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Bauerle on election results

Nov 7, 2012|

Bauerle breaks down the winners and losers from last nights election.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I feel like each. I feel like crap this morning as well. If that makes you feel any better. My guy did not win. The presidency and probably if -- listener to -- your -- did not win. As I told -- yesterday voted a straight Republican -- some of my people one locally. Well Mike Madigan did not win but Chris Collins for whom I was rooting. Even though I could not vote for him he won. I think he is smoking crack if he thinks he's gonna go to Washington as a freshman congressman Democrat state and have a much of an effect his first term in office. Chris is going to be introduced to the joy and the art of ass kissing that's going to be the first order of business for Chris Collins is. Realizing that he's not the richest guy in the room is not the smartest guy in the room he's not the biggest ego in the room. And he is gonna have to eat a little. You know what before he's able to do anything in Washington -- not exactly going to be greeted like a conquering hero sorry it doesn't work that way you have to pay your dues as a freshman member of congress even if your party is in charge. Of course I suppose if you were to slip somebody a fifteen carat diamond ring maybe they'd go look the other way. Anyway so I'm glad Chris Collins one but I do think he's got some learning to do about Washington culture and the difference between being the top guy and part of via a body of lawmakers I think he can do it. About it they might be a bit art culture shock to him as it would be for anybody who is of that temperament. What else went after all let's get the local. -- local is going to be fine. I'm sure she's gonna have a five job waiting for her somewhere. In government doing something. So on the market worry too much about hurt living in cardboard box under the 29 you were 190. Let's just say that. Now to the business at hand and that of course is of the presidency that's where we had most of our emotional investments I'm sure worked. And I don't wanna make a big deal out of this because I think it's classless to come on the year especially when I'm his miserable if you are and say well official. But just on -- that's that's just that's classless crap but I I'm just gonna say this and I'll be done with that for the day. And I I don't say this out of ego. Now maybe maybe a little bit but the ego part of it is really watered down under a bucket -- adolescent years but. I will say that I was one of the very few people in the country in the media to get this right. I'd try it might and missed them unlock it your folks I was awake I've had maybe a very limited sleep over the past few days. Are right -- in Lebanon and a vibrant coffee and something legally and say. Southern Lebanon. A lot of for stimulants. And well legal stimulants like -- point that out and haven't spent a lot of time on the computer when I came here yesterday. And I gave you my prediction on the election it was nothing that I rebel it is nothing in which I took any joy. It's just it was just the cold dispassionate. Emotion was -- Of what I saw happening. I had Obama at 290. Electoral votes. He will actually surpass that. And I was very concerned yesterday. As I have been now for several days. About. Unrealistic expectations being built up for you by Rush Limbaugh. To some extent by my friend Sean Hannity. And by Fox News. I think that. Those people. Have some serious egg on their faces this morning. And I got to tell you folks if -- Dick Morris on Fox News again ever. I will have I will lose all respect for Fox News the man is a charlatan. Dick Morris is a fraud -- Dick Morris has zero credibility. Fox News if they were Smart they should hire me. Instead a bit -- it's because stupid little old me and buffalo got it right Dick Morris got it wrong. -- the smartest guy in the rove Dick Morris. You know he sucked big time last night. All running a landslide yeah okay right. Mean these are the people that you've come to depend upon for reliable information right. Baltic Porsche -- was with the clintons and he became a better -- Fox News contributors. Carl world also looked like an idiot last night. I hate this it but the architect looked like he designed a very crappy building. I thought of the one of the worst moments of folks. I'm not trying to bring anybody down okay please understand I'm speaking out of frustration. And I'm speaking out of a little bit of anger. Are right so try to understand that I'm not trying to be a total -- beg your. Karl Rove and one of the worst moments of his career last night on fox I iced it with fox all night long by the way I lost a lot of respect for Megyn Kelly. Last night because I think she's a closet -- she was positively -- last night. Seriously I don't know what the hell -- going out with herb but. She was absolutely I thought the mood at Fox News was totally inconsistent with what I would have expected that Fox News I would expect them. To be global end to end despondency. But it looked positively giddy. It was like I thought I was watching CNN the top box label on last night and if you felt that way too. But anyway Karl Rove thought made a complete ass of himself last night. When the Fox Network people. Called Ohio for President Obama. And Carl role. First of all. For a guy who is supposedly so Smart. Mr. -- Numbers. Make horrible words. And you lost me. I've been accused of having a photographic memory falsely. But Karl Rove lost me. Because not only did he give the numbers but he -- Numbers by the time we got through low and that he said well the difference is only 911 votes and -- -- well. Asked why did you just. Outs is as they had -- it wasn't so but then I'm sure that's not where he felt a worried spellbound was. Well. I'm not I think it's too early to call Ohio because all these Republican counties have yet to be heard from Ohio. I'm thinking wait