All of -- and you get slammed into horrible lake in the road this flooding. Start coming in the door couple hours ago now we're just trying to get things up in a way out of the water. An independent health panel is recommending all Americans between the ages of fifteen and 64 again and HIV tests at least wants him. -- for people to know if they have HIV infection. Both so they can be treated and I can take steps to prevent transmission of HIV. Doctor Douglas Owens of the US preventative task forces one in five people with HIV are not aware of their infected. -- -- suggests there could be a better breast cancer screening tool than traditional mammograms. -- CBS is very back -- In a studied radiology standard digital mammography was combined with a 3-D technique called almost synthesis which provides multiple images from different angles 27 radiologists compared this method to mammograms alone all reported more accurate diagnoses. Every single radiologist also reduced the number of women brought back for additional imaging because of a possible abnormality on their mammogram. So called false positive and it increased -- thank your -- well doctor Elizabeth -- do you Boston Massachusetts General Hospital women might end up paying more and be exposed to more radiation and so was always they should consult with their doctors -- back -- on CBS news Washington. Not a San Francisco where city leaders today consider a ban on public nudity. New kids who have been plotting their stuff on the Streets of San Francisco may simply told a cover up or -- citations and fines. Supervisor Scott -- who represents the city's gay Castro district says naked guys are out of control. It's no longer an occasional quirky part of San Francisco it's seven days a week every single day in this neighborhood where people live work. Play and conduct their lives. This supervisors are voting on whether -- make public nudity illegal with the exceptions for parades and festivals. Barbara Taylor -- CBS news San Francisco. Wall Street before the -- and. No actors -- -- we come from different places up tamp down. We come to different conclusions have at and -- have all the one we live united we make a real difference in the building blocks of life. Children succeed in school and families need financial stability the health of our neighbors improves and suddenly so to our community it's real change won't happen without you there. So give advocating volunteer live united to sign up today at live united dot org. Brought to you by united way and the ad council. Welcome to dialogue will be your one stop guide to explain for the Hollywood blockbuster anything but sunshine. Press one for the romantic comedy anything that sunshine pressed to. And for anything. So -- expect options everywhere else in life you getting them when it comes your medical treatment explore all your options and talk with your doctor about what's right for you knowing eruptions is the best option. Learn more at HRQ dot -- that's eight HRQ dot gov righty by the US department of health and human services and yet council. -- global sports star is about to end it like Beckham here in this country. Here's CBS's Steve -- He is one of the biggest names in the world of soccer. David Beckham joined the LA galaxy six years ago hopefully you'll popularize the sport in the US essentially in the states soccer could be as big as agent toreros around the world sucker is clearly more popular now but remains far behind other sports like football and baseball. Beckham's final match for the galaxy will be the league championship game next week he is not retiring but is not saying where he may play next. Steve Letterman CBS news Los Angeles. Also in Los Angeles a star of the Emmy winning comedy modern family will be in court today fourteen year old aerial Windsor who plays the brainy Alex -- -- wants to continue living with an older sister she's claimed her mother is physically and emotionally abusive. That's -- world news round. -- Steve case and CBS news.