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Next Financial's Mike Lomas on Stock Plunge

Nov 7, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Obviously a lot on investors' minds. What stood out the most today. Well the number of different things complex thanks for having me about the lack you know there's no -- some markets are voting today as opposed to yesterday. The markets but that Romney was gonna pull it out and he was perceived to be the more business friendly candidate and so you know an outlook focus. Chip from the presidential race to the upcoming fiscal clip then you know those secret I think Wall Street thought that president Romney would be. Feel better at handling these things we've got a in the bush tax cut probably. Expiring. We've got constant federal agencies and cabinet departments and you know and it and so all the stuff gonna hit that once and then of course you had the -- rating agencies stretched. And Moody's say basically coming out -- look we're ready to cut do you last triple -- credit rating. It would be if you don't start taking some fiscal actions here and so. You know the market is this -- right now. And Mike the lame duck congress and the president will have a -- 67 weeks to avoid this fiscal -- how likely do you think something can be done as far as getting a deal. I think very unlikely yeah actually I think you're gonna continue to see a lot of volatility out there. I would say there's an investor adult make panic moves they'd never work -- -- a lot of good companies out there -- You know -- good earnings and in good balance -- and and you know I would make sure that I'm trying to pick out the one that. It'll happen this stable -- -- pay good -- and increasing dividend and I would make sure. More than ever that your extremely diversified right now. So as this volatility continues you can take advantage of that you know you look at the -- today. A lot of that's selling what computer driven I think because you have an aspect that doubt you'll be in the absentee. All -- about the same a small percentage alive would silently that. You know there's computer models out there that are making news moved in making these transactions and and saw -- on raising cash. You know because they're nervous -- I just thank. If you're if you they have -- well diversified portfolio be very proactive would that if you own government that I would be more shorter term what that you can. You know like it out of the way of if rates start to increase which at some point they knew they will all the money be flooded in the market. And -- very quickly you mentioned a European concerns how much of that should we worry about here in the US. Well certainly the biggest thing you know Germany has been somewhat immune to the overall eurozone crisis and today they said there are shown signs of slowing down -- so. There's no doubt it's a global economy. And I would you know on I would be on top of that I would be. You know I would be well diversified. Making sure that you've got it all on more should allocated portfolio within your 401K plans. I wouldn't even be afraid to raise some catch you know some of the that are money managers out there have been doing that and so later analyzing your investment. You know options within your 401K plans -- -- -- -- counts. The -- managers are gonna try to raise some cash and you know keep the per rainy days -- -- it does continue to rain here they can take advantage of -- Already Michael almost up next financial thanks for joining us this afternoon.

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