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Lisa Pelton with Bauerle

Nov 13, 2012|

talks about her mother-in-law, killed on the Amherst Bike Path in a motorcycle crash

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's a -- Akron on WB EM -- I think when it I think if -- who showed it won't. And I -- -- And beyond what my mother alone. Or mention that the wonderful person. She let Charlie isn't pretty sure I mean. I'm sorry if our -- Lisa Lisa and ask you to speak up because I'm having a hard time hearing you assure that your mother in law was -- one of the people killed on Sunday. Mrs. mrs. Helton. Poll. Were you on the news last night Lisa. Oh OK thank you so much for calling. Lisa. My my deepest sympathies go out to you. And I wanna talk about your mother in law that and I hope I'm not being intrusive but can you please tell us how your. How you're dead in law is doing because his break in my heart. Well it breaks my heart to. But he had some good. You gotta -- icu. Struggling ethnically. Of course. Our intent to -- and are open fractures. -- punctured -- who fractured red. -- -- -- know is kind of broken heart. And that's the hardest part of at all. You have that that's what I mean that you know the physical injuries will heal but his heart because I I just can't imagine. You know fifty years plus with your soul mate and the person you were destined to be with. You know for the rest of of your life not being there suddenly taken from view by that that kind of grief I just cannot imagine. And it's been there ever. And millennia. You know fairly hopeful Kelly actually get -- but I'll I'll. -- -- are dealing here. -- -- -- brother lives in an old friend. And are you patient -- then I should trust both at all wealthy is it true that this weekend. But weakened -- -- roster and what is naive and it together and talk about saying listen. It's that old tired. I -- just he can trying chill -- touch the people are not at Shannon's now trying to get people together and and the apartment fathering love. Lisa is there -- thing is there anything that that we can do for -- -- or anything my listeners can do for you is there any thing you need is there in any way shape or form can we be of any help to you. The praise. Craig -- in her late father earned it oral. Emotionally especially. Aren't. And -- Richard and I'm a strong Christian I actually morning via the pilot Craig Gordon. Reading my little devotional actually rickety -- And it wouldn't work that morning. And hit my shift. And then he and the location. At I interpret -- 7 PM at the at 6 PM. -- comparable to that election people. And then we'll cut it with a straight ticket -- that I and my family. I'm just ask -- the strain and how well prepared. The community. Concurrent sinful than my heart without the other -- well. -- do you -- do you have a continued to hold on for a few minutes you can come back and tell us a little bit more about your mom in law and order special lady she was having basically looked death in the face once before and given that the big middle finger. I I can't I have or to the funeral home so unfortunately. I. A contract a few minutes. OK you know what I'm gonna do news headlines with Dave Tebow and -- -- -- in the commercial break and come right back -- use of you to give me about a minute we'll do -- -- rightly hold on -- -- Dave thank you and do not a gesture clocked I was just late heading into the news headlines the time is 1034 but we have a very special person who's on the phone now we have a person who. Lost her mother in law on Sunday on the -- bike -- her name is Lisa is at least a Pelton. I just I I wanted to make sure that says that infect as the name by which you go. Your mother in law. Was such a special person and such an inspiration. And I have the feeling that if you could talk to us right now she would give us in some way shape or form. Words of encouragement and words of inspiration can you tell us about what a great lady she was. She was. She was a fighter. And she worked for her to -- her and I know. She never let one thing will get hurt Allen. She inspired. More people and I think my family. Even realize that. I'm sure they'll realize it. At trial that aren't -- as an inspiration to be pretty hard then I went hours yesterday. In the mile and a top ten and her neighbors. That we really and -- That my children. They tell us shared the same and that she actually. At my -- How I feel she should loved young young people she. She was a great grandmother to my cheek and it says that she. -- Help them do not strive for their goals and apparently Eritreans and impeached form. Probably determine who didn't. And -- -- -- an inspiration my -- -- As an acute got older and she was in the creation too many out. Her neighbors. Watkins the well and I'm. And that inspiration people up Ali and her mother -- -- and probably younger than my shelf. And older than her out -- little shrine to a large