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Email and infidelity

Nov 15, 2012|

Sandy discusses Generals Petraeus and Allen, email, infidelity and trusting your spouse.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- back where the basic governor have said -- General Petraeus and general Allen -- -- and by email. Some asking did you check your spouse's email mandated check you're live's emails so wives you check your husband's emails. And the -- about the kids I think it's a good idea to check the kids emails to be honest we view espouses it's up to you. I would field them I'd feel very uneasy about that I don't regard. And the guy would do that. About. Different people have different attitudes. Can any man be trusted. From the album manner pigs can any man be trusted David Petraeus married. To -- four row what that 38 years 38. Years. And as certainly as we said general Allen and General Petraeus not exactly. Brad Pitt look alikes -- just not I think it's the power that these women were attracted to. The you know you're you're with a general everybody snaps to attention salutes. They opened doors swarm all kinds of things -- leading troops in a battle. I think women are attracted to that and Paul abroad well there is a graduate of West Point. And she was his biographer and then things got. A little too well chummy and general Allen. They found 20000. Emails to Joseph Kelly 20000. Emails I can't imagine as it boggles my mind. So -- wanna know from you know how you would analyst can any man be trusted. And would you would you kind of peek at juror espouses email account as say they've forgotten didn't -- -- computer down. My -- or my wife forgot they shut down the account. Just look at these this if I should erase them. You know so that's incredibly you've got to be mindful of that but I think that is a basic breach of trust if you do that. To be honest let's go to. Whose next though Wayne I think is on line one way in your WBM. Lately thing well. Occurrences. Or -- -- -- -- -- -- Order your your. -- -- We're all in all but 1 or 2 o'clock well. Mark block. Her out their old story. Workers work for. -- article was very important for over a year. Secretary your daughter the record keeper on the track record here. Of course your editor at the wars. -- girl. -- all actors or -- order. Torture. And it'll it'll all your life. Your divorce. That -- -- what she's been there done that -- history. She's a -- players secure and I'm not trust you can trust people. Jordan Carter what has. That's our way that you read about the great stories. That's how about that. I don't -- and I Israel wanted to lose 616 nights with his sixth start I'm thirty. Yes they biographer thereof abroad while used to run with him there are doing six minute miles I'm not a runner but that sounds fairly -- committee. And they got involved more more and then once it was discovered he stepped down at least the right thing he stepped down rather than trying to hold -- fingernails. But the big question as if your head of the CIA and you can't keep a secret. I mean what chance would we have against the foreign nations that wanted to infiltrate that if -- if you can keep that secret. But then. They also wrote letters for Joseph Kelly's sister Natalie who was involved in a custody case. And the letters where I mean so far out of bounds for what the judge had said to -- I'm -- I'm surprised that they did it says sometimes Smart guys and -- guys that are in and powerful positions. They're -- they're not thinking clearly that's the nicest way I can say it. OK there are not thinking clearly. And so let's go to bill in north I don't want to build your on WB yen. Good attitude and he bill. I'm a perfect. Recruit but. I was critical of FaceBook. And I under the old girlfriend of mine from Los Angeles. Why are we certainly he would -- before -- -- was chemical and you know and if you dirty you know it's stuff. There wasn't. The problem. It is get deeper we were gonna need to put Toronto. It is -- -- daughter it's a business so absurd you know a commitment from here to approach traveled so that it it at that point in time. -- -- Opt out there FaceBook page and so this this this cheddar or back and -- while. That's OK he was in particular about the trip throughout all including exhibit -- he bowed out I was conservative. -- the worst thing nevermind -- -- his wife but if you're a conservative that's the real archenemy. -- you gotta get out of -- was somebody who is at least in your same party or philosophical spear. With the -- today that it provides. Yeah I would you address your husband remember men are pigs. This is coming from a broadcasting of three men and we all voted garment bags yes we are raise our -- into a bad thing. It's not a good cook it's not a good thing but I think these women were attracted to the power of General Petraeus in the power of general Allen is not because their bodies I can tell you that. But then this FBI agent sends a picture of himself. I'll -- Chris -- without a -- on. That would Jill Kelly so Joseph Kelly must be like a man's clearing house. -- don't ever start men's clearing house where I was settle probably owns that. And so that's it's 20000 emails. I just can't see how this. Passed anti how do you know how do you commanding troops. In Afghanistan and have time to send 20000. Emails it's beyond me.

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