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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bills Liability In Fan Death At Stadium - Steve Boyd

Bills Liability In Fan Death At Stadium - Steve Boyd

Nov 19, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up the WB in live line. And welcome. Buffalo personal injury attorney Stephen Boyd we're going to continue to talk about this. Tragic event outside the stadium last week Steve good morning thanks for joining us. The warrior or a little is known about the events after this young man was kicked out of the stadium while he wandered around later was found face down in a creek near the stadium after the all night search. He we assume. Was unfamiliar with the area because he was from Rochester. Is presumed to be a drowning victim -- family doubts the young man was drunk. Why should we be looking for from here on him. Well I think the investigation that's being done by way local police and reveal a lot. There's quite a bit of distance and time and time was ejected from the game. And the time his body it was. So. What he's rocketed up the game. Did the go somewhere else first was he talking to anybody outside the stadium. What they're all involved what would it be actual content back. Those questions sir are you saying before we jump toward a conclusion about. Why this happen. You know Steve bass and everything that we signed read this weekend. It does not appear to be that the case of an un relief fan who was out of control he wasn't ejected from his seat at the stated he was ejected after. Going to the bathroom at halftime. How long do you think before toxicology tests come back because it would certainly be -- a key in this. Well you can get initial toxicology tests back in the days and then you get something more definitive. A couple of weeks. And that's only gonna tell you. How much alcohol within the system and remember. You can't really conclude that whatever route calls for the system got there while he was in the stadium because there's plenty of drinking that goes on until eight parties in this city and in the parking lots around stadium. So you debt. You know you still more questions and even once you don't toxicology. In a -- were also wondering about personal liability for the Buffalo Bills for their team of security personnel. And for the vendors of people who sell a beard to the fans. You know also another thing we're wondering -- Steve. The vendors. That sell beer to these people these are folks from nonprofit. Groups. Churches you know the Boy Scouts the -- council itself what do these people. And their groups. Stand -- this case goes that far. Well -- first of all the dram shop laws that protect people. What someone is injured because a person has been over served. In general they're designed to protect the third party that he injured by the intoxicated person so in other words. If personally over slope at a bar and then they go up until another third person in -- drunk driving incidents. The state or that victim tendency to the frontrunner. And the bartender and a and the bar that -- -- for them. So here. You don't really have that situation. Assuming. The puck along the lines that the proposal assumes all the servicemen died in unit that. But I will say that the bills in the NFL. Since that terrible. Accident happened a giant scheme -- So three years ago. Have really. Gone overboard. In the policies and procedures that they have. In other words if you have an organization that your organization that does so. And a built in every one of those employees it's gonna work at any game during the season. Must go through pretty rigorous. Our training in the summertime. Before they can work the game and they had to do that every year so. These are folks that have this they've seen gone -- station every year. If you retrained every year even though it's basically the same training and so they have -- so pretty create links. To. Create a liability. Walls of the. You know I'm sure they're going to be looking at trying to -- trying to piece together a timeline of what happened and I think -- surveillance cameras around the stadium there at the stadium itself. You know I don't know but I I would guess that there probably are some surveillance cameras. But. You know to. Really pinpoint who the individual was probably easier during the game because the park and not so much more empty. So he's wandering around you might get some sort of passed as to where he went in. And what happened between the time to a stadium in between the time insurgents found in the creek. Steve good to have you with little warning we appreciate your time. Those buffalo personal injury attorney Stephen Boyd.

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