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Lincoln review on The Movie Show

Nov 16, 2012|

Cinema Bob gives his take on the new film, Lincoln and discusses a local actor's role in the movie.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm sure this movie is going to be great -- and I'm sure. I am so tired of hype over Daniel Day-Lewis I know he's a good actor but it's like he's the second coming of Christ or something every time I read about him. So serious and so it's an earth moving and I mean employees. -- I -- I was a little nervous about the film because Beckett. I'd love Abraham Lincoln I think every garrison Keeler and prairie home companion once said in school. They taught us to respect George Washington. And long Abraham Lincoln and everybody mr. he's just he just seems a match actually he had them harmony just seems like you know such -- a great guy. The last Spielberg movie big drama that he was so war -- Which which I've watched on dvd. And I've got to say. It was one of the worst movie experiences -- ever in my life it was so ponderous and slow and preach here. Awful. It's a great play but it is little. Ridiculous movie. In the trailer started coming for this down. And the -- is Siri is there and shoes where they give -- -- ending pouring. Just looked very boring in the first five minutes of this movie hadn't quite concerned. Link and is talking to some young soldiers as a black soldier. Black soldiers white soldiers he sitting on a chair out on the battlefield beneath this lantern it's like there's a spotlight from stage on them. And these young men are talking to a woman there reciting the Gettysburg address. -- just seems so ridiculous theatrical in the sort of the wrong three hours. I -- once that's done the movie should skiers and it becomes. Very lively. Very interesting very funny. You'll be surprised now. This film is Mary Todd -- it with them. -- wallow lab well yes Kelly will opt -- -- a great job with Mary Todd Lincoln in in this picture. This is not based on Lincoln's entire life. This is based on the last three months whose life and most of it the facts are pulled from Doris Kearns Goodwin book and of rivals good book. Amazing book and -- And that's basically focuses on -- Where it's getting towards the end of the civil war there's not an amendment to the constitution outlawed slavery. Lincoln realized is once the war's over. And the southern states are back in the fold it's going to be possible to pass the -- to get on the books. Before the war comes to win and that's what the film really boils down -- -- as far as. That dealing greasing palms. Political positions being offered. James Spader and John -- and Tim Blake Nelson play. Treo line of bull. Kinda snake oil salesman politicians have been broad and again things move in with some of these senators strike whatever deals that they can't. James I can't wait for James Carville pop up in the picture it is really. Interesting. Some people complained about Daniel day lewis' wife. Because we're used to Abraham Lincoln the -- deep really deep voices. But everything that's been written about a certain that really wasn't the case with high here folks your voice. And I thought Daniel Day-Lewis sounded. Fantastic. And he just looks and Eagles the part. So much this this is the link him. That you always imagine it is a wonderful -- and it is not a performance of -- look at me such a great actors this is -- living breathing. Law interesting fellow. Who loves -- well. You know funny anecdote or story then gave his point across. There's one night sequence where he starts thanks Amir faced with a -- editors in -- all arguing very strongly. And -- for you preacher in Kentucky who was not. And the senators stand up and I'll be damned if I listened to another step up on top of us are. The world. So the other -- is not not portrayed. Anybody is being absolutely. Things and people Sally Field is wonderful Tommy Lee Jones is fantastic. I think you're -- Oscar nominations for Jones field and you and Louis. I would also like to mention there is some local talent. In the film as well there is -- An Afghan American actor -- about Stephen McKinley. Henderson. He's UB professor and local actors and in many men. Local productions -- I guess you've also appeared on. Law and orders occasionally as a judge. Terrific actor wonderful. Expressive face and he plays Lincoln's assistant. And my sister. Joyce Wilson also local actors of certain amount. Their friends and she was telling me that he hit it off with lately it's very well Lewis. Really likes to stay in character between scenes when he's working. And Stephen. Kind of Callahan. And would kind of improvised scenes of his character -- link here in Daniel Lewis was so impressed. That they just really hit it off. And density is one over Spielberg. You know. From my system would be with in this scene here over -- it ended up being much more of the films will have -- such a great relationship and is very very moving moment towards the end of the movie wonderful performance and a film I could not recommend more. Iowa we come back. If Lincoln is in your copper recovered to maybe somebody you love empires might. So similar that the problem how do you should -- will be back. --

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