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The election and race relations

Nov 1, 2012|

Sandy discusses how race could impact the presidential election with Tony and callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Beijing company of sandy beach when I saw this article -- just infuriated. Me it's an AP. Article by Jennifer -- east about a survey done and asking it's an explicit and an implicit survey are two different service. Talking about. Whether people indeed. Consider race. AA in the presidential elections and they presidential. Job performance. And they said although Republicans were more likely than Democrats who express racial prejudice. In the questions. Measuring explicit racism 179%. Of Republicans. They claim -- are horror show racist attitudes. Compared with 32% of Democrats. They said India and implicit test there -- little difference there about the same. But on the explicit says. If you can if you can swallow that number your better person and I am 79%. Of Republicans. 32% of Democrats -- would like to see what the questions were when they asked those. And that its overall survey found that by virtue of racial prejudice. Obama could lose five percentage points off of his share in the popular vote. And I I love this one. The slight majority of Americans now expressed prejudiced toward blacks. Whether they recognize. Those feelings or not. Now I'm sure. That if -- prejudice against blacks. It would be no surprise to you. It wouldn't be a shock to you. And but you know it you'd know it you would definitely no I don't think there are many people walking around a harboring a prejudice that they're not even aware world. All right and you know what's amazing. When you're thinking about when you're thinking about race. Everybody walks on egg shells. Everybody I would give me a good example all right. How many times have you heard President Obama. Criticized for something you know a bill a position and or this or that the other thing a waitress in a foreign leader or something. In the legitimate it was a it was heartfelt whether you agree whether or not. But they always say when he's really a nice guys. Now what are excoriating George Bush. Calling a lead dummy. You know I'd just I'd just an absolute moron did you ever hear anybody's -- George Bush's. He's a moron he's an idiot he shouldn't be president but he's really a nice guy now. Are people duo with -- -- with the Barack Obama because they're afraid to do good to criticize him without saying that. Okay Obama may be the greatest thing since sliced bread but people feel that it's necessary. To throw that in -- Justin -- you know what I'm talking about. Yes I'm gonna criticize. The performance of the white house on Libya but I'd better mention. He's a nice guy. And and as I said before listen for that who -- -- side. All that time. What I said if you're looking at a sharp truce car in the in the in the the dealer showroom on the way home all you'll see chartreuse cars listen for of that. Nobody criticizes this president without saying but he's really a nice guy. There was a series that find it amusing. Let's go to Mike in buffalo Mike you're on WBM. Or -- They are but I do have a question. About the effect of law. Why he would do they call a little further Obama black -- you have to wait are they never call personally that is. Half black and white way off I think as being in the minority in the future -- the world should be awarded pollution. All -- to get this disputed two -- is I think we got up for a move that because. You know. I think -- I can give -- your mind at least my take on it I may be right or wrong but my take on it is during the election process. It makes a lot more of of any convincing argument to say -- so enlightened as a nation now we can consider it the first black president as opposed to were so in -- we consider the first half black president and I and I think that caught on. Guy nor would catch I wanted to get kind of a false and I think it creates or racial prejudice. On one side -- the other Orioles -- on Obama supporter and begin -- three issues that dog I will not vote for Obama this time. -- but I do all we -- respect him as our our leader and off. I just think it's they're there to -- something wrong with society to say that don't -- you have approach of black blood in your black and white. Well I know what you're saying -- your -- now if if the criticism -- bottom row were. You know perhaps that's black is doing a lousy job at the half that's why it is fabulous summer -- for him again while -- that's gonna happen. But I think that via. You know you'd try and you'd try and catch. Fireflies are lightning in a jar every once in awhile. In this case it made a lot more sense to him but to market the candidate Bob Barack Obama as a black man. Because oh and we are ready it is it is time for our first black president as opposed to. It where we're ready for half black president. Now that doesn't it doesn't you know doesn't have any panache you agree that don't agree it's just it say selling the man as you would sell a product. I selling the man as a presidential candidate that's a better. Cells to stronger cell line where you just hit the nail on the head product is -- he was as you -- manufactured manufactured come out of nowhere nobody ever knew anything. A bottom we still really don't. And all the sudden this president is no question about it there's also no question in my mind. That. More people voted form because it was black. Then voted against them because it was black okay because he got 96% of the black vote. But that wouldn't be nearly enough I don't I've never seen an exact breakdown of what that would be if he didn't get much support. Outside of the black. Community. But he got to pull a support outside the block him and he won by a sizable margin so that was not really an issue people are buying hope and change they were buying the fact that they didn't like George Bush that much. Although. A bush got a bad rap but -- talk about being excoriated George Bush every day. Remember that was a movie out on how to hit -- you have people forget this sort of thing. -- suddenly here's a here's a guy that nobody really knew. -- It's bigger Bob OK yeah I hope and well. Count me and but we found out we hope we change presidents now that that was the hope and change. It hasn't worked out too well and I don't know how you could make a case. That'd that it has. In fact remember he said that -- -- at the country straightened out in the especially the economics in the first four years that he was going to be one term president. And basically that's my position I agree that's one of the things I agree -- Barack Obama. Not many but that's one. OK Charles and hammers Charles you're on WBN. Yes sir I'm voting against the serpent because he's so white guy. And and hit my birds are -- at least half point as he is. And when he's reelected I'm gonna volunteered to become an ambassador because that our -- certain death for me. Which will be better than living under him for another four years lol that's a little harsh and it it to wave. Going into debt. Without committing suicide I don't expect in that case to have the voters well. While the latest knows about the Libyan situation which you're referring to a is that there or in meetings several weeks before the actual event where. They said out of that embassy that they were not able to defend themselves and still got no help. It's I I think it's shameful. And I think it's being held down as much as it can be held down until after the election but -- this is gonna have legs it's going to have legs thank you. And and and -- When he was in New York did you feel of things you said and in a while it was a it was a New Jersey in New Jersey. We're going to help -- about which of course is the right thing is the president that's good he's doing all the right things but we leave no one behind. He actually said that. And I you talk about an ill -- statement while a new information is coming of every day is being reported right today. That there there were meetings about security held several weeks before the actual attack in which they told Washington. We cannot defend the embassy if were under attack and they still didn't give them what they needed. I it in all of my. Why if I don't ever recall that because people have gone through. A great heroism so that they never left their buddies behind it was it's it's a Marco. -- character. But we we left them behind and now they're trying to leave the issue behind until after the election will be back after this.

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