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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>BNBEA Submission Deadline Nears - Fred Holender

BNBEA Submission Deadline Nears - Fred Holender

Nov 18, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Happy to have on the live line here the mayor ultimate Dinah proving that I am not even just an honorary neither actually is a person who fills that role Andrew Meyer here Andrew the morning to yeah. According to shopper are you doing. I appreciate that it's nice -- -- -- beyond terrific America's I certainly don't get that attention here at the station. Now you're -- -- attorney and businessman as well as being the mayor -- noticed noted church pianist to use of the first question I have would be obvious when -- sleep. What we do. I find time to sleep as a matter -- spend -- -- very much drama actually allowed. But yet there's the the people it's not -- these days and typically involve a lot -- we really like it and good place to live Linda and at that -- -- well. Well the main reason we have you on today we have big -- event coming on up in the diner that has quickly become one of the premier events. The Madonna parade of lights so give us a rundown of what's going on when the four that. All of a parade of lights is probably what our course activities we've got going now and it's that your ex probably. And the thousands of people each and every year and it grows with each and every year. The highlight of the entire afternoon is that pretty lights which starts the sixty yen and at right down our historic main street. And it's if you haven't -- It's sort of like a scene out of either curry -- nice photo one comparison. Or and the -- that's been made is that it's something like out of the Christmas a Christmas story of the movie. It's a great scene and not be -- so desperate to 16 am in the throughout the course the date. There are vendors and there's a whole host of other activities starting right away in the morning so I definitely something that's match. And in conjunction with that well not really part of the same thing but just happens to be going on coincidentally. The -- polar express train rides begin that weekend and then continue on for all of December leading up to just before Christmas. That's correct and that's through the the that railroad museum and down. Those. The train -- tracked again in their own right several thousand people along with a host of other train right to -- throughout the course of the of the year. And again a really unique experience there aren't too many places election New York you can ride the rails -- a passenger. Legally anyways. And it is without ever government really pulls up pretty well that would all urged restraint. Live on the line with the mayor of Madonna Andrew Meyer and -- brings to mind the fact that they have a very active business community there you have any number of sizable events we've just mentioned too but you also have. -- and not spring had and fall. The -- autumn wind in winter to kind of put those back which -- just mentioned. Would break out there Andy yep we have a really active business association. The Madonna business association. And that committee along with that tourism committee. Works are organizing all these different events to them the the other two you mentioned -- -- one about an hour. Both of them are progressive state which occur and our business district. And -- they Allen autumn it just happened that passed all its beer tasting get about thirty participating businesses in net. Same thing with what about winner about another thirty or 35 and participating businesses and that's in February. And the experiences is that really unique. It's progressive tasting where participants walk from -- and the business facing a different line in a different location. And each event is typically sold out well at a time and so I haven't seen yet it's definitely worth a visit. Now mentioned earlier that you're a businessman and an attorney as well as being the mayor announced today those two things you happen to have. Your office in your business in pretty close proximity so take a mob in parts here the first one at the business. Is actually a former well known business to some who've been around Western New York for awhile right. Absolutely the -- the -- You're trying to building occupied right annual shirt back. Absolutely be -- -- factory that was. Manufacturer very high end custom church and the from about 19100 until they close in 2007. And for most of their history up until 2005. They were located in -- that I now which we refer -- -- has been -- factory building. I acquired building after they've vacated in 2005 when we -- began a gradual restoration. -- offices on the second floor. We do have a cafe and for war called. Aptly the church -- -- and along with a few other -- businesses include any -- shop barbershop. And -- our new boiler -- states which is an outdoor -- states we called -- for before. And we're also in the works and not some apartments on the third floor which are our lifestyle. And those becoming outlined here later this month. And now looking. Towards doing some -- other. It is activities on the other portions of the third or that are sold -- completed. Now I know you have some duties to attend to but before you do I had one quick question I promised you I'd get -- at 927 that's probably not gonna happen now. And -- you have in the shirt factory cafe on along with a player piano when he actually show movies in a separate section of the business. I know select weekend data Fridays or Saturdays -- believe but. Wall hangings to and particular artwork that is actually for sale correct. That's correct we are based satellite gallery for the Genesee Orleans regional arts council. And so the folks coming into the cafe effort copier eats. Can check out our Wal-Mart and that changes periodically and and go our managers. The gallery and anything that's there that folks on -- them by and then and claim -- -- that gallery of it is done so. We'll what little addition citizenship. Now aren't normally don't wanna make you late because -- in trouble with a higher power you know I mean. That. That's the mayor at thank you mayor Andrew Meyer from the village of Madonna the mayor there. He is playing piano for one of the local congregations and 930 -- is going to be a little late if I don't get -- on so. Appreciate that. Certainly you to thank you very much. And now another thing to point out that out again -- back to where we started the fourth annual Madonna parade of lights coming up Saturday November 24 at 6 PM in historic downtown Dinah. The -- date for that Sunday the 25 at 6 PM. He can watch Steve spectacular parade. And also. Perhaps -- taking any number of other activities including a walking tour of the village and find out why the heck I keep yeah hammering about on about it every time and money earned him the opportunity.

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