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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Kathy Romanowski on Turkey Trot Filling Up in Record Time

Kathy Romanowski on Turkey Trot Filling Up in Record Time

Nov 13, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Turkey -- this year. A sellout to is this a record for how fast the event sold out. It is we had really -- turn out last year but this year everyone came in drought with a lot faster and are very creature that of course comedy will be running this year. And we have 141000 people signed up to be out there on Thanksgiving morning -- be very large but find out. Now there's something new with a Turkey -- this year please tell -- grew up now. Sure that you're doing -- up in cap that's me a lot of people come out that morning what they're hollowing -- and again for Thanksgiving morning we thought we tax. Honor all those folks to take the time to get traffic -- so we're going to be. Giving out the award for the most creative individual can't stand and the best group constant at about twenty minutes before it started their race. Right from the Delaware -- that the cancer feet a year you know fifteen seconds of fame if you aren't part of a property cannot. And yet he need backed out that it can't integrate pride do. Anywhere what their prize is going to be yet. Now under wraps right now by we can't figure out people like come on down and each other's spirits -- do the other that morning. Well and over the years Kathy we've seen a lot of outrageous costumes that the Turkey trot. What customs that stood out your mind. You know if it's great to see everyone come up with a group of Afghan meet our especially in the flamingos out there there's at least twenty or thirty about last year. We have the funds favorite guys that come out every year. -- course you have some turkeys and some programs that honor the holiday -- to creativity it's great it's what people decide decked themselves out and that -- -- it's quite -- latency. Now for those were taking part in the race itself those who were lucky enough to sign -- register in time. What changes were -- before this year. I'm pretty much the same as they have been in years past everybody just needs to make sure their mind up plat the corner of Delaware and Avery I had I am so that they're ready to go on Nintendo adopt. We will have a pro straight party for families again this year and Pat -- city Mitchell helped can't divert a little bit that traffic's so that's good. And also don't have a shuttle buses which is always very helpful in getting those 141000 people back and sports. Starting up at 7 -- that the convention center in bringing folks stand the start line. And after the race itself taking people back to that target parking lot to get their -- they parked over by the parent myself. Still running seamlessly is as usual -- -- they had great weather day forest and ever be out at a great time with us this morning. Or -- folks do that were to pick me up with the food bank of Western New York to collect donations board there on nonperishable items for Thanksgiving. -- if they want to opt -- Annie lion CA anytime between now and great state and drop off. I have to camp of nonperishable food that would be wonderful we have a goal of 6000 meals this year -- really hoping that western Yorkers can help us get back.

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