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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Analysis Of Latest In Death at the Stadium - Frank Clark

Analysis Of Latest In Death at the Stadium - Frank Clark

Nov 19, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Former Erie county DA frank Clark frequent guest on on morning showed joins us now on the WB in life line to again help us sort through. The unfortunate tragic death of this so Rochester area football fan akin to a -- game last Thursday night. Was injected around halftime later on after an all night search he was found dead not far from the stadium. Frank good morning and thank you for joining national frank we're really don't know much about the events. After this young man was kicked out of the stadium in the time he was found in the creek near the stadium. It's presumed drowned out what are investigators waiting to hear and learn about the young man's death. Well I think there's a number of things we want to know. I think one of the things we'd like to know was. On the circumstances surrounding his ejection from the game. Why I was drawn out. What did the person or persons. Who made that judgment see about -- which prompted them. To make the objections. And then of course where we'd like to know why they're happening at once you left this statement. And stadium me he plainly had he indicated he was going to a certain location and wary was how. Was not to -- -- quotes that location double. He plainly it wandered off or I'm all in that direction where there was no reason for him to go so. There's a lot of questions I'd like to go what the blood alcohol was. In this body and as a result of the autopsy -- well. Sure -- hand and what how important are those toxicology tests they really kind of hold the key right now. Well you know it's certainly would. It is whether alcohol was I. It would give all logical explanation. As to why you wandered ought to be there -- and all of you know he wrote down that volume where it was unable to extricate himself. So that it would provide. I think a logical explanations. What you want to lose out there is. I'm at his blood alcohol. What is normal or or not particularly in parts K then what happens -- becomes more history. You know I wanna ask about that because if you believe his father. And not multiple media reports this weekend. You know he was insisting that his son was not a big drinker and his other son that was at the game with with the one who died. It doesn't drink at all. And he wasn't taken from his seat he was injected after going to the bathroom and halftime and we do know that. He was wearing -- dolphins -- which makes you wonder if maybe he. Got into some kind of an altercation in the men's room and then security came in an injected them all or just brings up a whole new slate of questions doesn't. Well it actually I mean obviously. Wouldn't we like to hear from the persons who rejected. That's certainly what they answer some questions against the other thing is I know that the Byron Eaton. Have particularly any signs or losing but Iranian counters somebody. Outside the stadium. Who he might have gotten into some sort of an altercation. I I guess that's the question we'd like to have answers although right now there doesn't appear to be any particular. Which would indicate that. Frank you notably young man wandered off in the direction that you think you would not venture and to have because of the direction he went there was nothing there. Does a syndicate it may have been disoriented or possibly affected by an element such as the drug or alcohol. Well it's certainly -- to meet. I mean he she prepare a -- throughout. -- eventually -- taking it all the way from where he wanted to call and into an area where there was not there. It was old wooded area and there's absolutely no reason for him to a bond there you wouldn't shrinkage. So that. I don't know whether we'll ever again and the answer to that particular basic churns out a little bit flat to. And -- the body doesn't show any signs of tribal although there might have occurred by year's tripping and falling -- rolling. Not indicating that he would get an argument and anybody in them. Then we're left with a lot of questions and how many answers. -- -- We did speak to the father at this morning who did not want to come on air with us this morning but so we did ask him if they. Failing -- -- anything from the bills and they haven't. Does that surprise you do you read anything into that. President. Quite frankly it does not surprise me. I have dealt with that in the past and there are very tight lipped I would -- that. What they're doing right now is refueling any possible liability. That they might have for actions taken. Either by themselves or agents operating they're the -- You know everybody looks to cover themselves. When it comes to civil liability. So I think they want to know exactly where they stand legally. Before they come forward and make any statement. Obviously. That they will -- at some point. But the fact that they're not now is not a particularly surprised I think there. Right now they are we doing exactly where they stand. -- to be -- -- One more quick question frank is wrong time usually after a traffic accident we hear about blood alcohol -- almost right away when not this time. -- I don't know. It may be that they haven't really got ran. To do the post mortem or. For some reason they'd they'd find it. I'm not particularly immediate. If we have a defendant to get a DWY. And would be arrested everything that it -- that there are some immediacy to get the -- helpful particularly in where you wanna charge. -- we're there doesn't appear to -- and any criminal conduct involved they're not quite as quick endured the test. Frank has always we thank you. Former Erie county district attorney frank Clark.

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