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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Andrew Cuomo and Other NY 2016 Presidential Candidates - Ken Lovett

Andrew Cuomo and Other NY 2016 Presidential Candidates - Ken Lovett

Nov 12, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When we open up the WB and lifeline to Ken Lovett the Albany bureau chief for the New York Daily News morning -- Our great thanks for the time -- let -- begin that 2016. Presidential speculation is already brewing out there and the top let me ask you about governor Andrew Cuomo do you think he -- got his name possibly. You know -- thought about anyway for our president. I I definitely think he's in the mix. And they think he's certainly considering it I don't think he's made up his mind yet. Apart from his public comments was from what I understand them pretty coy. Are there signs is he doing fundraising is he shaking hands with certain people anything that would indicate. Now he hasn't done it yet but don't forget I mean we just got done with the last presidential election. You know a lot of people like to have pointed out of the governor likes to say well -- and it. Get into the situation that my father was -- you know -- father former governor Mario Cuomo. Who became known as Hamlet on the high end because he couldn't decide whether to run and you know burial give it 1982. Convention speech that put him on the map and national conventions speeds. And the public doesn't have to do that he's a former Hud secretary under Bill Clinton. He's the governor is already in the mix so he can -- -- a little later not a -- of someone like Hillary Clinton but certainly he has time and want to focus on this election. What about his poll numbers at a pretty high is is he the envy of other governors. Now he has got the highest poll numbers of any governor in the country let's put it in play that the last Siena poll there was some slippage was only at 67%. How I mean they're amazing at the 22 month that is those popularity is. But so far the problem the honeymoon period continues. Put on of behavior analyst hat for me instead of just a straight reporting. What are his negatives what that would keep him from running do you think. You know I think will he play in the middle actually play outside of you know metropolitan cities. He's certainly. So far as governor. Has that tipped off the some of the key constituencies. Of the Democratic Party. That you would need -- -- primary you know of the union the list the public labor unions are upset with him over pension reform and other things. Guilty teachers are upset with him so he's certainly taken on some of these established democratic. The traditional base so he's gonna have to. Suit some ruffled feathers to two get that done. Can someone else being mentioned with the New York connection is Hillary Clinton. Now let me ask you what you think about this and and who would have a better shot at a Cuomo or Hillary. While Hillary is by far even in New York polls have consistently shows. The New Yorkers like Hillary Clinton to run much more than Andrew Cuomo. And that she's been named -- don't forget she almost became the nominee in 2008. When she was in a really tough primary -- Barack Obama everyone expected that would be -- year. I actually think that that one and Obama's secretary of state -- is done with politics but. Even those Coast Guard don't necessarily believe that they feel that. Shall come home so he'll recharge the batteries and like I said earlier you know you know they have that the clintons have a vast fundraising operation. She complain a lot longer than other candidates are trying to get their names including Andrew Cuomo. The Washington Post this week came out with an article or marble column really opinion piece. That listed some of the people on some of the possibilities. They even had Kirsten Gillibrand on their list what your thoughts there. I actually did -- start up and I would say of the new York and you know Clinton and and Cuomo by the eight team and certainly children as the B team but. You never know nobody knew Barack Obama in 2008. You know. But what happens I would Gillibrand is she has raised a lot of money for a lot of candidates. She's not only raise money for both senators. But he has -- cause we're to try to get more women elected to office but nationally -- -- more than a million dollars to candidates nationally. You know so he's certainly. Someone who is ambitious is aggressive but also young -- -- -- 45 years old -- that. 2016. Maybe down the line certainly she could play a big role in the senate while while too late. New York has Chris Christie to litany of regions so it's three big players who are looking at 26 saint. -- this has been found thanks for the time this morning. I think time evidence that you till. Ken -- is the only current chief for the New York Daily News.

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