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Body Found - News 4 Buffalo's Brittni Smallwood

Nov 16, 2012|

on scene near Ralph WIlson Stadium

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Brittany small what a reporter with channel four W -- YBB television. The Brittany good morning thank you for joining us a negative start from the beginning and tell our listeners who might be joining us now for the first time how the story began to unfold. Sure good morning thanks for me this morning he remembers all into the Orchard Park police so that it -- And they mentioned that he -- city and police say. They realized that the gentleman was. Out of me. You know I couldn't tell me why -- -- they got a cellphone mean content on the uphold our belt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Apple later they began looking toward the they -- -- at all worried app for it because they were very. Your elbow and I was standing outside I know the back who blew out. It's personnel people say about it if you -- -- in -- -- probably weapons aren't that young man helicopters police fire every. They're reaching their command -- overture one bills drive but now we are on the -- stadium and they got out. When -- go to a local book. And they had a number. Burton the official walking wrote the -- on the articulate. It eventually it find I would like -- -- -- around 7 o'clock this morning it condoms. It -- not all but however it's that. We -- that there were -- -- -- down there and being at people or invite one another or are they don't expect believe and urged -- Barry that the don't go to -- for trying to figure that out. I'll deliberate right now they are currently one of the -- Trucks out it's being read by everyone we don't know what's going on right -- search and rescue it's over because the number of the week I hear it and built up. A -- piglets are to one up right now with firefighters here -- currently waiting for the departure although hopefully keep it open Tokyo it expired and that it up and up the on the that it. And why exactly left -- -- that they aren't any relation of the sort of the. Yet there are several reports this morning that demand was found dead. And I was just wondering if you know -- if they've located him from the air from that air one helicopter if it was the foot search and actually found him. We realize that it -- -- what -- I believe that it. By the gentleman. We don't we -- right here actually went out there and saw everyone Colbert you can't. Other than that everybody break in one other thing that you are at. -- opera com source but I'll write or to your being -- And admit that they're. Brittany is our understanding that this young man 26 years old. Was found a face down in the water. Smokes truly has anyone no mention that. You know I am I not seen or -- that I would actually look at what you write what they found that element at once thought. It's hard to beat Wall Street he could you sort about the historic error -- that we're still waiting to see I didn't it didn't. What the lying down on the ground. I -- future. Know that there are people down there they -- -- would be -- to area that is now. Teacher and it'll be -- to find out. Why he was ejected from the game last night to that'll be a crucial in this. Yes yes. Bought that -- waiting up to what it comes up there. A -- tell us what this area looks like other homes nearby could use any homes. In the area were young man was found. I would say that what we see right into and we've got the -- AM epic. Right behind the belt they even bears -- who -- Actually when he -- that it regularly near a link that was it residential area. And they're like number. I put an apartment for it was like -- well apartment. And they were searching the I -- fact there are -- Think it -- call. Again the name out what that was although. I didn't know I don't it out. Big screen wrote -- -- rocket -- and what security costs utterly and over and not area residential area -- -- looking I was over there originally. -- we appreciate your help as we cover the story this morning thank you again. All right let her have a good at all. YouTube Brittany is smaller and as a reporter for WYVBTV. Reporting from. Behind -- Ralph Wilson Stadium right now not far from where the young man's body was reportedly found.