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Rick Jeanneret Accepts Foster Hewitt Media Award at Hockey Hall of Fame

Nov 12, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ladies and some of the great -- generous. -- almost that's. I'll lose a little later. Thank you chuck to -- at this podium today is a bit surreal. Sending among the laconic mode voices of my profession and at the foot of the true giants of -- on the streets. It's an honor of a lifetime. And I want to thank you for inviting me here today. Came to hockey by way of broadcasting and now I can't imagine having it any other way. My career will always. Be defined by -- -- But that wasn't in the original plans in my younger days in my career was just starting out this wanted to be a broadcaster truth be told. I was more interest in being Moroccan ruled this document handling else. In my glove that didn't Paramount. As a youngster the hockey broadcaster -- most admired was -- yellow man. In my first year with the sabres there I sat -- the -- Castro of the old Montreal forum. And just on the line sat down. It was a pretty overwhelming moment for a kid from the North Shore of Lake Superior. -- thought well -- will be proud of me today. As I am sure she is right now. -- 92 is here today. Along with the rest of my family. I'm off and with the notable exception of my oldest granddaughter Alexandria and was where she should be amount as a class in university. Kids are all here Chris Smart shelling with a better halves and all the young grandkids. And my wife Sandra who took time out from post building to be with the plan. Seeing them all together reminds me of the amount of -- a lot of time that this job commands. The way from home. When that was punctuated when I noticed on mine Mary not reward statement a number of nights I've spent in merry odds since the program began. Two readers worse two years. And that includes countless others -- doesn't include countless others president Hilton's -- shortens. Or in the leaner years a couple of those nights and clothes. No hotel motels. The one thing I'm happy for and from a -- Is that at no time in my career was I told to broadcast like this where that's. That I was allowed to do my own thing. I do know that my own thing can be somewhat off the wall. I was never -- change cover and were told to adapt. Usually that's not completely true. He was suggests he may want to -- wanna go on a different direction. Happened in my first year in buffalo and who's during the game and -- says something like. And -- picked up his jock strap. The next day in my mail slot held a note from Northrop mocks the vice president and co owner of the team. And media got there the -- referenced by jock strap line and wrote something let. -- he personally found it hilarious we should all remember that our audience consists of many. Women and children. Rumor is that that. Remembering that was forty years ago different time different time. And I've often wondered since what majority what clicked today if we turned on his radio or TV that jock strap bothered him. So let's go -- track for a guy who grew up in a little town called terrorist -- Then on to Niagara Falls and cutting my teeth on junior games about. -- half century ago. And through that to where I stand today the journey has been fun. Educational. And fulfilling. The destination. Flat note to exotic. And so was an all worth it. Our -- Pep speech. Very generous. Foster Hewitt. You do have rented it was worth to thank you very very much.