age group she -- young heart. -- machine -- -- my daughter from school shopping and spoil her. We are gonna miss her. -- you Lisa were you able to watch the -- video of your mom in law last night and any of the TV stations and just may be smile a little bit knowing what a great legacy she left. Yes no I mean I think it's a little early. I can't. Catholic -- in -- way and Leland area chipping at how looking at all of her pictures. She has. -- trophy from their apparent that cheap. -- -- -- -- Too little thing you know it they're both kind of -- that make it mariachi. -- was a blessing because -- cashier she. Because the failure so get your -- my sister are actually look at Japan and then she hasn't been Chicago for the last few years. I'll -- a look at Iran. Other it mildly but unfortunately at the picture -- the summer. And then her -- I'm -- -- -- England this cashier's check out all of her kids. The cashier. Which both liberal saying. I let her but usually your -- -- are actually cared for a lot. And the cheap that they didn't look out of their lives actually it's very proud of my rank and reinstall her -- Well and it. And with good reason I mean I think we can all hear the love the daughter in law you head for your mom in law -- -- And I know you have the on happy task of going to the funeral home right now and -- making the making the arrangements if if you think of and I know you've asked for prayers not only for your family for your father in law who obviously is grief stricken having lost his wife of over fifty years but prayers for the -- and family as well and -- It if you need any thing if you think of any thing drop me an email. Be in touch and if there's any way we can help you out but you know. I I would think and I just learn to other actually know that we are. Thinking and praying trip and we're sorry about their lives. -- beautiful young lady. And mr. shame it's just. I'm hoping and praying for just that I know that I think we're out as God's hand. And that's you know that's OK with me and so I just wanna thank you for the opportunity leader. -- I felt about my mother and -- And I want to speak on behalf of my husband and -- children and faster so they can trip. Absolutely I'm so glad you called and I wish the circumstances. Were better obviously. And it will be will be thinking of you and -- thank you very very much. -- there is Lisa sultan whose common law was. The 81 year old marathon runner who was killed. Because. Allegedly somebody decided it would be good idea that -- Intoxicated and then get on a motorcycle. And you know we've been through this before folks and I I wish that serve. You know I I wish I could say boy you -- we've never heard about anything like this happening before but. This individual who's charged. Has had previous. At least one previous encounter with the law. On a drunk driving situation. And based on the charge at that time may very well have had other run ins with the law on similar charges. If the again and I've put up eight. I've put up the app applicable part of New York State vehicle traffic law on my area on my FaceBook page -- mean the question -- really it's. Get away -- its move to the victims' families well maybe not I don't know I can't quite get myself in their head space by. You know if if this individual has been a serial drunken driver. That is gonna add a layer of additional tragedy on to this story and the question will then be how -- nobody stopped them. Don't be addicted to criminal justice system let these people that. And somebody once told me I said -- yesterday we don't have a justice system in this country we have a legal system in this country. And that came from somebody who knows that are all too well. And it just gonna talk about classy people I mean the multifamily in the midst of their own tragedy and their own grief. Not only because of mom. But also dead 79 years old absolutely heartbroken in a hospital room Eddie CMC. And the physical injuries are. Nothing compared to. The sadness and the heartbreak. That -- man must be experiencing. Right now I know he has a loving family I know he has supportive of people around him. But there's just nothing like. Having that kind of a connection or that kind of a soul mate and have a suddenly stripped from especially in that way. Is just. It's just -- terribly tragic. And the situation with the jostle and L percent. Again 25 year old young lady. Loved life. And a -- a medical condition she was highly functioning. You was a big smile our loved kids loved animals. And what are dead last night was on TV. It was talking about watching her twice before -- to surgery on a Gurney and survive heart surgery. Only. Only for this. It just it it just as as a father it just it went right through you did that as a mom political breakthrough yet. You cannot watch that and not be moved. You can be Stallone and it would make you cry.

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