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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>NHL Labor talks Update - Steve Manson

NHL Labor talks Update - Steve Manson

Nov 9, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They've been talking longer now than they have since the lockout began. The National Hockey League and its players in day four of discussions and Western New York hockey magazine editor and publisher Steve Manson is with us now on the WB in my -- Morning Steve. If neither side is pulled away from the table yet does your gut say a deal is coming now. You know what I think both -- sides have realized that now's the time to get something done on. We got had three straight days of -- rather serious discussions and again. One thing it really. Makes me optimistic that the fact that neither side -- popular media about what's happening it. And book or whatever they edit negotiations they both ran out into a media column and -- in the other guy and editor at serious all of it this time both sides think they are keeping quiet and that's going to be good thank you. Standard schedule meet again today. You know if an agreement does come fairly sentencing in the next week realistically Steve went could hockey resume. -- Because they've already wiped -- the November games and that's what. The thing was actually earlier this week when they first started talking to work some floated out -- they actually could start the the day after Thanksgiving because they have a nationally NBC nationally televised game schedule -- -- afternoon but that seems somewhat of not realistic now because they're gonna -- ten days -- -- Of and it -- the deal is -- you're gonna have to give two or three date for all the players to get therein. Especially the ones that are over Europe and and you gonna have -- have they have at least a week probably week. Training camp maybe an exhibition game until I mean the first thing you would want players if they don't have at least they had. The only injury could be really serious. Try and Italy early gains so a lot. He you know -- got to be serious about it who would there are a lot of feeling that it -- get this thing settled in the next you know southern Beirut so. But the scene he could start December 1 and you can have a 64 -- season which means all you would have to do was eliminate the east west being. And displayed at the conference games and now. That there were scheduled that would add up the sixty or would you be about the same -- -- for that period tax. They've probably in a week into the season at the end and that's pushing the play -- -- a little bit but. It's doable but right now. They just need to get it done and and I would as you well know I was very optimistic we never even get close to this point now. I feel that either -- they get it done in this series negotiation -- -- falls apart now I think is a good chances seem to might be lost. When they get it done if they get it done what sort of deal comes out what does that look like how much wiggle room to either side have going in. Well. A lot of wiggle. Basically people agreed to the 5050 split. Revenue and other -- in regard to exactly what they do it simply means. One thing and the players' side they really want all the the. The contracts that were signed book or a -- L. To be honored. And -- -- clause at all Patrick since those -- administer under the present CPA which means. You know president and CB date of contract would revert to the NC BA. And the players knew that the agents knew that he -- that excited context but now they're trying to work out how they're gonna get that point. And you know the little things like yeah I would think most of the minor issues. Either are subtle war can be settled rather quickly I think that one big thing is just how do we divide up the pot -- he -- the in the. Hopefully serious speed or make -- series camera station that's now in and get this thing done. Too much pressure -- not to come to a deal right now. All I think -- tremendous pressure both from the ownership side but could there the group and I would animal league this is just got semi part I would have to believe. Our owner Bob altered our goal is probably a group pressure to get this thing done and I know tremendous pressure on the -- side because the players have already lost this year. More money than arguing about I mean. -- -- Very little that I realize it'll be over 78 year period for the contract but you know that's what a lot of money that both sides not -- of squandered the money. That they would have made so far this year plus all that huge money that would have made in the winter classic. And the bottom line is it's that big they've hurt the sport -- Even though the court continued to roll it'll slow down and his -- now openly advertising and in all the popular with the fans. That have been harmful for the game now the big question is how quickly gonna get this thing done and get big game going again. You know to try to cut down apartment or he done. All right very good Steve thanks for joining us this morning. As Steve Manson. Publisher and editor who western York hockey magazine.

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