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Bauerle on Israels Future

Nov 15, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How many listeners we have an Israel that we have if you lose you're right now. Is not an excuse me sorry apologize model -- -- going around I'm fighting it off I've not had a cold in years. They accuse I camp I'm sucking lemons I can't right now. I don't do ads for them but. -- -- open. That stuff works. That's -- office -- at all about five colds in the past couple years haven't had one. That is actually taken root and taken over the body yea it is like him too expensive stuff but to a so it was taken time off work. So anyway in Israel right now basically all hell is breaking news. The American Media is giving -- some coverage but they seem to be more interested in that. Petraeus and his -- And -- just wanna share with you open letter. Wrote this morning to Israel and it goes something like there's -- Israel. Sorry to see your -- camera right now. I guess the Islam -- fascists watched the results of our election to. If things start to look really bad. Please call Bob Dylan. Steven Spielberg. Or Barbara Streisand or maybe Sarah Jessica Parker and all the fund raiser for you. Elections have consequences. And those who forget the past are condemned to repeat. Please take some comfort Israel. In knowing that millions of American Christians have your back. Good blocked. TB. -- Jewish vote. In American presidential elections typically breaks Democrat in big numbers. Last Tuesday. And this is according to the New York Times and I know there going to be people who -- these polls are wrong these polls are wrong. Just think back to last Tuesday and try to tell me that. Here is you won't have an argument to make but that's another story -- -- polls are wrong Dick Boris and Carl ropes at. Anyway he'll be around -- a landslide. -- It so anyway. 70% of the American Jewish vote went to President Obama. 70% of the American Jewish vote went to President Obama. Now here's -- -- Where you've got American Christians. There are more concerned with the future security and safety of Israel. Than a lot of Americans Jews. What's the point. Is up eight. You know I don't realize that I'm all of I -- -- blogger said stoke your users. But I realize I'm whole. I can remember a time. When I actually met at hockey games holocaust survivors. Actually sat one night next -- this lady who told her entire life story. During World War II -- and being a refugee. And Palestine. And being on boats looking for all. I remember that story I've met her once they talked for three hours fascinating way Jewish. And I presume if she told me. She would have told her grandchildren maybe grandchildren -- work listen I don't know. But. I'm also all the have to remember reading books like all -- -- life. By -- decline local lady well became a local lady international author of great repute. Detailing. In absolute stark terms. What it was like to be young Jewish girl living under the free -- biopsies. I remember reading about the struggles to put together of the nation of Israel in 1948 remember the stories from very strong. Talking about it all ever -- partner Eddie Jacobson. Covenant White -- Harry Truman said with these Jewish tears streaming down his race. Wanna president Truman to recognize Israel which he did it. For years. America's Jews had this. Entirely understandable love affair with Israel. Israel was that direct response to World War II. Israel was a direct response to the Holocaust without the Holocaust there would not have been an Israel. At least not our generation huddled together it -- happen. It happened. Israel comes in to -- it was the Jewish state. That's what it was supposed to be good Jewish state. So. My thinking issues. If 70%. America's Jews. Went to the polls last week. And filled in their circle for a guy whose track record with Israel. Has been anything but. Conspicuously. Supportive. What were you expecting. Just what is liable fascist watched the result of our elections to know they smell weakness. So we did in the Arab Spring and what we didn't do when he on. They know where President Obama went on his Middle East trip and where he didn't go. They know that all this talk about how much we love and respect. Netanyahu. In a Joseph Biden basically talked about taken back with a -- It's an exaggeration but you get the point. And it was crap the Israelis that was crap. So. I guess we've just come to this weird place. So I have to terrorism. I don't know about you. I'm getting sick bag in my head against the wall as abrasive at my FaceBook page you're right. I'm sick of banging my head up against the wall and trying to convince people of what ought to be obvious. And then being called all kinds of names for. For try to convince people of what should be obvious. If 70% of America's Jews do not give a damn about the State of Israel. And they vote into our presidency a guy who is Luke warm at best regarding Israel while -- like here. It's a Jewish state of 70% of American Jews don't care that's a hard sell for me are. I I strongly suggest that if Israel gets a real jam. They called Bob Dylan Barbara Streisand Steven Spielberg Sarah Jessica Parker. And the list goes on and on and on. -- there are Jewish celebrities like Adam Sandler. Who I've supported a Republican candidates. But the population as a whole. The Jewish vote 70%. Went to President Obama. And Israel's enemies and our enemies overseas they get CNN as well. Did you think you're just gonna sit back and say. Where -- gonna do anything right now we're gonna wait until real hard -- sometime is elected president of the US. -- they know that now's the time. If you're ever gonna act to get Israel off the map this is the time to do it. This is the time the bill. If I were in his wobble fascist. I would be help that the next four years. In trying to make sure that this was the generation that wipe Israel as a Jewish state off the face of the planet. -- beat the opportunity has never been better. Apparently today's generation. Of Jews did not listen. In the United States to the stories of their grandparents or maybe their parents. I grew up in Taiwan that we've never grocery store they're named park edge. I think it was run by the Bennett overtures. Lot of Jews went there. And our harbors a little more. True historic park edge. Seeing these -- whose. On people's arms and people who would be well my age now you know 48. -- percent of them about how come everybody has attacked and and she'd say I don't let it. We'll talk about later later because obviously -- while bears the people around us so on the walk holds itself. There was a war before you were born. Those people are Jews the Nazis did horrible things to them made them go to camps and made -- get tattoos say they'd always be identifiable. And it struck -- as -- even as a little boy that -- horrible mean people actually do that each other I mean there I was watching Sesame Street big bird. Think in the world got along great. Or maybe it was commander Tom and Dave Thomas rocket ships evident that point I don't call. But. Anyway. I I I just never real hard time getting worked up over. What's going on right now. I mean it's it's not my faith. I know there and they were an ally. This country has decided it really doesn't want Israel anymore as an ally is more closely aligned. Through its president with the Muslim Brotherhood that is the choice America may last week not just 70% of the American Jews but. Everybody else who voted for president Barack Obama the unions. -- nor other minorities. Thirty what 37% -- white vote to whatever was voted for Barack Obama. Right you you made the decision. You set the direction of this country. You know what's coming I know what's coming. And the Islamic fascists know what's coming for years. Of limp Weiner -- presidency. In the White House. Seriously folks there since 1948. Even during the Jimmy Carter era. Since 1948. Things have never looked so but for the Islamic fascist and so bad for Israel. The next four years I think will determine. If there even is a nation of Israel as a Jewish state anymore. I'm pretty confident that Israelis defense forces. Can hold their own. But for how long and against what numbers and then what went Iran gets atomic weapons. Elections. Have. Consequences.

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