a minute okay this leak in buffalo the first -- Marked the country of saying wait a minute. -- -- -- -- That is that's Cleveland see another batch that's a lot. Let's see -- that Cincinnati those are Democrats straw polls. And rove kept insisting. That the Republican ball -- yet to be hurt and so it was all that. By the way. One of the worst moments and Fox News last night and again folks I'm not -- could be. I'm not try to rub salt okay I'm speaking at a frustration and anger and please don't be all pissed off at me okay. One of the worst moments last night. With when Karl Rove and our Chris Wallace -- back to the fox anchors Megyn Kelly and the other -- -- -- -- And it was it was like that feeling. It was the worst segue. Ever in election coverage. I gotta tell -- it was like Karl Rove ripped the biggest nauseating. Gas ever and said don't make it here. Oh run with this now. It would soul awkward it was -- awkward. That in the next segment they actually dispatched Megyn Kelly down to the analysts. To get -- spin -- like Karl Rove was wrong. Bomb and they said no -- Karl Rove has it wrong and they said the same thing I just said. Yeah there are some Republican districts yet to be heard from but the Democrat districts are gonna outweigh and outnumber those because of the concentration of population. In these heavily Democrat districts. So I thought Karl -- Was a huge loser last -- huge. I hate to say it but rush also. Is a big loser in this. I mean not for his career because this is going to be for more here's a great talk radio. But one of the 11 of the things and I looked please understand I love rush. All right IA and please don't think that I'm just some little guy in a little market trying to don't stick a needle and Rush Limbaugh. I love Rush Limbaugh I stocked with Rush Limbaugh during the Sandra Fluke thing. I was one of the few people actually stand with rushed along with sandy beach I canceled my -- subscriptions to carbon night I told pro flowers to take off the list. Every sponsor that dropped Rush Limbaugh I dropped them. So I love Rush Limbaugh. So that -- it's clear that up right now and I also love Sean Hannity personally and professionally. But in so far is Russia is concerned he laid a big -- With his election predictions I'm sorry but an objective analysis says rush really got it wrong. He kept harping on this and I heard -- urgent -- on my show countless times. Well they're using the 2008 projection models -- other joint plus six Democrats. Well sure enough -- guess what. The Democrats were motivated and I believe it was Juan Williams on fox who said the actual turnout showed plus six Democrats. So rush got it wrong and he screwed up on a big way. I wish he didn't. Please understand I'm not and I I gotta say that again because you have to understand. I love Rush Limbaugh I think the world of Rush Limbaugh. In this instance. He could not have been any more wrong that he wants. So he I think he was a loser. Last night in and joining Emily was also. A loser last night and it hurts me to say that because actually notional he knows me I -- up. Anti clutch on -- -- the class is guys in American Media he's a very decent human being loved him deeply but he also got -- wrong. Yesterday came in here. And again I don't wanna like. -- -- -- here because I think to -- constantly. I don't wanna make a whole show auditors are right I just wanna make my point and then move on to get your comments. -- I think if I sit here and you know do what some people might think I would do Obama's delegate hold huge. I came in here yesterday. And I said. Obama's gonna win Ohio. Obama's gonna win Wisconsin. Although I got you would have thought the -- I was gonna fall out what I said he's gonna win Wisconsin. Turn the call in Wisconsin what are you talking about don't know this stuff can be. Well sure enough Obama wins Wisconsin. Because I knew the Democrats were going to be energized probably even more so because the recall of walker -- I even said Obama this was no big surprise was gonna win Pennsylvania some people -- little taken aback by that -- I don't see why to me that then that the minute I knew it was over last night. Is when the Florida number started coming. Because I had a play or think it might have been wrong L although it's still too close to call. I had Florida going to Mitt Romney. That was part of my projections that idea. I had Florida going to Romney. When the numbers started coming in from Florida. And they showed 5049. Obama. 5148. Obama I was thinking to myself all my goodness I can't believe what I'm seeing from Florida. When I saw how close it wasn't Florida. I said you know what it's over if if he cannot make -- convincing showing in Florida it's done. Kazaa that had to have been his and he he lost apparently lost. Everything you know the other states. All the all the states that would give these states were either governor on the your President Obama fell in exactly as you would expect. It was the battleground states that made the difference and the President Obama took the battleground states he had to -- as I expected he would. Again the map the numbers the polling data. And honestly what other big loser I've mentioned. Some of the media folks Chris Christie. Chris Christie last week effectively sank in the hopes he ever a big Republican presidential nominee. Chris Christie's career as a national Republican figure ended last week. Because a lot of people rightly or wrongly. Are gonna look at Chris Christie and they're gonna say. Hey you fat blank. You cost Mitt Romney the election by getting down and your knees in front of Obama. Chris Christie went over the top. In praising President Obama just weeks. After speaking at the Republican Convention and had people looking at him as a possible contender in 26 to eight. Chris Christie effectively is dead politically. So he's a big loser to no way -- -- Republicans forget or forgive -- he's done. Just my thoughts my two cents worth.

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